Foto bij Remember me | Chapter eight

It only took a few days before the whole university was aware of the newest, hottest couple around. Amber Liu and Krystal Jung. They caught eyes from as well students as professors. Each of them populair in their own way.
Amber, the troublemaker that everyone knew on campus had been tamed by a girl like Krystal Jung, one coming from a rich family and knew nothing but manners. The two girls were exactly the opposite of each other. Amber; funny, rebelish, adventurous, cheeky, daring and Krystal; toned down, rather shy, chique and refined. You would've thought that they would seek a partner whom matched their own character a bit. A girl with a fierceness written onto her for Amber, and someone who came out of the same environment as her for Krystal. But no, they had found each other, to everyone's surprise.
The weird thing was that nobody had ever seen them interact together. For as far as their friends knew, Amber and Krystal had never seen each other outside of the university. In fact, Krystal used to hate Amber. Only a few days ago she had loudly complained about how annoying Amber Liu was, and now they were suddenly dating. It was a mystery to them what had happened to the two. But when they asked her, Krystal would only shyly laugh and look away. She wouldn't tell them.
Amber's sudden attachment to Krystal took a lot of people aback. Quite a few girls, and guys too, had to step down after Amber had started dating Krystal. In the first few days, some of them still tried to make a move, but Amber turned them down as soon as she noticed what was going on. She was dating Krystal now, she had said, and she wouldn't be romantically or sexually involved with anyone else as long as she was dating. So they let it go, albeit a little annoyed. The two hottest girls on campus were taken now, and it was simply unbearable to watch them hold hands on steal kisses.

Krystal had known from the moment that Amber said yes to her, that they'd cause a lot of gossips, but she wasn't prepared for all the stories that went around. Suddenly, everyone on campus seemed to 'know' that they had had sex, which, in fact, wasn't true at all. That day after the kiss, Krystal had gone back with Amber to her apartment. It turned out that Scott had seen them, and had spread the rumor first, assuming that Amber had another hook up. Lateron he understood that they hadn't had sex at all, but the damage had already been done. Krystal and Amber were now the BDSM fantasies of every student on campus. Whilst Amber wasn't bothered by it, Krystal couldn't help but to worry about it.
"Don't worry, Princess. It'll pass," Amber soothed her, when she had admitted that the rumors and gossips kind of annoyed her. Krystal laid with Amber on her bed, Jack Jack in between them. She buried her face deeper in the crook of Amber's neck and sighed, hoping that her scent and heartbeat would calm her down a bit.
"I know. I just don't like it that everyone assumes things about us that just aren't true. It's almost as if we're celebrities. I really don't understand how you could've coped with all of this before we started dating."
Amber just chuckled.
"It's a matter of giving them what they want, you know. If you live up to their gossips, there's nothing to gossip about anymore."
Krystal looked up with a look of fury in her eye.
"So you're saying that we should have sex?" she hissed. Amber tried hard to contain her laughter and looked away. Krystal slapped her against her chest and exclaimed a loud sigh.
But Krystal knew Amber was right. When you lived up to people's expectations, there would no longer be the need to gossip. It was only a big deal whether they had or hadn't had sex because Krystal was known as a rather prude girl, whilst Amber was like a sex goddess. But they had both agreed to wait. If they were going to turn this in something serious, Krystal didn't want to hop onto sex immediately. She didn't want their relationship all about sexual intercourse so soon and she simply wasn't ready for it yet. To be honest, it scared her a little bit. Luckily, Amber respected that, and they had quickly agreed that it would be better to wait and for now let their fans fantasize it as much as they wanted. They knew it wasn't true, and that was enough for now.

The first few weeks of their relationship was still very awkward. At least, it was for Krystal. But maybe that was also due to the fact that she hadn't had much relationships yet. Amber neither had had much relationships, but she did had experience with everything besides that. Krystal also lacked that, so this whole dating thing was basically completely new to her. The kissing, the hand holding, the hugs, the sweet 'good morning' and 'good night' texts that made her heart flutter.

Amber was so good at those stuff. She was the one who had grabbed Krystal's hand first when they were walking together through a busy shopping street. She had asked her to come along because she needed to get a gift for her mother, and Krystal — being completely sick of hiding at home and only having contact with her through texting because she was a bit scared to get caught by her family — had immediately agreed. But now that she was with the troublemaker, she felt so insecure. Amber, on the other hand, seemed to be a natural at this. She had grabbed her hand, made their finger intertwine as they walked like it was nothing. They had held hands before, but it felt different now. Knowing that Amber wanted to hold hands as much as her made her even more nervous. If Amber wanted to hold her hands, then she'd also want to kiss her, and hug her, and go out with her. And as much as Krystal wanted that too, she just had to get used to the whole dating thing. It was kind of overwhelming all out of a sudden. Frightening even.

