Foto bij Chapter 71

Sorry voor de korte hoofdstukjes de laatste tijd. Ik zorg ervoor dat de volgende weer langer worden!


Harry P.O.V.

I’m with Chris and the guys at the baseball field. They’re chatting on the bench during a break in practice.
“Hey, Harry, where’s Elisabeth today?” Chris and the guys come up to me, keeping me from my thoughts
“Who knows.” I shrug. “She’s not really my wife, you know. What she does on her days off has nothing to do with me.”
“That’s a little cold.” I see the look on Chris’ face, but I don’t care.
“How can you say that after everything she’s done for you?” Zac mutters under his breath.
“What's it to you?”
“I’ll be happy to take her if you don’t want her, but you two look so good together. Or, do you not care if I steal her away?”
“Do whatever you want. Her heart isn’t included in the contract.”
“I can’t just let that one go. What are you trying to say, exactly?” Zac goes quiet for a moment.
“Exactly what it sounds like.” I sigh.
“Hold on, Harry…” Chris starts.
“Justin, let’s play catch,” I interrupt him. I leave the bench, cutting the conversation short. Left behind, Chris and Zac look at each other.

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