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The next morning

Lilly and I arrive at the studio for the commercial shoot.
“About the flowers for the set,” Lilly immediately starts snapping out directions for how to set up the flowers. The staff members all move fast, and it really feels like a professional set. “Those flowers in the back corner there like a bit wilted, aren’t they?”
“But… they’re out of range of the cameras, so they won’t even be in the shot…”
“Even if they’re not in the shot, the people watching will still know they’re not perfect. If you don’t bring perfection, your work won’t inspire anyone.” Lilly’s not as girly as she usually is. I guess she’s more masculine when she’s working. “Elisabeth, do you have a minute?” Lilly finishes talking to the director and calls me over. “I’m changing the design of the flowers in that row over there.”
“All right.”
“We don’t have a lot of time. I want a new one done every five minutes. I want you to use hibiscus, and…” I’m seeing a new side of Lilly that makes me see her in an entirely different light. I throw myself into my work, wanting to do as much as I can.

“Cut! All done! Good job, everyone!” with the director’s announcement, everyone starts applauding. We started filming early this morning, and we finally finish in the evening, according to plan. I wonder wo won the baseball game. Is it over? It started in the afternoon, so it might still be going on.
“Good job, Elisabeth!” Lilly comes over to me while I’m checking the time.
“Thanks, you too!”
“It turned out great! I think it’s just as goo… No, better, than the footage we shot on the first day!”
“It was really good. You and your flowers were gorgeous.”
“That’s so nice of you. That’s why I like you so much! We’re having a wrap party after this. You’re coming too, aren’t you? You get to hear some industry gossip, it’s pretty fun. I’m sure everyone would love to have you there.”
Just then my cellphone vibrates in my pocket.
“Oh, is that your phone? We’re done here, so you can take the call if you like.”
“Yeah, sorry. I’ll just be a minute.” I go to the side of the studio and answer.
“Elisabeth? It’s me. Are you finished? Can you make it over here?”
“Harry’s almost up to bat. Looks like he’s got something up his sleeve.”
“Something… up his sleeve?” I can hear people screaming and cheering in the background. Apparently there are a lot of girls at the game, because I can hear high-pitched chattering around uncle Chris.
“Of course, that’s what happens when you end up on the news…”
“You’ve got quite the cheering squad, it doesn’t sound like you need me there.”
“You can hear that? Yeah, there is quite a crowd. But I think one cheer from you holds more power than the cheers of thousands.”
“You mean…”
“O… oh, sorry. The umpire just called me in. I gotta go!” Uncle Chris quickly hangs up. What dit he mean by that just now? One cheer from me is more powerful than…
“Are you done with your call?” Lilly’s face is suddenly right in front of mine; “So, what about the wrap party? Think you can make it?”
Uncle Chris’s words ring in my ears. “I’m sorry, I have something I have to do.”
“Is it really that important?”
“Yes. Very.”
“Oh, well. Then I guess you have to go. Maybe next time!”
“Yes. Thank you for today!” I nod in farewell to Lilly and run out of the studio.

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