Foto bij Remember me | Chapter nine

Half past the story, Jackie returned from the kitchens, together with two employees. They carried in the food whilst Krystal was talking. She didn't skip a single detail. At first explaining how she felt about Amber, in which she often got an offended 'Hey! I'm not like that' from her girlfriend. Krystal would simply shoot her a loving gaze and chuckle, before heading on with her story. She told them how she had gone with her father to the conference that day and that she hadn't wanted to dance with Amber in the first place. But eventually, she had let Amber talk her into the idea of getting out of the party Mrs. Liu clacked disapprovingly with her tongue and they had roamed through the streets for a while. Eventually they came to the part of the roof. Krystal hesitated then. Eventually, she decided not to tell them everything.
"We just simply sat there for a while, gazing over the city, until we almost fell asleep. Amber took me back to her place because it would take us too long to get back to the party, let alone my house."
"Don't you only have one bed?" Jackie asked. She squinted her eyes at her sister and shot her a knowing gaze. Amber looked away and tried hard not to laugh. Krystal placed her hand in front of her mouth and giggled.
"Yes, but we were too tired to think about that," she said. Jackie turned her gaze to Krystal and raised her eyebrows questioningly.
"I know my sister. She thought about it at least a dozen times, maybe even more."
Amber slapped her older sister and huffed.
"I'm not that perverted, you know!" she hissed. Jackie started to laugh.
"Damn, you changed now you got a girlfriend. You usually didn't mind it when I said that to the girls you banged, but now all out of a sudden I can't even embarass you anymore without you snapping at me," said Jackie. Amber rolled her eyes and started to play with her food, turning away from her sister.
"And, what happened after that?" asked Mr. Liu.
"Well, I woke up and Amber was gone. She left a note that she had to go to the university for a special appointment. I even had to walk Jack Jack," she laughed. Amber chuckled softly. "I eventually went to the university too, to kick her ass for leaving me, when I found her at the theatre. She basically sang a self-composed love song to me then. We went back stage and we -"
Krystal didn't even have to complete her story, because Jackie started to make all kind of exagerate kissing noises. Amber slapped her sister across the arm, but the wouldn't budge.
"Ah stop it!" her girlfriend whined.
"Do you want to tell me that that's not what you two did? A passionate make-out session?" laughed Jackie. Krystal turned her gaze to her plate and hoped that no one would see her-
"Look even Krystal is blushing!"
Amber yelled. The two sisters started a loud discussion that was incomprehensible for anyone that didn't participate. They started to yell through each other, Jackie rather laughingly and Amber quite mad. Her girlfriend made large hand gestures and she heard quite often a few swear words come out of her mouth, but that was literally the only thing she understood. Sometimes, Krystal was able to understand a string of words, but because they talked so fast and through each other, she was overal not able to understand where they even were argueing about. Amber really seemed to be seriously pissed, whilst Jackie was constantly laughing; she probably loved to embarass her little sister so much until the point where Amber was really getting annoyed. Krystal, Mr. and Mrs. Liu watched in amusement at the loud discussion of the two siblings. Eventually, Mrs. Liu shushed them.
"Yes, yes, we've heard you. Jackie, leave your sister alone. I'm pretty sure she'll give you a black eye if you go on like that," Mrs. Liu sighed. The two sisters tried to keep argueing, but Mr. Liu cleared his throat. They shot each another a foul look, and eventually turned back to their dinner. Amber still muttered under her breath that Jackie shouldn't embarass her or Krystal in front of their parents. Jackie chuckled in response.

As soon as the main course was served smoked salmon with a stuffed paprika and a whole bunch of vegetables Mr. Liu started to talk about how he and his wife had met each other, in reaction to Krystal's tale. Eventually, when the silence fell, she noticed that Amber and Jackie were still not interacting. Amber was stubbornly pricking with her fork in the salmon, taking it apart piece by piece.
Krystal kicked her girlfriend from under the table. When she looked up, she shot her a warning gaze and nodded with her head towards Jackie. Amber frowned her eyebrows and shook her head. Krystal kicked again, harder this time. Amber looked angrily back. She chuckled.
"Please?" said Krystal. 'Reward', she mouthed afterwards. Amber's face changed immediately; the frown dissapeared right away. Her eyes shot open, at first a little suspicious, but when Krystal nodded to confirm that she had seen it well, her suspicion turned into disbelief. Eventually, a smug little smile appeared on her face, that made both of them giggle.
"Fine!" she sighed, before turning towards her sister. "I'm sorry, Jackie."
Jackie looked up, actually surprised about her sister's attitude. In disbelief, she looked at her younger sibling. Then, she sighed.
"Really man, you're so whipped. You would've never apologized to me if it wasn't for Krystal," she said, whilst shaking her head. Amber shrugged, still smiling very smugly.
"I don't care!" she said. Amber placed both of her hands behind her head.
"That's the spirit!" Mr. Liu said. "You just like me and your mother; whenever she tells me to do something, I oblige too."
Mrs. Liu shot him a foul look.
"Then how come you never clean the house when I ask you to, hmm?"
"Ah woman, I'm busy making money!"
Mr. Liu chuckled. His wife rolled with her eyes. Krystal smiled shyly, listening along to the adults' conversation. She stayed silent, and ate the rest of the vegetables. It was rather awkward to be here with the Liu's: Mr. and Mrs. Liu seemed to have a conversation with each other ninety percent of the time and Jackie and Amber were still bickering.

