Foto bij Chapter 63


“Crap, I overslept!” It’s the first morning after our stay at the B&B. Harry rushes to get ready for school.
“You never oversleep.”
“I must still be tired from our trip.”
“Leave your plates. I’ll wash them with mine.”
“Sorry, thanks.” Harry is about to rush out, but then stops. “Oh, yeah, are you working tonight?”
“Uh, yeah, until the evening.”
“I’ll come get you after work. I want to do the dinner shopping together tonight.”
“You do?”
“It’s been a while since we’ve been at home. We have to make something good for the occasion!”
“Okay, I’ll see you later then!”
“Yeah!” Harry waves goodbye and leaves. I still have time before I have to go to work. I should clean. But first, the weather’s nice so I’ll hang up the bedding. I carry the sheets out to the balcony.
“What a nice day!” The skies were lovely at the Bed and Breakfast, but they’re not so bad here, either. I glance down while hanging up the sheets. I happen to catch Harry leaving the building. Should I say goodbye to him? I’m so shy in front of the neighbours. I concentrate hard toward Harry telling him in my mind to look this way. And sure enough, Harry turns around and stares at me. He waves. He’ll probably get pissed with me later. Do you think you’re telepathic or something? I can even hear him say it. But I’m glad he noticed. I wave back at him, making sure he can see.
Somehow, we’re just naturally acting like a married couple. It doesn’t feel like we’re just doing things to fool the neighbours anymore. But our fake marriage is only going to last three months. Our life the way it is now will be over in the blink of an eye. But… I’ve fallen in love with Harry. I know I’m breaking the contract, but I can’t help how I feel. When all this is over… what will become of us?

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