Foto bij Chapter 62

Super kort stukje, sorry daarvoor!


“If I don’t hold on to you, you might get lost. Don’t let go.” I walk through the darkness, holding Harry’s hand. With my hand in his, all the anxiety I felt before vanishes, a whisper of its former self. Fake relationship or not, he still put his whole heart into looking for me. and now, he’s walking with me, holding my hand. This should be enough. This should be more than enough. I squeeze Harry’s hand, that looks so big in mine, just to see what happens.
“What?” Harry looks back at me.
“Oh, nothing.” I smile.
“That’s quite the firm handshake. Trying to break my hand?”
“You don’t want me to hold on tight?” I look up to him.
“You can if you want.” He answers as he looks back in front of him.
“Then I will.”
“You’re weird,” Despite his response, Harry squeezes my hand back. We squeeze hands back and forth as we make our way back to the B&B, a little smile on our faces.

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