Foto bij Chapter 70

Al 70 hoofdstukken! En we blijven gaan!


“It feels like I’ve gone back to those days, sitting here with you…”
“Even if you act like it was way in the past, it wasn’t that long ago, you know.”
“I know I sent you an awful letter… But I meant what I said, last time we met. I still love you.” I just glance at him, not answering. “We’re having a company party next week. I’m introducing myself to our business partners as the future President of the company. Will you please join me? as my fiancée.”
“Your fiancée?”
“Yes, I always wanted it to be this way. There was… just a little detour along the way. Anyway, I’ll be waiting for you, so.” Dylan takes the check and stands up. All I can do is watch him go, still in my seat. The party’s next week… and he’ll introduce me to everyone as his fiancée… I obviously can’t go after everything I’ve been through. I love someone else… The image of Harry’s face comes to mind. I wonder if he’ll come home earlier today? We haven’t had dinner together in so long… I’d like that…

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