But Amber, being the perfect girlfriend like she is, had already felt that some steps were going too fast for Krystal, and had at first just started with texts. Waking her up with something cheeky like 'Yah! Princess! Wake up!' and making her drift off to sleep with a smile on her face after something like 'Good night, babe;)Dream of me!'. It was honestly adorable. Sometimes their conversations lasted until deep in the night and Krystal found herself laughing more at her phone than not.
At the university they had both abandoned their group of friends to spend their common breaks together. Usually on a somewhat more quiet place, where they ate their lunch together and just talked, accompanied with some flirting. Krystal's friends would make comments about it afterwards, how love drunk she was and how they had never seen her before like this. Krystal simply shrugged at that. She couldn't help it.

The holding hands came after that. It was scary to walk in public with her whilst holding hands, but after a few minutes she eventually became used to it. Her fear turned rather soon into pride. Amber was her girlfriend and everyone was allowed to know.
But it took a long time before Krystal was okay with being kissed in public. A small kiss on the forehead or cheek usually wasn't that bad, as long as no one looked, but a full on kiss that made her head spin and her heart beat so fast that she was afraid that she was going to get a heart attack was still a bit too much.
Whenever she was at Amber's apartment — which had turned into her second home — she was all fine with whatever they did. The kissing, the hugs, the hand holding was all fine. She was not scared when it was just the two of us. In fact, Amber had once described her as pretty clingy.
But as soon as they got outside, Krystal got shy again, and she had trouble with making herself at ease. When she had told Amber about why she couldn't kiss her in public yet — because she felt that Amber needed to know — the older girl chuckled softly, and carassed her cheek with her hands.
"Don't worry about that, okay? As long as you like me, and I like you, it doesn't matter to me how long it takes before you're comfertable. I want to make you happy when you're with me, and pressuring you into something you're afraid to do is not something that describes an ideal date, does it?"

She chuckled afterwards and kissed Krystal on her forehead. Krystal sighed relieved.
From that time on they started to go out more. Their movie dates at Amber's place turned into real dates. Going out for dinner or to the cinema. Walking hand in hand through the park. Once, she took her to the highest building, so that they could enjoy the view over the city. Another time to an aquarium, where they had the funniest time posing with the fish.

Amber introduced her to her mother even before she had ever been over at Krystal's place. Actually, it had been an accident. At a lazy Sunday afternoon they had laid together on Amber's bed, watching a movie but the greatest deal of the time making out.
Sunday was usually the day Amber would go over at her mother's place, or her mother would come to hers. But since Krystal had come over, Amber had completely forgotten that she and her mother were supposed to go out for dinner together today.
So at the moment their lips were hooked, they heard the lock from the front door click. The door creaked when her mother pushed it open and stepped into the room. As fast as they could, they tried to get away from each other, but Mrs. Liu's eyes were good enough. By the frowning of her brows Krystal could tell that they had been busted. Mrs. Liu crossed her arms, whilst the two adolescents got up from their beds and shamefully walked over her. Krystal immediately wanted to get her coat, but Amber grabbed her wrist and kept her besides her.
Mrs. Liu watched them with squinted eyes. She was the kind of woman that reminded Krystal of her homeroom teacher back at high school. A tiny woman, a straight back and an attitude that said not to fuck with her. With strict dark eyes and her lips pressed together to a thin line, she observed both girls. She already noticed that Amber had her eye colour from her mother. She wore clothing similiar to Krystal's mother. Stylish expensive clothing that made her look like she actually had a say into her husband's company. The classy wife.
the brat chimed. "I had completely forgot that you'd be coming today!"
her mother sighed.
"But I want you to introduce you to Krystal. She's my girlfriend, mom."

