Foto bij Chapter 52

Aren't they cute <3


I hop a taxi to the baseball field. Just as I thought, a huge crowd of young, girlish woman have gathered to cheer them on.
“Oh my god, there he is! He’s so hot. He looks like a real baseball player.” I look over and see that Harry is heading for the batter’s box. It looks like a close game and it’s really coming down to the wire. We’re in the bottom of the ninth, with the bases loaded and two outs. This is our chance to turn this game around. I join the crowd and cheer as loud as I can.
“Go Harry!” Harry starts looking around. Did he actually hear my voice? But there are so many people. Then his eyes find me. Our eyes meet over the distance. You! Can! Do! This! I mouth the words to him, and he nods slightly. He smiles for a split second, then his expression changes to one of concentration. The pitcher lifts the ball high and throws. The ball lands right in the catcher’s mitt. Harry readies his bat calmly.
Crack! Harry swings hard, connecting with the ball in the centre of his bat. The ball goes flying over the fence… and it’s home run!
“Yes! He just won us the game!” I can hear Robert scream on the field. Harry runs all the bases as the crowd goes wild. Right when he runs past the fence in front of me, he glances up at me and smiles. I congratulate Harry in my heart and clap as hard as I can.

That night we celebrate the win at Crux. Everyone ends up drinking more than usual, but some are drinking more than others.
"Should I get ice cream for Zac and the guys too?" Justin stand up.
"Of course. We don't want everyone getting into a fight later." Zac, Robert and Liam are upstairs resting. When uncle Chris said he wanted ice cream, the rest of us played rock-paper-scissors, and Liam and my uncle, being the losers, had to go out for provisions.
"Watch the shop while I'm gone. We'll buy some snacks too."
"Hey, you two! Keep yourselves from falling down drunk in the gutters!" Uncle Chris and Justin leave, and now it's just Harry and I downstairs. We're sitting next to each other at the bar. We've never drunk together like this before. I'm a little nervous. What should I talk about?
"Well, Harry, you were clearly the MVP, but how did everyone else do?"
"We did pretty good today. Robert had some good hits." Harry starts talking excitedly, his eyes shining. "The other team had the bases loaded. It was close, but Justin and I just managed to come out from under them and take the win."
"That's amazing, you two are like a well-oiled machine!"
"Well, we've been playing together since we were young, so."
"That's so great that you guys can still play together now, as adults."
"Yeah... And that you were there..." Harry starts talking while drinking. "I was so happy when I heard your voice. I might not have managed to hit that last home run if you wouldn't have been there."
"You think so?"
"Totally. I felt the power from your cheers." Harry says, knocking back the rest of his beer. He's really honest today. Maybe it's because he's drunk? Harry places his glass down and looks at me. "I... told myself that I'd tell you this if I hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth. There's something I need to tell you."
"About what?"
"About my feelings." My heart skips a beat at the earnestness of his tone. Harry's feelings? What feelings? My heart's pounding in anticipation of what he's about to say, but I act cool and wait. Harry looks straight at me and slowly begins to speak. "To me, you are..."

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