I just want people who have seen SKAM before to know that this is NOT a continuation to the original story of season 3. So nothing that happened during this season on the tv, has led to this. This is my own story from my own imagination.

And in this story there is a boy named Even, but you pronounce it as Evan.


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Getting a job was the first priority on Isak's to do list as soon as he moved in to his new apartment in Oslo. He needed the money to keep the place and to provide himself with food and other important stuff. Even if he were a full time cashier in a supermarket he would probably make enough money, but that was not really what he wanted to do. He wanted something he'd have fun doing.
      While Isak was carrying the last boxes into his new home, he thought of a place he could apply for a job. He wanted something nearby, somewhere he could easily get to, because he didn't have a car yet. Getting a car was basically out of his range. It would be too expensive. You'd ask yourself; how the hell did he move here if he didn't have a car? Well, that is a simple question to answer. He took the train.
      He had lived here before, but he moved away when everything got too much. He had had a small sized house with a small garden; and he did not have much money. He also had a cat to take care of. He didn't have a car, because it broke down a long time ago. That's why it was difficult for him to get to places. And like he was saying; it was too expensive to get another one. He needed to earn his money for him to buy a decent car.
      When Isak was a little boy, he always wanted to take care of his mother when he grew up. His parents got divorced in his high school years and he never heard from him again. He was twenty two now, and he felt like now was the time to make an effort and actually do it. Being the caring person he was, he wanted to make enough money to take care of himself and his mother.
Isak sure did have a job before he moved to Oslo. Back in his home town, Hønefoss, he worked in a small bakery, not far from his home. But now, he had finally decided to take a bigger step, and move to Oslo to get a better job and fulfill his promises.
      Maybe those weren't the only reasons why he wanted to move. He had also had some trouble with his old best friends. When he told them he kissed a boy named Even, they suddenly turned against him. You can't call them his best friends after all. Best friends should support you no matter what, but they never did. One in particular was the worst of them four, and that was Jonas Noah Vasquez. Jonas was Isak's best mate out of all four. He was the first to hear it when Isak had kissed a boy, but he didn't support it. Jonas had said it was wrong and disgusting, and that you couldn't possibly like both boys and girls. He started calling him names like 'fag' and 'dick sucker' and 'Isak the Gay'. Jonas was the one who told his other best friends about Isak's behaviour. Before Isak could explain them how he really felt, they had already turned against him as well. This was all because of Jonas. You know, Isak had even helped Jonas with his girlfriend Eva to get them back together, and this is how he got treated afterwards? They had said they were afraid that Isak might try to kiss one of them. He would never do that, besides, he was not gay. He was not attracted to boys. He was drunk when it happened. They were overreacting. They were hurting him. He had neither seen them nor spoken to them in 4 years. And maybe it was for the best. Though Isak was scared he might be seeing Even around, because Isak knew Even lived in Oslo. However, Oslo was a big city, so he actually wasn't that worried.
      Throughout the years Isak had become more and more insecure about himself. He started to think he was indeed gay. He had never told his family either. Being himself was something he didn't do anymore. He was hiding, hiding behind a fake smile. For 4 years he had been faking his own happiness. And that needed to change. Being alone was what made Isak feel comfortable. Being around other people didn't. He felt like he was being judged in crowded places, like everyone was staring at him and laughing at him. There was no possible way for Isak to feel comfortable around strangers. The urge to run away and hide forever was too strong.
      Getting a job in Oslo seemed so easy to do. But Isak knew it'd be a struggle for him, just because he was too afraid to face other people, and he was too afraid of being rejected. He was scared that he wouldn't fit in, and wouldn't get along with his co-workers. He was nervous, but that was okay, because he had every right to be.