Krystal stood next to her, resembling a statue. She couldn't move or speak or do anything, only wait the for the nerve wrecking approvement.
As soon as Amber said that, the frown left Mrs. Liu's forehead. Instead, she started to glow with pride. Her eyes went from Amber to Krystal and back again. For a moment, all she could do was stare at them, then she started to squeel.
"Is this true?" she asked. Amber laughed and let her fingers intertwine with Krystal's. She held up their hands and grinned.
"It is, mom!" Amber said happily. The two Liu's hugged each other, and when they were done, Mrs. Liu hugged Krystal too. She placed her warm hands upon Krystal's cheeks, rubbing with her thumb over her delicate skin. The woman looked at her like she was the best thing in the world, and all she could do was laugh nervously.
"My dear, you are so pretty. How did Amber ever get a girl like you?"
Krystal chuckled shyly and pointed her gaze at the ground.
"Hey!" Amber obliged. "I'm handsome enough!"
Mrs. Liu turned around to her daughter and rolled her eyes.
"You are pretty too but dear Krystal here is way out of your league. You should cherish her!"
Amber ducked in advance when her mother held up her hand to slap her daughter and laughed. Mrs. Liu sighed and turned back to Krystal.
"I'll make sure Amber takes good care of you, okay, honey? If she ever treats you less than royalty you come to me, deal?"
Krystal smiled and nodded.
"I will."
"Don't you two go conspiring behind my back!"
Amber yelled. Now both of them turned around to her and shushed her. Amber drooped off like a kicked puppy, sat down on the ground and started to play with Tuna instead, leaving them. Krystal chuckled softly at her petty behaviour. It was cute. Krystal made a mental note that she'd cheer her up later with a few kisses.
"But, my love, don't you look familiar? Have I seen you somewhere before?" Mrs. Liu asked. Krystal turned back to her and frowned a bit.
"I don't think I have ever met you, ma'am," she said softly. Mrs. Liu pursed her lips and took a good look at her face then sighed.
"She's Charlie's daughter," Amber said, from her place on the ground. She had the cat on her shoulders, and Jack Jack had curled up on her lap. Mrs. Liu's eyes shot open.
"Now you say so. You have his nose!" she exclaimed. "Oh, I feel ashamed. That I didn't immediately recognize one of Charles's daughters. Oh, Jacob needs to know about this! Who would've thought that our two families would be connected even more?"

So that night, not only Mrs. Liu knew about her daughter dating Krystal Jung, but also Mr. Liu. The following day, she got a text of Amber that her father and mother liked to invite her for dinner. Krystal, being the nervous wreck that she was when it came to things like these, started to worry from the moment Amber had texted her. The outfit wasn't even the biggest problem, because she owned a large collection of formal dresses and outfits. She'd only have to pick a pretty black dress and go to the Liu mansion. She was more afraid of what Mr. Liu would say. At the conference she had seen small glimpses of Jacob Liu and she had immediately noticed that his daughter had her joking behaviour from her dad. Would he joke about their relationship, or about her? Would he tell her father before she was ready to?
Amber and Krystal had waited to tell Mr. Jung because Krystal couldn't handle it yet. Whilst Mr. and Mrs. Liu had already accepted their daughters sexuality, Krystal still had trouble coming out. Only her friends knew she was bisexual and she reckoned that Jessica had some suspections. But her father and mother still kept only recommending cute boys to her, so she thought that they didn't have an idea about their daughters stronger preference for the same sex. She reckoned that if she introduced Amber as her girlfriend, they'd either comment that she could've also dated a boy because Amber is quite masculine, or that they'd accept both of them immediately, mostly due to the fact that Amber came from a rich family too, would probably make quite some money later as well and was the daughter of her father's best friend. But she couldn't predict her parents' reaction, and she was quite afraid about it.
Amber's family was so much easier because they already knew about their daughter's preference, and probably too about her previous life style. Perhaps that's why Mrs. Liu reacted so enthusiastically when Amber introduced Krystal as her girlfriend, because it had been a while since her daughter had fallen for someone. They'd be happy to see her. But Krystal feared for Mr. Liu's big mouth.