When the desert entered a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream and various types of tropical fruits sprinkled with dark chocolate Jackie bowed down to Amber to whisper something in her little sister's ear. Amber immediately got a huge dork-ish grin on her face. Krystal, who hadn't seen any of it, just nibbled on a piece of ice cream, letting it melt in her mouth while she listened to Mr. Liu complaining about his company. She often listened to father when he talked about Jung Internationals, so she knew the little tricks and the slang often used in the company. It was not hard to understand Mr. Liu too, and she even gave him some advice, which he seemed to take in much concern. Krystal felt happy that she could be of use, because staring silently at her desert made her feel hollow and rather awkward inside.
At a certain moment, she suddenly felt a foot touch hers. Krystal, who had wanted to take the spoon from the scoop to her mouth, stopped. She stiffened; her breath got stuck in her throat. At first it were just the toes who had touched which was rather unusual because Krystal often kept her legs close to her chair but rather soon the whole of their feet touched. Krystal, at first panicking that it would be anyone else but her girlfriend, quickly looked up to the others. Mr. Liu seemed to be in deep conversation with Mrs Liu, so she doubted it would be any of them. And if so, that would be rather pervy. That left Jackie or Amber. It could be Jackie, since the older sister had been teasing her all night already. It would be the ultimate joke to make her blush more or to make her extra uncomfertable. But Jackie was busy texting on her phone, and had crossed her legs over each other. Her legs would be too short to touch hers now. That left Amber. Luckily.
Krystal slipped out of her ballerinas and slowly returned the favor. She kept her eyes straight on her ice cream, but she saw Amber move a bit from across the table from the corner of her eyes. Their feet moved over each other. Krystal couldn't help to smile; she had always regarded playing footsie with someone as rather cute.

