Foto bij Remember me | Chapter ten

Amber's eyes were wide with confusement when Krystal bowed back down again. Unlike the taller girl, Krystal smiled smugly this time. It slowly started to occur to Amber that she had been played, like a fool who didn't know any better. A small smile appeared on her girlfriend's face when she finally understood. Krystal knew she'd get her way. She always got her way with Amber when it came to little quarrels like this. A kiss or a pout or some blinking of her eyes and she already had wrapped her girlfriend around her little finger.
"Your wish is my command," joked Amber, before pressing her lips passionately upon Krystal's. She couldn't help to let out a little moan in the process, not expecting Amber to go full-on passion right away. Perhaps she had sensed Krystal's mood for a kiss like that. Or perhaps she was just as needy as she was. It didn't matter.
Their lips collided and Krystal felt how her lower belly started to tingle again of excitement. Automatically, she let herself drape her arms around Amber's neck, deepening the kiss by intertwining her fingers at the base of her hair and pulling her closer. Amber had wrapped her arms around her waist. A tap on her lower lips made Krystal open her mouth, and Amber's tongue slid in. A small moan left her mouth from the back of her throat and it actually startled her how easy Amber could make her moan already. Let alone when they'd actually have sexual intercourse.
They were struggling between french kissing and breathing. It was hard to do both so they had to break apart sometimes, something none of them wanted. It only would last a couple of seconds before one of them got too needy again and started kissing again. In fact, it didn't take long before Krystal's back hit the wall and Amber was hovering over her, her body pressed up against Krystal's and her hips grinding up against her in a way that made her loose her mind.
Amber's mouth traveled from her mouth over to her cheek and eventually to her jawline. Krystal cocked her head a bit, so that she'd have more access. The kisses in her neck made her back arch and her fingers claw for grip. Her legs felt like cooked spaghetti; flubbery and unsteady. A kiss here, a bit of tongue there. It made goosebumps appear all over her body. She felt needier by the second, even though Amber gave her more and more. A gasp left her mouth when she suddenly felt Amber bite down. Her fingers curled around her hair. Nibbling onto the sensitive skin, Amber made a rush of pleasure go through her body that Krystal hadn't expected. She had never gotten a hickey before and had always thought of it as rather uncomfertable, because it would hurt. In fact, it only hurted for a few seconds, after that it would be so much more than that. Eventually Amber let go, and kissed the same spot a few times to make the stinging feeling go away. Krystal let out a soft moan.
"Krystal..." Amber muttered. "We should stop."
Their mouths met again and Krystal could not possibly think why it would be a good idea to stop. No one had ever made her feel so lively, so needy, so turned on until Amber right now. She had never understood why people would let themselves lead by lust. To her, she had never quite lived without controlling her own life. But now, she was ready to let everything go. It didn't matter anymore. Krystal had wanted to wait, but she really didn't feel like that anymore. It didn't matter that their first time wouldn't be perfect, it mattered that it was with Amber. And she wanted it so badly now.
"N-no," managed Krystal to get out of her mouth in between the kisses. "I still... need... to pay... you back be-... because of... the dinner."
Amber grinned against her lips, immediately understanding what she was trying to say. Her arms twirled around her waist again and with little effort, lifted her up. Her back hit the wall again, causing her to let out that moan she had been holding, and Amber's hands placed themselves around her upper legs to support her. Krystal wrapped her arms and legs tightly around Amber. This time it was Krystal who brought in her tongue first.
Amber moved her from the wall and softly dropped her onto the bed. Their lips were apart for only a few seconds, until Amber hovered over her again and continued where she left off. Back to her neck again, this time the other side.
"Tell me to stop.." Amber hissed in her ear. "-or I won't be able to anymore. I want our first time to be perfect."
Krystal wrapped her arms even closer around her girlfriend, barely able to process her words. She was too far gone for that now.
"It was foolish to think I would want anything more than you," pushed Krystal out of her mouth. It was hard to speak at this moment with any more moans and gasps coming out of her mouth.
"Don't stop," she added. "Never stop."
