Foto bij Chapter 55

Het was toch een hele hulp, VampireMouse! Anders zou ik het waarschijnlijk nooit ontdekt hebben :p Ik heb gelukkig een back-up in word, dus ik heb al de hoofdstukjes die ik al getypt had, al kunnen recupereren. Hopelijk komt het niet meer voor.

We weten nu nog altijd niet wat Harry wou zeggen!


A few days later we all arrive at the Bed and Breakfast. Unlike Crux Café, it’s a very, very cute little place.
“What a beautiful B&B!”
“Right? I bought it right away. I loved it the moment I set eyes on it. There’s a lake just through the woods there too. The view of the night sky from there is the best.”
“Wow! I want to go!”
“You should take a walk out there. It’s close enough to go on foot.”
“Awesome, that sounds like fun! Let’s make time to go together, Elisabeth!” Zac wraps his arms around my shoulders and grins.
“And just why the hell would she go with you?”
“But first…” Uncle Chris brings out cleaning implements from somewhere. “We have guests tonight, so it’s cleaning time!”
“Come on, you can’t be serious!”
“You sure you really want me cleaning? Chances are I’ll just make a bigger mess, you know. I’m really bad at cleaning.”
“You guys, stop complaining, or I’ll split you up,” Harry shouts out.
“Leave it to the teacher to be a master wrangler. All right, let’s assign duties. Zac’s wiping, …” Uncle Chris assigns everyone a job. I’m in charge of changing the bed sheets in all the rooms. I change the sheets and tidy things up in all the rooms. It’s pretty hard work, and I work up a sweat. The rooms are so cute though… I almost wish I was a paying guest. Uncle Chris’s seems so laid back, but he runs all kinds of different businesses. I put clean sheets on the bed. Just then, a huge spider appears out of nowhere!
“Ahhhhh!” I scream and immediately I can hear the sound of footsteps rushing over. The door slams open with a bang.
“What happened?” Harry comes running in, looking a little flushed. I cling onto him and point at the bed.
“O-o-over there!”
“That spider?” Harry picks up the spider like it’s nothing and sets it free out the window. “I thought you were dying or something. But you just saw a spider?”
“It’s nothing to be scared off. Spiders are good luck.”
“Really?” I look up, still clinging to him and our eyes meet. He’s much closer than I expected. I pull away reflexively. Harry frowns, seeming disappointed.
“You don’t have to run away from me, you know.”
“I wasn’t going to… but I’m sorry anyway…” Things are a little awkward for a moment. Then I hear a voice welcoming a guest from the first floor. “Sounds like some guests are here.”
“We should go down too.” We rush down the stairs to join everyone.

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