Foto bij chapter 11 [Grace]

As the light slowly dies down, Grace could hear Bobby and Rhea at the other side of the door but she could hardly answer. What she just did, drained all her energy and she just let herself drop to the floor. The good thing was, both brothers were completely healed.

Sam was the first to rush to her side, seeing as he was still somewhat contious throughout the whole ordeal. "Grace? Are you alright?" He sat her up against the couch after he got a small nod from her. "You sure?" Another small nod and her eyes drifted over to the man still lying on the couch behind her. "Dean! Wake up, man!"

As a pillow lands on his head, Dean shoots up into a sitting position. "Whe- what, huh?" Dazed and a bit confused, he looks around him. "This isn't the witch's dump... Grace! What happened?" He let's himself drop off the couch right next to her to see if she's alright.

"She's fine. Just exhausted I think. As for what happened, we almost died and I think she just saved our lives..." suddenly, on the other side of the door was a loud bang and the muffled voice of Bobby asking if they could come in yet. "I'll let them in, you put her on the couch. Must be more comfortable than the floor." The last part was muttered under his breaths as Sam got up and opened the door to let in the other three while Dean put Grace in the comfy armchair, knowing she liked that chair better than the couch.

To Grace everything was just a blur. Her vision was a bit foggy, her hearing was muffled and all her other senses were a bit messed up as well. The only thing that registered to her was that Dean and Sam weren't dying anymore. 'That's good, the spell worked' As a small smile formed on her lips, she let herself succumb to the exhaustion and fall in a deep sleep. 'Black magic is hard to break...


When she came to, Grace found herself in the big comfy chair in Bobby's living room. It had gotten a bit darker outside so almost a day must have passed since she and the boys started the whole witch hunt. As she tries to sit up in the chair, the first one to notice her waking up was Rhea. "Grace! Are you alright?"

"Here, have something to drink." Dean's voice rumbles next to her as he helps her sit up and hands her a glass of water. She thanked Dean softly as she downed the whole glass in one go and pulled her feet up underneath her to get a bit more comfy.

Bobby came to sit down next to her on the armrest of the chair and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I think it's time you tell them, Gracy." She frowned up at him but nodded a little hesitantly as he gave her a reassuring smile. With one last deep breath, and a look around the room to all the present faces, she started her story.

"When I was about seven years old, my grandma asked me to help her clean out her attic. In one of the bigger boxes I found this little white book and a lot of jars holding some pretty weird stuff. At first, when I asked her about it, my grandma said she couldn't tell me what the stuff was for because my father didn't want her to but.. Well, let's just say I can be very persistent." She gave everyone a bit of a lopsided grin before continuing her story. "She said that the little white book belonged to one of our ancestors and has been passed down from generation to generation in our family and that it would be something I would inherit as well, someday. When I asked what was inside the book, she told me that it contained a special kind of magic within. A kind of magic that could only be used by white witches." She paused a little after that, trying to see the reaction of the brothers. Most of the time they feel very strongly against anything supernatural. But seeing as there weren't any knifes hurled at her head or any guns pointed at her chest, she continued her tale.

"White witches have this special kind of magic that can only be used in self-defense, to cure someone, find something or to summon someone. When I was eleven, my grandma started teaching me these white spells from her little white book, every time telling me that I was one of three very special people in the world. Back then I didn't really interstate that, because she never said what it was about. But the day before her disappearance, when I was 16, she gave me her little white book, told me to keep it close, that she loved me and that she would see me on the other side." Silent teats made their way down her cheeks as a very small smile formed on her lips. "The next day the police called to let us know that they found grandma next to my grandpa's grave, she had passed away, probably knowing it would happen. I started researching white witches after that. Not a whole lot to find, though. I did figure out what my grandma meant with 'one of three special people'. I was one of the three only existing white witches, though, sadly we are now only with two since granny passed away."

"What I just did was a reverse spell to the black magic that that stumpy bitchy witch cast over the two of you." She closed her eyes and leaned a little more towards Bobby, silently expecting the worst.

"Well, that's pretty freaking awesome." she heard after a little bit of silence. And when she opened her eyes, she was met with 3 smiling faces and Cass' indifferent expression.

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