Isak started unpacking his boxes, putting every item in place. He didn't have much stuff to bring along with him. The place came furnished, so furniture were the only things he didn't have to buy.
He still had to buy the basic stuff, like food for in his fridge and other little things. He decided not to worry about that yet. For now, he was going to eat bread every morning and evening, just because he needed to find a job first and earn his money so he was actually able to buy other food.
Besides, paying for his electricity and gas and water was also something he had to do, and that was already very expensive. So for the time being, he was going to try to keep it simple.
Looking for a job wasn't that hard. There were many vacancies on the Internet. Isak decided he was going to apply for a job in a cute coffee shop nearby his apartment. It was the easiest place to go to. He could just walk there.
      The place was called The Cracked Mug. He went to their site on his old laptop and filled in an application form. Hoping for the best, of course, he had to wait several hours before he got a respond. It would be amazing if he got the job. He wouldn't have to worry about money anymore, since he would earn his own. However, he would still have to be alert about not spending too much money on something.
      In the mean time, Isak thought it would be quite handy if he continued unpacking. Folding his pants neatly and placing them into his new and bigger closet. Shirt on the hanger and hang them in the closet. Isak was thrilled to be living in his own place. To have to take care of himself and work for his own money.
      Once everything was unpacked, he thought about the application and curiously looked at his email. Seeing that he received an email got him pretty excited.

One new email

Hello Isak!

Thanks for applying! You and ten others have filled in an application form for the same job and we would like for you to come for the job interview to see if you're qualified enough. Only two out of the eleven people will be picked for the job.

We expect to see you tomorrow at 10 in the morning. Just ask one of the workers where you should go for the interview and they will guide you.

See you tomorrow, hopefully!

Niklas Hansen,
Owner of The Cracked Mug.

Holy fuck. I actually got invited for a job interview, he thought to himself, and it's already tomorrow! With a big smile on his face, Isak grabbed his phone and dialed his mother's phone number.
      "Hi, Darling!" his mum said.
      "Hi mum! I've got some great news!" Isak exclaimed.
      "Really? What is it?"
      "When I came here, I thought it would be awesome if I got a job, right of the bat. So, I grabbed my laptop and-"
      "That thing still works?" she interrupted him.
      "Yes, mum, perfectly! But let me talk, I wasn't finished yet!"
      "Yes, of course! I'm sorry, hun', go on!"
      "I went to look for places and I found and couple of vacancies. I applied for a job, mum! At The Cracked Mug, it's a very nice coffee shop, where you can buy good books as well! And they want me to stop by tomorrow for a job interview! Isn't that great?" Isak chuckled. He was excited, clearly.
His mum stayed silent.
      "You still there, mum?"
      "Yes, of course I am."
      "Why aren't saying anything?" Isak chuckled nervously.
      "Oh, honey, I'm just so proud of you."
Isak was glad to hear that. Of course his mother would be proud of him. She always wanted Isak to succeed in life and to able to
      "I know that. I know you're happy for me."
      "It's not just that. I just miss having you around."
      "It's only been a few hours."
      "I know, hun', I know. I'm just so proud of you. You're growing up. Oh, dear, it's all going so fast."
      Isak chuckles, "You still have the cat."
      "Oh, Isak, you know that little nugget won't live for much longer."
      "Just wait and see mum, you'll never know."
      "I doubt it." she chuckles.
      "It's alright. But I have to go know. It's late and boxes don't unpack themselves, do they?" he says, since he still has some left.
      "Sure thing, darling. Take care. I love you."
      "I love you, too. Bye!"

It's 8:30 am when Isak woke up. He had little time before the job interview. He jumped out of bed, going to his new bathroom to take a quick, hot shower. His new bed was very comfortable to sleep in. The mattress was very soft. Back in his old house, Isak had to sleep in a single bed. Now, he has twin beds. It's definitely a lot larger, he liked the space he now had all to himself. Back home, he had always been afraid that he'd roll off his bed!
      Once he was done showering, he took his sweet time figuring something out to wear. He had chosen something simple, but thinking it'd still be enough to impress others with. He didn't want to look too casual, but also not too dressy. It was an interview, yes. He simply didn't want to look overdressed nor did he want to look sloppy. This interview wass very important to him, since his life living alone depended on it. He decided he'd wear his skinny jeans with a plain white shirt on top. And on his feet he'd wear his sneakers. Simple, but effective. He felt like his attire was not too casual, so he was happy with it. He wanted to make a good first impression, since it'd be his first encounter with the people here in Oslo after a few years.

By the time he was done, it was already 9:45 am and time to go. He thought it wouldn't hurt if he were to be a little early. He just hoped the people were nice.

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    Simple, but effective.


    JOENAASS. c:
    I'd fuck him tbh.

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    Het is echt gaaf dat je het ook in Noorwegen laat afspelen(Y)

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    Dit is zo anders dan het seizoen! Ik hou van Jonas though, waarom moeten ze nou ruzie krijgen:(

    Ziet er al heel goed uit!(H)

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