Still, Krystal dressed herself well that night. She had chosen for a sleeveless white dress, since white was still a colour that was seen as a pure colour. It reached half past her upper thighs. With white flats — since she'd otherwise be taller than Mr. Liu — and her hair falling in loose curls over her shoulders, she let herself be driven to the Liu house.
The door was flung open before she could even ring the bell. A grinning Mr. Liu stood in front of her, complete in a suit and his hair brought up.
"Krystal! So nice that you could agree to my spontanious idea. Please, come in, you must be cold."
In fact, she was very warm, but she just smiled and nodded. Mr. Liu stepped aside to let her in. As soon as she set a foot into the hal,l she was surrounded by the warmth of the mansion. She already noticed that the Liu's liked to have the temperature of their house up high, and she'd probably be very warm tonight.
The mansion's hall was already the size of a normal person's living room, perhaps even bigger. The house was build largely, with a high ceiling that was supported by big pillars, decorated in the style of the old Greeks. There was an enormous chandelier hanging on the ceiling, providing the needed light that was normally provided by the sun that shone through the large windows. The walls were white, and from the hall were two stairs that led up to the first etage. The floor was made of matt black marble. The black and white was found back into the pillars and the railing of the stairs, as well as the carpets on the floor and the small coffee table which was covered in several sets of keys, a backpack that looked very similiar to Amber's and a handbag. There was a bordeaux red vase holding white flowers.
Mr. Liu took her coat from her.
"I'll give you a tour through the house lateron. I reckon you must be very hungry, so dinner has already been prepared!" he said brightly. Krystal smiled back to him and nodded. Mr. Liu took her to the dining room. They crossed the living room, and she managed to get a quick look at it. An enormous corner sofa in the far end of the room, pointed towards an enormous flat screen on a smaller table. The wall behind it was completely made of windows, so that you could either look at the TV or at the enormous estate that went along with the mansion from the couch. Another coffee table on a simple white carpet. There was a small mini bar and a few bookcases, filled with books that went from the laws of taxation to children's books, which Amber and her older sister had probably been read from when they had still been young.
They entered the dining room. It was smaller than the living room and the hall, probably a place in the house that was a bit cozier. The walls were dark grey, the ground still of black marble. There was a mahogany wooden table in the middle of the room, with 8 chairs in total. At the far end of the room was another door. It was rather simple, but better than the rest of the house. Krystal didn't like it when houses were too large for people to live in. Despite growing up in a similiar house, she had always preferred smaller places. That's why she also liked Amber's place so much.
Mrs. Liu, Amber's sister Jackie and Amber were waiting for them already, each dressed as formally as Krystal. She couldn't help but to let her eyes wander to Amber first. Instead of letting her hair down, she had brought it up, just like her father had. She wore a white blouse, buttoned up to her throat which she had tucked in black pants, held up by a black belt. She had to admit that it was rather sexy and that she'd rather be anywhere but here right now. A good make out session would be okay. It didn't happen often that your girlfriend looked at hot as that. Well, she was always attractive, but not in a kind of style Krystal really loved. Amber, despite her disagreeing opinion, looked the best in formal clothing.
Mrs. Liu and Jackie both wore dresses too, despite them being black unlike Krystal's white dress.
"Ah, good to see you again, my dear!" Mrs. Liu chimed. "Please sit down next to me."
Krystal and Amber's eyes met for a moment before she nodded towards Mrs. Liu and smiled. Krystal had actually wanted to sit down next to her girlfriend, but she wasn't able to tell Mrs. Liu no, and therefor sat down next to her because of that. Amber was right in front of her, and Jackie next to her little sister. Mr. Liu took his place at the head of the table, on Krystal's right hand.
He grinned widely, and lifted his arms for a moment. Mr. Liu let his eyes go from the four women in the room.
"My family," he muttered. Krystal couldn't help but to bite her lip. They sure moved fast in the Liu family.
"Dad.." Amber mumbled. The girl gave her father a critical look and her father seemed to have realized his mistake. He cleared his throat.
"Oh, oh right. I'm just happy to see everyone together, that's all," he quickly added. Amber rolled her eyes and Jackie chuckled. Mrs. Liu sighed at her husbands enthusiasm.
"Dinner is ready, honey?" she asked him. Mr. Liu nodded.
"Yes, yes, Henry said it was ready when we were. Jackie, will you please give him a signal that we're ready to start?"
Jackie stood up from the table and walked through the other door, her footsteps dissapearing rapidly. As soon as the door fell shut, Mr. Liu turned towards Krystal. His cheeky grin has returned onto his face. Krystal saw Amber frown from the corner of her eyes.
"Soooo, Krystal. You know, I'm just incredibly curious how my daughter ended up with you. Only two months ago, you seemed to loathe my daughter at that conference party. Now, I'm just so excited to hear the story about how you two fell for each other," he said. Krystal shot Amber a look. Her girlfriend shrugged, sighed and ran with her hand through her hair.
"Well, it started when-" Amber started, but Jacob Liu shushed his daughter right away.
"I want to hear it from Krystal. I know all of your tricks already," he said, without turning his gaze away from Krystal. "I want to know, how Krystal felt."
Krystal laughed nervously and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.
"Well, I indeed loathed her," she admitted.
Krystal started to tell about the roof and that day after.

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