Foto bij Chapter 67

2de hoofdstukje van de avond!


The night Dylan came to Crux, as promised, Harry came to pick me up.
“Harry, you’re here late?”
“Work was busy today, huh?”
“Yeah…” He’s curt with his answers for some reason. He’s barely answering my questions, and refuses to look me in the face. What’s wrong? Is he tired?
As we walk home from Crux, Harry is walking next to me, but he’s completely sullen.
“Are you really busy at work right now?”
“Well… it’s testing now, so yeah. Then we have to deal with the stuff that comes with the new year. So when we have all the student stuff to deal with, it can get pretty hectic.”
“That’s almost always!”
“Yeah…” Harry’s responses completely lack emotion, just as I suspected they might. Let’s talk about something fun.
“The manager taught me how to make really good coffee today.”
“I’ll make it for you later!” Harry stops and stares right at me. “Is something wrong?”
“No… Nothing…” Harry looks away and starts walking again. I walk along next to him, feeling like something is really off somehow.
“But really, I feel relieved to be back at Crux after so long.”
“The Bed and Breakfast was really nice. But Crux feels like home. I haven’t been back since that baseball game.”
“Yeah, you’re right.”
“We had so much fun after the game, too! Everyone got so drunk…” While talking, something comes to mind. “Oh yeah… What were you going to say back then?”
“Back when?”
“When Zac was passed out drunk, and Justin and the guys went out to buy ice cream… And we were alone together?” Harry had said he had something he wanted to say, but the guys came back with the ice cream, so he couldn’t tell me. “What was it?”
“That… doesn’t matter anymore.”
“It wasn’t a big deal. Forget about it.” I peek a glance at his face, no emotion to be seen. “We better get our groceries and head home.” He turns toward the supermarket, striding ahead of me. I follow him, staring at his back. He’s definitely acting strange. Did something happen? Did I do something to upset him?

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