At the moment Amber bit down again, her fingers started to fumble with the buttons of her blouse. With great diffeculty she was able to unbutton them piece by piece, button by button. Amber soothed the sore spot by letting the tip of her tongue slowly run over it. Finally she had gotten tot he base of the shirt and she quickly made Amber get out of it. It left her in her black sports bra. Their mouths met and their fingers tried to get each other as soon as possible out of their clothing. Amber's hand were zipping the zipper from her dress down on her back whilst Krystal tugged desperately at the button of Amber's pants. Amber, having more skills than she had, had gotten her faster out of her dress than she had managed to unbutton her pants. The dress was thrown on the ground and after Amber had helped her with her pants, the trousers were too. This morning she hadn't thought a single bit about choosing her lingerie carefully, causing her black bra not to match with her blue underwear. She doubted Amber would even notice too, because she was constantly buried in her neck. At this moment, Krystal had trouble breathing, so much she wanted her.
It was colder without her dress, and suddenly she noticed how bare skinned she actually was. Amber had never seen her in just her underwear. Sure, they had changed clothes with each other a few times. It was no surprise to see each other in their lingerie, but it still felt new. This time they didn't just casually change clothes. This time the also had to take off her lingerie. It excited her both as much as it scared her.
She wrapped her arms tighter around Amber's waist, not ever wanting to let them go. Their hips crashed together which sent a jolt of electricity through Krystal's body. Even that small of a thing made her back arch up with lust for the other girl. Every small touch of Amber made goosebumps appear on those places. She was vaguely aware that it was happening: that tonight would be the night they'd have sex for the first time together. Her heart was beating like crazy because of it.

Amber's hips grinded over hers, building up pleasure already with only such simple movements. Krystal moaned during their kisses and sometimes she caught Amber moaning back. She couldn't recall that she had ever heard something sexier in her life. Their tongues found each other again, but it only took a few moments before Amber pulled back and started back onto her neck. When the tip of her tongue came to the place she had created a hickey only a few minutes ago, Krystal gasped at how sensitive it felt. Amber circled around it for a moment, teasing, soothing it, then continued her way down. This time, she didn't stop at her collar bone. In fact, she lowered further down until her lips eventually met her breasts. Krystal threw her head backwards and let her fingers curl in Amber's hair again. When her lips met the edge of her bra, she stopped.
"Do you want to take it off?"
Amber's voice was hoarse and cracked, almost like she had smoked a whole packed of sigarets straight away. It was deeper and huskier than it normally was and also that small detail contributed to Krystal's burning desire. And she almost immediately wanted to agree to let Amber take her bra off because of that voice. That voice was enough to drive a girl right over the edge already. But then she came to think of it... Krystal had never taken her bra off before during sexual intercourse. In the past, she used to have a few boyfriends, one of which she had also had sex with and back then she had insisted on leaving her bra on. But she had been seventeen back then and rather insecure about her body. She still was, but somehow, with Amber, it felt like it wouldn't matter a single bit how her breasts looked or how they didn't look. Now that she came to think of it, Amber probably was used to girls taking their bras off, perhaps they even did it before Amber was able to. She couldn't deny that she felt nervous because of that pressure. But she was Amber's girlfriend. They had dated succesfully for two months already and Amber hadn't dated any of those other girls. If she wouldn't accept her for who she was now, she'd rather end this relationship right here and now. So she nodded.
"Please," she muttered. It amazed her how high and squeeky her own voice sounded. So... needy.
Amber moved upwards for a few short moments to place a long kiss upon her lips, whilst her hands slid underneath Krystal's back and unclipped her bra with the skill of someone who had done that many times before. When it came undone, she took it off slowly. Krystal had no time to take a look at her expression, because Amber started off immediately where she had left again.

Krystal moaned her name. At first she only hovered over her naked breasts, only breathing. Her breath alone made her nipples erect; she could feel it. Krystal thought she was prepared for the feeling that Amber's mouth would bring, but gosh, she was so, so wrong.
"Oh my G -.. Fuck!" she gasped. In her pleasure, she gripped Amber's hair a little too hard, but it was the only thing she could hold onto. Her back arched. Amber's tongue circles around her nipple, making pleasure rip through her body that she hadn't felt before. But it only lasted a few seconds before Amber looked back up to her. It took her a moment to open her eyes again, only to see her girlfriend hovering over her face with a look in her eyes that Krystal had trouble placing. Perhaps it was interest the most, interest mixed with curiosity and surprise. Suddenly, Krystal realized what she had done.
