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A few days later

I wake up to find that Harry has already left the house. He left a simple note on the table saying he was going to baseball practice. He’s always like this these days. It was exams all week, so he went to work early. Not only that, but he came home well into the night, so it’s been days since I’ve even seen his face. Even so… I shouldn’t be missing him this much, should I? Is he avoiding me? Maybe I said something to upset him? He was fine when we first got back from our trip. I mull over it while doing housework.
Then, my cellphone rings.
“Can you talk right now?” This was the first time Dylan called me since our reunion at Crux. I tense up a little, unsure of what to expect.
“Is something wrong?”
“I want you to come meet me, now.”
“Right now?”
“I need to talk to you about something.” He sounds desperate. Like before, he sounds really stressed out. “Please. Just for a few minutes. Elisabeth.”
“All right. Where should I go?”
“You know that café we always went to? I’ll wait for you there. I’ll wait there for you. I’ll wait for as long as it takes.” Dylan then hangs up. He’s talking about the café we used to always meet in when we were still together. We didn’t want our co-workers finding out, so we met there even though it was a little far away. I always was skipping along happily whenever I went there, in those days. Thinking I couldn’t wait to see Dylan’s face… Now, I’m dreading it. But, I can’t break a promise, and I did promise him… So I get my things and leave the apartment.

“Elisabeth!” I finally reach the café where Dylan is waiting. He raises his hand with a smile as soon as he sees me. “Sorry to call you so suddenly.”
“It’s fine. I don’t have work today or anything.” He never waited for me smiling like this before. He’d get so annoyed if I was even a little bit late, and he’d always decide where we were going without asking me. I was forcing myself to be somebody else back then. If I could have just been myself, like I am right now… Maybe things would have been different.
“I’m sorry about last time.”
“It’s fine… Is everything okay with your company?”
“We’re in negotiations with the bank. My father’s got his hands full running the company, so I’m handling it…” Dylan tells me all about the situation. And then we start talking about when we first met. “I thought you were so cute when you first got hired.”
“And now you find me exasperating?”
“That’s not what I meant. You were just so sincere and accommodating…” Does he mean I had no self-esteem? He’s right. I wanted to be a floral stylist, but didn’t know how. So I got a company job because I thought I had to… “Do you remember our first date?”
“Uh, yeah. I had to work late, and then you took me out for dinner…”

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