The scoops were eventually taken away, and as a last closure of the dinner, the employees brought everyone a cup of coffee. Krystal and Amber were still playing footsie. It had almost turned casual. Krystal was able to listen to Mr. Liu without even feeling guilty whilst she touched Amber.
Amber bowed down to whisper something in Jackie's ear. Krystal noticed it this time, but she was too busy to listen to Mr. Liu that she paid it much thought. But at the same moment, Amber's foot started to slide upwards. Krystal blinked in confusement when Amber's foot left hers and travelled upwards over her shinbone. She tried hard to make eye contact with Amber, but the girl wouldn't look in her direction. Instead, she was sipping her coffee, whilst peeking over Jackie's shoulder to look at her phone, sometimes chuckling softly.
Amber's foot passed her knee and started on her thigh. Krystal's cheeks turned a deep shade of red. Desperately she tried to gain Amber's attention when clearing her throat, but the only thing she got was an 'Bless you' from Mrs. Liu. When Amber's foot marked her inner thigh and she tried to lift her cup from the saucer she felt that her hands were shaking. She looked up to Amber and wished she would take her foot away. But she knew her girlfriend; Amber would not take her foot away until Krystal called out for it. But she couldn't tell her to stop. How would Mr. and Mrs. Liu think of her when she asked Amber to 'take her foot away from that very sensitive spot near my vagina'? She'd rather die before she would ask her that.
So Amber's foot stayed, and it set her off more by the minute. Eventually she was not able to hold her cup anymore without spilling coffee over herself. Her body was shaking. Amber simply continued. She turned slow circles on her inner thigh. At first, her foot had still been near to her knee, which was bearable, but as time passed, she moved her foot up over her leg inch by inch.
Krystal was a rather sensitive girl, which she had already noticed in her previous relationship with men. They used to be rather rough-handed, and Krystal just wasn't the girl who could handle that. She liked the softness and tenderness of Amber, even though she at first hadn't know that Amber was even able to be sweet. But her girlfriend had proved that she respected Krystal's bounderies and wasn't into her for her body only. Sure, they were handsy sometimes, and Amber let her hands travel a bit too far below her waist, but when Krystal corrected her, she usually took her hand away. They had never done anything that was sexual yet. She hadn't let Amber touch her thighs yet, and now she teasing her by turning circles on her inner thigh, close to her center. She could feel her body growing hotter. Krystal even caught herself that she opened her legs a little more. It was diffecult to breath. Oh, how ashamed she was.
"Are you okay, dear?" Mrs. Liu eventually asked. "You're shaking, are you cold?"
Krystal shook her head.
"I-I just have to-.. Could you excuse me for a moment, I need to go to the bathroom," she stuttered.
"Ah, of course, my dear. Through the door, go right, at the end of the corridor another right. There are the toilets."
Krystal quickly stood up with an apologetic smile on her face. Oh, how her legs shaked. She had to hold herself onto the table not to fall back onto her seat. Her cheeks started to burn even more when she felt how much it throbbed between her legs when she stood up.
She quickly made it out of the room, her lower belly still tingling and the hint of Amber's foot still near her crotch. Fuck she thought. Really though, when the dinner would be over and she'd be alone with Amber, she'd defenitely make her pay good.
When she arrived at the toilet, she immediately locked it. There was this enormous mirror. She saw her red cheeks, the tiny drops of sweat near her brows that had formed when she so desperately tried to keep a straight face. Her hand slipped under her dress and into her panties just in case. Her mouth dropped when she felt how wet she actually was. Fuu-huuck. Why did this have to happen to her?
Quickly she took her hand back and adjusted her dress, as if she could take her arousement away if she just ignored it. She walked over to the sink and washed her hands, then splashed some water in her face and in her neck. She felt hot and embarassed and infuriated that Amber made her feel this way in front of her parents.
She took a few moments to re-capture herself. Eventually, Krystal walked back to the dining room. Her little trip to the toilets had taken her way too long; longer than a normal person would take to pee. She found that she cared about that too. Would it be weird if she stayed away that long? Would Amber's parents have noticed or were they still too busy talking with each other to care about her?
Krystal pushed the door back open to the dining hall and stepped in, immediately pointing her gaze at the ground. She had hoped that her entrance wouldn't have caused much havoc, but being the honoured guest of the dinner, she could've known that everyone would quit talking as soon as she entered.