"Did I hurt you? I didn't mean to-"
Amber interrupted her by kissing her lips deeply. It instantly made her forget whatever she had wanted to say.
"It's not that," she said, when they broke up again. "I just think that you're the most sensitive person I've ever met. You're cute."
Krystal's cheeks turned deeply red. She wasn lucky it was rather dark in the room, so that it would be less visible. Softly she bit down on her lower lip whilst she carassed the place where she had pulled a few moments before. It must've hurt even though Amber claimed it didn't.
"I'm sorry, I-I can't help it," she mumbled.
Krystal knew of herself that she was rather sensitive. She had noticed it a few times when she had sex with her ex. It was often just very unpleasant for her because he had been so rough with her. Amber, on the other hand, was nothing but sweet and tender, witht he right ammount of passion to make her gasp in surprise and moan out her name. But she had forgot to tell Amber, mainly because she didn't know what Amber was like in bed. If she was as rough as her ex was, then she would've defenitely told her. But if she wasn't, it simply didn't matter. But now that Amber pointed it out, she couldn't help to be a bit ashamed of it. Was she really that much more sensitive than the average girl? Did Amber think of it as a bad thing?
"Don't apologize. I'll go soft on you, okay?" said Amber. She kissed her again and Krystal kissed her back, a little bit impatiently. She wanted to feel her back at her breasts again.
"Don't be, don't hold back, please. Make me feel everything."
And she meant it.
Amber grinned. She pressed a long kiss upon Krystal's lips. Right at the moment her mind was getting dazed again, Amber broke the kiss off and started back off where she had stopped. Without any warning she started to kiss her nipple, take it into her mouth and suck on it whilst she carassed the other with her hand, slowly turning circles around it with the tip of her fingers to keep it erected. Krystal's back arched as she moaned Amber's name. It was almost scary how much something simple could already make her moan like that. Perhaps she indeed was really sensitive. She couldn't say that she minded it though. It made everything that Amber did feel even better.
Krystal's fingers curled up around Amber's neck, this time being a bit more careful with her hair. It wasn't like pulling hair which was that short would hurt her a lot but she still didn't want to cause any discomfort for Amber.
Amber changed to the other nipple, whilst keeping the other one erected why slowly rubbing them. Krystal already started to breath louder and faster, her chest rising fastly up and down. With her eyes closed, she felt everything even better. Flashes of pleasure rushed through her body already, and the need between her thighs started to build up until an ammount that was almost unable to bear. Amber still sometimes grined her hips down upon hers, and when she did Krystal couldn't help to gasp.
It had annoyed her at first a little bit that Amber had so much experience with sex already, especially because it hadn't been her whom she had practised with. It had given her a feeling of not being enough. Amber was so experienced already. She knew little trics that Krystal didn't know, and had gained a lot of confidence by all of her previous content partners. Krystal, on the other hand, had never had sex with a girl before and didn't know a single thing about how to please Amber. Yes, she had read something a while ago, but reading something was easier than actually doing it. And she still had to wait for Amber's reaction, because the article had also said that every girl reacted differently. Amber seemed to feel what Krystal wanted and needed, and didn't have trouble in pleasing her at all. It was good for Krystal to know Amber didn't have any trouble about that, but she felt insecure about her own skills.
Her thoughts were all cleared from her mind though, when Amber let her nipples go. She started to make a trail of kisses, each a little lower over her belly. Featherlight, sweet kisses that made goosebumps appear all over her body. Lower and lower she went, until the point which her lips met the edge of her panties. Krystal threw her head back, trying to steady her breathing again. It was in vain because the feeling of Amber's breath upon her hot center made her want to buck her hips up.
Amber spread her legs a little bit more and laid down in a comfertable position. Her hands curled around Krystal's thighs, keeping her steady. She could practically feel Amber's exhales on her center and it was almost unbearable. Knowing that she was so close but still didn't give her a release was almost maddening. Amber started to kiss her inner thighs, from her knees lowering until her lips met the edge of her panties again. She moved over to her other leg. Krystal sighed.
"Don't tease me so much," she whimpered. Amber snickered and lifted her head up for a moment.
"Don't be so needy," she said. "We have all evening. It's only half past nine."
