Foto bij Chapter 59

Nog eens een Harry P.O.V. uitproberen;)Deze hoofdstukken zijn altijd het moeilijkst, want het mannelijke brein blijft een mysterie voor me.


Harry P.O.V.

“What? You’re leaving already?” The blond girl, Tatiana, grabs my arm and winks slowly.
“I’ve got a lot of stuff to do. Bye!” I finally manage to escape from the room of the three female guests. I sigh.
“That was quite a sigh,” Chris smiles lightly. “I see you’re as popular as ever.”
“What can I do? They’re guests. I can’t be rude.” I roll my eyes at his words. “Zac seemed pretty happy.”
“He sure did.” I force a bitter smile. Chris then whispers, so the girls inside can’t hear. “That girl with the long, black hair… doesn’t she kind of look like one of your exes?”
“Does she?”
“I guess you like the classic, feminine type? Or have your tastes changed? Not really into those types recently?”
“Um, where’s Elisabeth?” I ask, changing subjects. “I’ll go check on her.”
“She finished all her work, so she’s probably hanging out in her room. Hey, wait.” I turn my back on Chris and walk to Elisabeth’s room.

“You in there, Elisabeth?” I knock on her door, but there’s no response. “I’m coming in.”
I gently open the door. But the room is dark and Elisabeth is nowhere to be seen. Where could she be at this time of night?

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