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“Here we are.”
“Wow!” We walk out of the woods to find a big, open lake in front of us. The lake gleams with the reflection of the moonlight. The sky is filled with stars, making for a truly ethereal scene. “It’s so beautiful.”
“I’m sure it’s pretty during the day, too. But at night, it’s really something else.”
“I see why uncle Chris recommends coming here.”
“Yeah… I’m glad we came.” Standing next to each other, we watch the scenery unfold in front of our eyes. When, suddenly, we hear several sets of footsteps coming our way.
“I hear voices coming from that way. They’ve got to be over there somewhere.”
“Hey Harry! Elisabeth!” Beams from several flashlights come toward us. Following them, Chris and the others appear through the bushes. “Thank goodness, I thought you’d be here.”
“You all came looking for us?”
“Yeah! We were worried, you know?” Justin lets out a big sigh.
“We thought you were kidnapped, of something!” Zac says dramatically. “You need to tell people when you leave.”
“I… I’m sorry.”
“Chris was sweating bullets over you!” Liam puts his arm around my uncles shoulders. “But there’s someone here who was in even worse shape.”
Everyone looks right at Harry.
“Harry was the first one to notice Elisabeth was gone. His face was ashen.” Justin grins. “We were organizing a search party, but he just ran out without waiting for everyone else.”
“I had to, didn’t I? I’m practically your guardian in this relationship. Even in fake marriages, a husband is still a husband. Of course I would be worried about my wife!” Harry defends himself.
“You’re laying it on thick… Both shy! How cute!” Zac grins widely.
“Shut the hell up!” Harry looks pretty steamed. It might be my imagination, but it looks like he’s blushing. He really was worried about me. That makes me kind of happy.
“Since we’ve found Elisabeth, let’s go back,” Uncle Chris leads all six of us back to the Bed and Breakfast. And, secretly, Harry holds my hand, where no one else can see.

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