Mr. Liu stood up from his chair when he saw her come in and opened his arms in an inviting way.
"Since we're all done with dinner now, I thought I'd give you a tour around the house. You must be very tired after that, so Amber will bring you home."
Krystal nodded silently. Mr. Liu walked over to her and went in front of her to discover the enormous mansion. Mrs. Liu and Jackie stayed behind, but Amber joined their little group too. Whilst Mr. Liu bubbly babbled about how the house was built, Krystal shot Amber a foul look. Her girlfriend pretended not to notice, but started to chuckle nevertheless. When Amber wanted to grab her hand, Krystal pulled hers back and sighed annoyedly; she hadn't forgiven her yet about turning her on in front of her father. She still was quite turned on and it pissed her the hell off.
They went through the whole house. Every room was shown to her. It took her some effort to show excitement at the rooms Amber's father showed her. Some were indeed quite impressive or beautiful, but it often stopped there. The rooms were empty, not at all messy. Structured. Even Amber's old bedroom, which she had thought would be just as messy as her apartment. It was almost saddening how neat it was. But Mr. Liu seemed to be extremely proud that he had created the perfect house, and Krystal kept nodding and smiling and tagging along with him. She eventually let Amber hold her hand, because she simply needed someone to hold on if this tour was going to last any longer.
They eventually came back at the hall again and Mr. Liu got her her coat. Thankfully she took it from him and put it on. Amber also got her leather jacket and picked out a bunch of keys from the coffee table.
"Thank you for the dinner, sir," thanked Krystal Mr. Liu. Amber's father huffed and laughed, waving her 'thank you' away with his hand.
"Everything for Charlie's daughter and my daughter's girlfriend. Just call me Jacob," he said. Krystal chuckled softly and shook his hand.
"I hope we see each other often. I had a good time," Krystal said. Amber started to chuckle and had to wrap her hand in front of her mouth to keep hersel from bursting out in laughter. Both Jacob Liu and Krystal looked weirdly at her, but decided not to give it any mind. They said their good-bye's and Mr. Liu opened the doors for them. Thankfully, Krystal waved another time when they left the house together.
"Seriously I never know which keys belong to which car," Amber muttered softly, while she tried to push on the buttons of the car keys to make one of the cars on the front porch bleep. Eventually a black sport car's lights went on. Amber started to grin.
"Ah, my favourite!" she said.
They both got into the car; Amber behind the wheel and Krystal at the by passenger seat. Amber turned on the engine. The car started to pur like a new born kitten, only so softly that it was barely audible. When her girlfriend pushed the throttle, the car shot foreward faster than they expected. Both girls exclaimed a little yelp when they rushed off the grounds that belonged to the mansion. Amber pushed on the break too enthusiastically, causing the car to almost stop immediately again. They were saved by their seat belts otherwise they defenitely would've hit their heads. Krystal huffed, turned to her girlfriend and pushed a strand of hair out of her face.
"Let me drive," she breathed. Amber shook her head, a little out of breath.
"No, I know it now."
"Do you even have your driving license?" objected Krystal. Amber chuckled nervously.
"Only for a few weeks," she admitted.
"Oh great."
Krystal huffed, and crossed her arms in front of her chest. As if this day wasn't bad enough to bear with already. It had been already quite a job to deal with her awkward self, since she lacked a rather important skill that made sure that an conversation kept on rolling. She just had so much troubles with asking questions and staying interested that this evening had been ruined by Krystal's lack of being able to ask questions. On top of that Amber liked to embarass her by turning her on right in front of her parents. And if that wasn't enough, she'd probably die by Amber's hand because she couldn't drive a car properly. Really, this evening had turned out so well, she thought sarcastically.
In the mean time, Amber had managed to get a hand of the car. They turned onto the high way without much diffeculty. Once there, her girlfriend let the car have its way and let it speed up until a speed that was rather dangerous. Still, she sat with her legs slightly spread and one hand on the wheel, humming softly the melody of Need to feel needed, the song she had sung to Krystal on the day of their first kiss. It had become their song, but Krystal couldn't find herself singing right now. It was too cheesy for her current mood.
"Shall I take you home?" Amber asked eventually. Krystal shook her head immediately. With her arms still crossed in front of her chest and her lips slightly pouted, she gave off a I-won't-go-home-no-matter-what vibe that made Amber chuckle softly. She looked up to the brunette for a moment, letting her eyes rest on her face for a moment. Not too long though, because she had to keep her eyes on the road.
"Wanna go to my place?" Amber asked. Krystal pretended to doubt, but she had known the answer to that question from the moment Amber's foot had touched her inner thigh.
They would go to Amber's apartment and Krystal was determined to stay the night there. Amber sped up even more and turned the car around to go the opposite way.

It took them ten minutes to reach Amber's apartment building, five minutes earlier than if she had driven at a normal speed. Neither of them had spoken during the drive, which caused Krystal's mind to go back to the dinner and Amber's foot near her-... Sometimes she was just a hopeless mess of hormones.
Amber parked the car in front the building. Krystal still wondered if she wouldn't get in trouble if she didn't return it to her father this evening, but Amber seemed not to be bothered by that. When Krystal had gotten out too, she pushed on one of the buttons of the key of the car, and the lock clicked shut.
Amber extended her hand to her and Krystal took hold of it a little restrained; she was still mad at her. They walked upstairs to Amber's apartment quietly, not to wake the other residents. The lights were already off, which idicated that the other denizens would not be glad to hear them talk loudly. It wasn't like Krystal was in the mood anyway.
They reached Amber's apartment and got in. Immediately they were met by excited barking and miauwing from Amber's pets. Jack Jack came running towards them and started to jump around their legs. Even Tuna came to take a look at her owner, miauwed again and then rubbed her head against Krystal's leg. She and Tuna had always gotten along better. Sometimes it felt like Tuna liked her more than Amber. But her girlfriend would never notice that, because she got enough attention from Jack Jack, and gave Jack Jack enough attention back in return.
"Are you sleepy?" Amber asked. Krystal shook her head again. She exchanged a look with Amber. There was incomprehension in her eyes; she didn't understand why Krystal was being like this, all quiet and mysterious. It was funny to play with her like that. It was a small comfort for her that she was able to play with her like that; like paying her back because of the trick she had pulled last night
"No, I just want you to shut your mouth."
Amber's eyes shot up questioningly, almost hurted. Her eyebrows frowned together on her face and her lips slightly parted. Krystal, being slightly amused at her reaction, walked over to her and smiled slightly. She got hold of Amber's tie and pulled her roughly closer. Because of her flats, Amber was taller than her again. She let their lips meet passionately for a moment, then pulled back.
"I want you to shut your mouth and kiss me."

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