Foto bij Chapter 72


I leave the café and walk through the streets, thinking about Dylan. I wonder if he’s really all right. I’ve never seen Dylan so beat down… That’s why I couldn’t refuse him right away.
“Oh hello! If it isn’t Mrs. Styles!” I bump into the Principal, who came walking down a different street.
“Hello. Are you going somewhere?”
“I just finished a meeting. How about you?”
“I… just met an old friend.”
“I see.” Since we’re heading in the same direction anyway, we chat while walking together. “I thought things might be awkward with Mr. Styles at school after all that. But everything went right back to normal.”
“Harry’s a little shy. He’s not very comfortable with sudden changes.”
“You know Mr. Styles so well. I’d expect no less from his wife.”
“Oh, stop…” Does the Principal really think I’m his wife? I guess Harry didn’t tell him about our fake marriage. If he hasn’t said anything, it’s not my place to. I do my best to play the role of Harry’s wife.
“Mr. Styles really is a brilliant teacher. The students all love him, and he really stands out among the other teachers.”
“Really? I’m glad to hear that.”
“I’ve been encouraging him to take a higher position, but he just doesn’t seem interested.”
“A higher position?”
“Oh, you haven’t heard?” The Principal looks a little surprised. “Another high school has expressed interest in hiring him. It’s a prominent school with a very strong science department, so it would be great for his career. I’d hate to lose such a great teacher. But, in terms of his future, I really think he should at least listen to them… however…”
“He turned it down?”
“He says that he wants to stay at our school. He didn’t say why, but… You really don’t know a thing about this, do you?”
“No, nothing…”
“Please, tell him to think it over again. It would be a great utilization of his skills. He really trusts you. If you talk to him, I’m sure he’ll reconsider.”
“I’m sure of it.” He says kindly and smiles. I haven’t even had a proper conversation with Harry lately. But I’ll at least try my best to say something to him about this when I get home.

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