Foto bij Chapter 57


That night we serve dinner to the overnight guests. They all loved the full course meal prepared by the manager.
“It’s so good! Give our regards to the chef!”
“I will! Thank you so much!” I smile, pleased to have made our customers so happy. But then, I hear people screaming from the corner of the dining room.
“Oh my God, please come to our room!” The blond girl from before has a big, sexy smile on her face. “Let’s play cards!”
“But… we have to work…” Harry says as he shuffles backwards just a bit.
“We’ll be there with bells on.” Zac grins.
“You think that is appropriate?” Liam gives Zac a small, unnoticeable smack on his arm.
“We’re here to make the costumers happy, aren’t we?”
“See, even Zac says you should. Come on, Mr. Styles, come play with us!”
“Hey now…” The girls link arms with him. Probably feeling my gaze on him, Harry turns to look at me. Our eyes meet across the room. I hold back my feelings and grin. Harry starts to say something.
“What’s wrong, Harry? Let’s go!” I watch him go with the girls with a big smile on my face. Harry disappears with them upstairs, a vague expression on his face. I pretended I didn’t care… I hope that was the right thing to do. He’s not really my husband, what do I care if he wants to have fun with other girls? I stand there and think.
“Don’t worry about it.” The Manager had seen the whole thing. Then, it was Uncle Chris’s turn to come over.
“Good work, you two! Thanks. We’re done with dinner, things are winding down here. Take the rest of the night off, Elisabeth.”
“Thanks, uncle Chris,” if I stay inside, I might see Harry with those girls. I think I’ll go outside and get some fresh air. I decide to take a walk, and figure I might as well check out the lake.

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