Foto bij Chapter 58

Ai, ai, domme Elisabeth!


“I’m sure that I just have to go straight down this way…” I’ve left the Bed and Breakfast, and I’m walking through the woods. The sound of the wind rustling through the trees and the varied calls of the insects, is somehow soothing.
I was so jealous seeing those girls all over Harry… I can’t even deal with myself right now. There’s only one reason that would have happened. It’s because I love him. I love Harry. I already knew I had fallen from him, but I’d buried that thought and hid it away inside of me. Even thinking it embarrasses me all over again. It took me a while, but… yeah. I wouldn’t have kissed him otherwise.
But… that’s violating the terms of our fake marriage. A three month contact. Love between parties is forbidden. That’s our relationship. I was completely aware of all this. So why do I feel this way?
I walk along, talking to myself. Then, a big huge tree blocks my way. I stop in my tracks. A dead end? I look around.
“Where am I?” I suddenly find myself in complete darkness. Not only can I not see the Bed and Breakfast, I can’t see anything resembling a building. I hadn’t even noticed as I was walking, but it looks like I’ve walked pretty far. So the only thing close to civilization is that B&B after all. Am I seriously lost in the damn woods?

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