A bunch of dark clouds had gathered above New Orleans. The weather had been humid all day and there had been a lot of rain. Although, that didn’t stop the supernatural from practicing their powers. Vampires were still lurking around, witches were still using magic and the werewolves were preparing for the upcoming full moon. Today wouldn’t be just any average day for the Mikaelson family. The eldest Mikaelson sister, Freya, had disturbed the balance of nature. She had tried desperately to resurrect her brother Finn Mikaelson. Instead of succeeding in bringing Finn back, a different person was resurrected… After having been dead for centuries, Henrik finally came back to the living world.

A gasp escaped Henrik’s mouth as his heart started beating. He felt the ground veiled with leaves underneath him. His breathing accelerated as soon as he found out he was alive again. He felt like he had woken up from a nightmare. He blinked a few times to adjust to the light. As he looked more closely, he saw treetops above him. He found himself in a forest, surrounded by oak trees. He forced himself into a sitting position. The ground was covered in colourful leaves, which meant it had to be autumn. Henrik wasn’t sure how long he had been dead and where he was, but he knew he was back alive. And that was his main priority at the moment.

After about an hour he had recovered from his sudden resurrection. He was in a forest near a lake, but he hadn’t been here before. The view was nothing less than gorgeous. He started walking at a regular pace, hoping to find humanity. It was quite a cold day and the torn clothes didn’t protect him against it, although the walking still kept him warm. If the night fell, he would create a temporary berth. Until now he was still motivated enough to search for a train or something else.

A small sigh of relief escaped Henrik’s mouth when he finally found a trail. Henrik sat down against a tree. It was the perfect moment to take a small break. The lake’s water had been filthy and undrinkable. He hoped rain would fall soon, so he had something to drink. Just before he was about to continue his walk, he saw a posture in the distance. He quickly got to his feet and walked towards it. When he came closer, he discovered the posture to be a man. The man wore different clothes from what he was used to and had a somewhat familiar face. When Henrik looked more closely, he recognized the familiar face that was coming closer. Henrik shook his head in disbelief before he spoke out: “Niklaus?”

He couldn’t believe the first person he came across was his own brother… Memories of the werewolf attack came to his mind again as he stared at his older brother. Apart from the new clothes and a fresh haircut, his brother looked the same. “Is it you?” Henrik couldn’t say much, it felt like he was frozen… All he could hope for was that this really was his brother…

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