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Okay so. This is my first chapter since a while and I am extremely nervous. Especially because I am not sure what my best friend is going to think about this. But let me explain in this first chapter. Enjoy..

Hello there,

I am extremely nervous because I have never been the best writer and I actually laugh about myself when I read my stories I have deactivated..
So let me explain what this is going to be.

I have a best friend and well she writes letters in one of her letter stories.
And so today she posted again. So I thought, let me write her a letter back from my perspective because I have never been really good with words.
I do not know if you read this you are gonna hate me but allright I am gonna try..

So today you wrote a new letter and I got a mail you posted it, because ofcourseee since you are my best friend I have to be subscribed since I know you are not good with words as well. And so I read it. I actually always cry with your letters, because you really are the best with writing letters. And then this idea came up to me.. to write you letters as well, because we are both not the best with words I guess, and yes we do tell everything to each other, but not everything is easy to tell in real life or in words.

And well yes, you are my bestie. So I care about you. A lot.
Sometimes I think: wow we really are like each other but at the same time we are sooo different. That's kinda funny.
But I just wanted to tell you in this way that I am really proud of you. I know how hard it is to lose people you love. It breaks you inside.
And you know I am always there for you and that I read your chapters. I know when you are sad and I do not always answer because I know, sometimes you just need some time alone to give it a place and cry on your own. I so get that. I still cry as well, because when I read your letters it reminds me of the people I lost and it makes me want to wish they never had been gone.
In this way we are so alike.. also at the same time we are so different.
I now ask my self why I started writing because I really am the worst writer EVER HAHA. You instead, you are a great writer and that's really funny in my opinion.

Okay I just am gonna stop writing because I actually laugh about myself writing this, even though I am trying to be as serious as I can be because I hope you get what I want to say with this letter.

Stay strong darling, I know how hard life can be, and I will always be here when you need me. Even though I need to drive to you in the middle of the night idc.

You are the strongest person I know and I love you.

And I hope you are not mad at me about writing this, because I mean what I said, This is straight out of my heart.

I love you,


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  • Niallerslove

    I love you so much, you cannot possibly imagine how much this made me smile, you have given me the best gift anyone could've given me these days. You, my best friend, are a work of art, you're an amazing human being and I love you so, so much. Thank you for writing this, it's amazing, I love you I love you I love you

    3 jaar geleden

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