"I don't care," replied Krystal. Amber laughed softly. Her fingers curled around her panties and slowly pulled them down. Krystal closed her eyes in advance and tried to relax. But her muscles were tensed and she was aware of all of Amber's small touches. Even when her fingers only brushed over her upper leg she had to clench her teeth together. Amber spread her legs some more. Krystal could feel that her face was so close, so close, but that her lips didn't just touch.
"Are you ready?" Amber asked softly. She felt her breath against her clit and it almost prevented her from replying.
"Please," she muttered.

Krystal felt sorry for the neighbours. They had often noticed how thin the walls actually were when someone else turned their music up very loud or had a lot of friends over. The walls were not capable of holding much sound, which often prevented them from watching movie on a loud volume. Sometimes, when someone talked too loudly, they were able to hear them talk. Krystal couldn't help to wonder if someone had heard them. Perhaps they were used to sounds like these coming from Amber's room, but she still couldn't help to feel ashamed. She hadn't exactly been quiet...
And she simply couldn't help it, because Amber was the person who had made her feel this way. Still, she hoped that she'd never have to talk with any of Amber's neighbours again. That was simply too uncomfertable and awkward for her, especially now that it was most likely that someone had heard her call out Amber's name when she-... She couldn't even think of the memory without blushing furiously.
Sure, Amber hadn't been quiet too, but she had at least been more controlled. Krystal didn't know whether it was because she hadn't done such a good job with pleasing her, or that Amber was naturally more quiet than she was. Sadly that meant that the neighbours had probably only heard her... Her voice was quite different from Amber's, much higher, especially during sex. Amber's voice also shot up a few octaves when Krystal had started, but it still hadn't been comparable to hers. There was simply no way that the other people in the apartment complex hadn't heard them. Krystal would rather want Amber to move places than to speak to them.

Sex with Amber Liu was simply the best. Krystal had never expected it to be so good. Perhaps her general view of sexual intercourse had just been spoiled because of her poor experiences before. She felt like this was how it is supposed to be. Sweet, caring with the right ammount of sexiness that made her loose her mind. It really felt like they had made love, instead of fooling around. It had been more intense, more loving than the times she had had sex with her exes. Never had someone made her feel so loved. Krystal had to admit that she at first had been scared about getting completely naked with Amber, but she hadn't felt a single bit of insecurity when Amber had pulled down her panties. She had been right; Amber loved her for who she was and didn't care a single bit about a few extra beauty spots or stretch marks or that there was a little pouch of fat on her belly when she laid down.
And she thought the same way. She hadn't noticed any of Amber's imperfections. In fact, the more undressed Amber was, the more her belly roared with desire for her and the faster her heart had started to beat. Her fingers had shook with nervousness when they had closed around the clip of her sports bra and she had felt like she was about to faint when she had come to the edge of her boxers. At that moment it had been too much to handle. With red cheeks, Krystal only had been able to look at her almost naked girlfriend, lying there topless in front of her with a grin that seemed to big for her face. Eventually, Amber had gotten up and had kissed her tenderly. She could taste herself still upon her lips; it was a little bit sour and salty. Krystal felt rather like crying than laughing; that's how nervous she was..
"You can touch, if you want," Amber had whispered to her. And so she had brought up her hand, shakily, to her breasts. Amber stayed close, so that she had no time to look. But she had felt it. The hard bumps under her hand that grew bigger the more she touched them. The little moan from Amber in her ears.
Eventually Amber laid back down again, taking Krystal with her. Amber still held Krystal's hand, and now let it slide over her belly down to her legs. Krystal's cheeks felt like they were on fire. Their hands both slid under the black material of Amber's underwear. Her girlfriend took her hand back and let everything else to Krystal. Slowly, because she didn't know what to expect, the let one finger carass her center. Immediately she felt how wet Amber actually was. Krystal looked up to her; Amber's eyes had been glued on her the whole time.
"I'm sorry I let you wait so long ," she said. "You must be so eager."
Amber chuckled softly. "After hearing you moan out my name, who wouldn't get turned on by that? Are you nervous?" she added. Krystal bit down on her lip, nodding slowly.
"Don't worry, I will help you. I'll guide you."
The brunette looked back up to her, and she smiled softly. Perhaps, if Amber helped her, it wouldn't be a complete disaster.

