Foto bij Chapter 53

Yeeesss, het lukt weer! Ik weet nog steeds niet wat het probleem was, maar ach, als het opgelost is;)


“That is, I…” I feel as if I could drown in his ardent gaze. Just as he starts to go on …
“We’re back!” The door opens and Justin holds a big, plastic bag up. “We have ice cream! Thanks for watching the place, you two.”
“That was quick.” I hear a bit of irritation in Harry’s voice, but also relieve.
“Justin shops so fast! He doesn’t even look, he just tosses everything in the basket.”
“But we’re still drinking, right? I just bought all that stuff because you have no snacks! You call yourself a café bar, how can you run out of food?” Justin tosses the bag on the bar and starts unpacking.
“It didn’t just happen, I planned it this way. I’m closing the shop for a while, you know? So the manager and I made sure to use all the food today.”
“What? You’re closing the shop for a while?” I stare at my uncle in disbelieve.
“Oh, I didn’t tell you?” Uncle Chris looks blankly at me. “I’ll be running our Bed and Breakfast starting the next holiday weekend. The manager’s going to stay and help out too, so we’re closing this place up during that time.”
“You’ve got a hand in a lot of stuff… We’d expect nothing less from you, Chrissy.” Justin gives a little smack against his shoulder. “Despite your appearances, you’re a real go getter.”
“Despite appearances, my ass. What do you think I look like, then?”
“So I guess I get those days off.” I smile lightly at the thought of that.
“Well, I was hoping you’d help out too. This place is going to be closed, anyway. What, do you have other plans?”
“Of course she doesn’t.” Harry answers before I can.
“Don’t answer for me! But no, I don’t.”
“I’m going to go help out too. It’ll be like a little vacation. I’m looking forward to it!” Justin grins and winks.
“Who else is going?”
“God, you guys leave me no choice. I guess I’ll come along too.” We all jump as Zac opens his mouth.
“Don’t act like you’re not happy to be going.” Liam peeks out from behind Zac and gives him a little push.
“Hey, when did you all get here?” Liam and Zac should have been sleeping upstairs, but they’ve returned.
“I just felt like you all were crying out in need for my presence.” Zac says as he parades our way.
“Not particularly.” Justin laughs. “Where’s Robert? Still sleeping?”
“He’s hugging his blankets, fast asleep. I guess the day caught up with him.” Zac answers, as he sits down and digs in his ice cream. “I need a change of pace to give me inspiration for my script… Yeah, that’s it.”
“I heard the area has a lot of rare plants, so…” Liam mumbles.
“You always act so cool. And as soon as you hear Elisabeth is coming, look at you now!” Uncle Chris smiles at me. I blush.
“I guess you’ve all decided I’m going then…” I say.
“What? You won’t go? Come on, come with us!”
“Can I go, Harry?” I look at him, trying to examine the look on his face.
“Hold up, I don’t like this conversation.” Justin jumps in.
“Don’t tell me, even though it’s your choice, you have to get Harry’s permission? God, it’s like you’re actually his wife.” Zac rolls his eyes and takes another bit from his ice cream.
“They are married, you know.”
“But if I go, I won’t be able to do the housework, so I should get his permission just in case…” I smile.
“Doesn’t matter, does it? After all, I’m going, with or without you.” Harry says, while staring in the distance.
“That’s a change. Every year until now you’ve always said you can’t be bothered. Hmph. It’s just because Elisabeth’s coming.” Zac says, his mouth full of mint ice cream.
“Shut it, will you? I don’t have any plans for the weekend, I might as well hang out with you guys every once and while,” Harry’s keeping his devil-may-care attitude to the very end, it seems. But if Zac’s right, and he’s going because I am, that kind of makes me happy.
“So I guess everyone but Robert is going. He said he wanted to come, but he can’t take the time off work.” Uncle Chris starts cleaning up some glasses.
“Too bad… I was looking forward to having a pillow fight with everyone!” Justin grins.
“We’re supposed to be adults here,” Harry says flatly. Nobody notices, but I do.
“I like a good pillow fight.” Uncle Chris winks. “How about you, Liam? Pillow fights are a tradition!”
“I don’t mind then…”
“Wait, hold on…” Justin makes me realize something.

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