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Een kort stukje vandaag! Ik heb niet veel tijd om te schrijven, want ik heb bijna stage en ik moet nog veel voorbereiden, maar ik doe mijn best om toch zo veel mogelijk te activeren!


“Oh, wow, what an adorable B&B! We just had to come here, right?” The first group of guests are three young women. They’re all pretty, which explains why Zac is the first to help them.
“Welcome to your little oasis in the beauty of the wilds of nature. Let me show you to your room. Right this way.”
“Thanks!” The blonds lady giggles and winks to her friends. “Such a nice guy!”
“Justin, take the ladies’ bags.”
“Zac’s way too into this, isn’t he?” Justin sighs. Everyone’s a little annoyed at Zac’s predictable reaction.
“Just whose Bed and Breakfast does he think this is, anyway?” Uncle Chris ruffles his hair.
“Who cares? He’s doing a good job,” I defend Zac.
“I’m getting sleepy…” Liam yawns. “Wait, those guests are coming back.”
“We want to take a walk. Could you give us some recommendations?” The blond girls throws her hair back and gives Harry a lovely smile.
“The walk through the woods is nice. There’s a lake just a little ways in.” Uncle Chris smiles lightly.
“Have you been there before?”
“Not yet. But the weather’s perfect right now. I think it’s a great time to go, right, Chris?” Even Harry had shed his usual blunt demeanour and is smiling and polite. The three female guests look like they’re really enjoying themselves.
“The hottie ratio at this place is through the roof, right?” The blond giggles again.
“God, I know right? All of them are soooo hot! Hotties, beds and breakfast? Damn!” The girls whisper loudly as they leave through the door. Sure enough, everyone is good looking, though each are entirely different. I didn’t know Harry could be so polite either.
“Elisabeth, can you help me with the kitchen later? The manager’s doing all the meal prep by himself.”
“No problem. I’ll go as soon as I finish changing the sheets.” Since it’s a holiday, there seem to be quite a few reservations. I go back to work.

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  • VampireMouse

    Blij dat ik kon helpen en top dat je ook een word bestand hebt!
    Ik las in/op t forum Dat ze bezig waren met het omzetten vam de server ofzo van Q en dat er daarom wat fouten waren. En dater geen tekst stond in de stories bij sommige was een van de problemen die er waren. Als het goed is zou alles nu opgelost moeten zijn ^^

    Vind t gemeen dat je miet gaat zeggen wat harry zei! Hahaha


    3 jaar geleden

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