And actually, it was pretty easy. Not hard at all, especially when Amber directer her to sometimes move her fingers, or curl them up or speed up. It didn't take a long time before she got the rhythm in her hands and she was able to make her gasp and moan like she had just moments before, unable to talk except when it came to moan her name. It was almost scary to see Amber - who had always been so hard and strong, never showing that someone got to her either by laughing or just talking over it - now lay on her back almost begging for a release.
And when she came, she tightened around Krystal's fingers, arched her back and curled up her toes. Krystal watched her, heard her gasp her name. Right after, she bowed over her, still softly straddlying her inner thighs and kissed her directly upon the lips. Amber, still gasping for air, had trouble kissing back. Krystal felt her hot breath against her lips.
"Did you like it?" she asked, when they broke apart. Whilst getting up on her elbows, Amber huffed softly.
"Like it? I had an orgasm, what's there not to like?" she laughed. "You did great, Princess."
Amber kissed her again and smiled. A smile grew on her face at Amber's comment. She threw her arms around her neck and kissed her eagerly. Being taken aback, Amber let out a little whelp when they landed back into the pillows again, kissing her back. When they broke apart, Krystal grinned.
"What time is it?" she asked. Amber stretched her arm to grab her phone from the night stand.
"A quarter past ten, why?"
"Because I want to sleep!"
replied Krystal. Amber's eyes grew wide.
"What? Now? Can't we watch a movie or something? It's way too early!" she objected. Krystal rolled with her eyes and sighed. Of course she would've known that Amber wouldn't like the idea. Her girlfriend was way too used to staying up to 2 AM every night to go to sleep early for once. But she firmly shook her head and crossed her arms in front of her still naked chest.
"No, I want to go to sleep. With you. Right now. And you can't play on your phone. You have to cuddle with me and wake up with me the next morning and kiss me sweetly despite the fact that we both haven't brushed our teeth yet."
Amber's grin re-appeared on her face the more Krystal spoke. When she was done, the other girl pulled her into her arms and placed a kiss upon her forehead.
"Okay, fine then. I will."
Krystal grinned when Amber gave in. Her girlfriend kissed her another time, before taking the blankets and covering up their still naked bodies. It was a little bit cold in the room, Krystal noticed now. She had been hot the whole time, but now that she had been released from that agonizing desire, she noticed that there were goosebumps all over her body. Together they lay under the covers, shivering a little bit. Pressing their bodies close to each other neither of them bothering to get dressed again so that they would get warm soon.
Eventually, when Krystal yawned, Amber made her turn around. The brunette objected a little bit, because she liked to look at Amber. It was usually her who fell alseep first and it was simply the cutest thing to watch her. With her mouth a little bit open, her face completely relaxed. Sometimes she snored a little bit, but it was cute rather than annoying. Krystal just loved to watch her.
But Amber shook her head, and made her turn around. Only when her hand slipped around her waist and she felt Amber behind her, she understood why. Krystal chuckled softly. She couldn't say that she minded this much either. With a sigh of utter happiness, she placed her hand upon Amber's and let their fingers intertwine. She felt a kiss upon her shoulder blade.
"Krystal.." muttered Amber softly, almost whispered. "I really like you."
Krystal closed her eyes comfortably.
"I know."
"Is that all you have to say?"
laughed Amber awkwardly. Krystal pinched in her hand and chuckled.
"I like you too. Don't worry about that."
"I never worry!"
objected Amber. Krystal rolled her eyes. She knew Amber well enough by now to know that Amber always worried about stuff like this. Perhaps, that was also why she had never started a real relationship but only had wanted one night stands before they started something. Was she afraid of commitment? Even when she said she didn't worry, Krystal doubted Amber knew how much she liked her. But she didn't want to give away just too much. A part of her also wanted Amber to yearn for it, just like she yearned for Amber's affection.
"Yeah, sure," Krystal huffed. "I'm happy with you, Amber. I wouldn't want it any other way."
"You are? Happy, for real?"
Krystal laughed.

"Yes, I am. Especially tonight."
"Why? Because you got an orgasm for the first time in your life?"
joked Amber. Krystal's elbow hit her in the stomach and her girlfriend moaned.
"Shut up and sleep," she said, eye-rolling. Amber laughed and pressed another kiss in her neck.
"Sleep well, Princess."
"You too, Stupid."

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