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We naderen stilaan het einde (don't worry, we gaan nog wel een eindje door), maar don't worry! Als jullie dat willen komt er nog een vervolg op deze story!
Dus, Raise your voice en laat mij weten of je een vervolg zou willen of niet! Jullie beslissen. Laat ook jullie voorkeuren weten: Nederlands/engels, lange/korte hoofdstukken, ... Alles dat mij kan helpen om jullie een toffe story te bieden!

Mochten jullie beslissen om er geen vervolg aan te breien, dan laat ik ook even weten dat er binnenkort een totaal nieuwe story online komt. So keep your eyes open!


“I’m home… She says to a dark house.” I guess Harry’s not home yet. Glancing over, I see Harry from behind, spacing out on the balcony. I join him there and try speaking to him.
“Harry, I’m home.”
“What are you doing out here?” Harry doesn’t say anything and just looks at me. His direct, emotionless gaze pieces through me. “Harry, did something happen?”
“You’re acting kind of strange… You had baseball practice today, right?”
“Make sure to leave your laundry out, okay? I’m doing the washing tomorrow.”
“Okay.” At least he’s answering my questions. Well, barely. I decide to ask him about what the Principal told me before.
“Oh, by the way, I bumped into the Principal today.”
“You did?”
“He said you got a job offer at another school. He really thinks you should take it. He said it would be a great opportunity for you.”
“So… you heard about it from him… Then I can just get to the point.” Harry looks away. Looking up at the moon, he starts to speak in a measured tone. “I’m just going to come out and say it. I want to end our fake marriage.”
“We’re no longer pretending to be married.”
“W-wait a second…” I can’t hide my disbelief at his sudden announcement. Harry continues, without looking at me.
“I just spoke to the Principal on the phone. It must have been right after he talked to you.” He was surprised when I told him I wanted to take the job. He said he’ll get right on it.”
“So… you’re taking the job.”
“I wasn’t sure at first, but it’s actually a great opportunity. Leaving the girls’ school means I no longer have to lie about being married. So…”
“You want to… end the contract…”
“That’s right. You’re a free woman now.” He finally looks at me. “You don’t have to leave right away, of course. I know you need to find a place to move into. It was just a three month contract anyway. If you just look at it like we just moved the end date up a little. Sorry you had to be tied down with my selfish ass for so long.”
“Is that what you want, Harry?”
“Is if better for you if I go?”
“What I want has nothing to do with it. I mean… We’re not husband and wife.” His words ring in my ears. I stare at him, stunned. “You need to really think about your future too.”
“Thanks for everything.” Harry whispers. He then leaves the balcony without a second glance.
We’re not… husband and wife… I know, but… it was a shock to the system to hear him actually say it. I cover my face with my hands and let out a deep sigh. My eyes well up with tears. I try to hold them back, but there’s just too many. It may have been a fake marriage… but the time we spent together was real. What does having me in his life mean to Harry?

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  • VampireMouse

    Zeker weten dat ik een vervolg wil! Super graag! Gewoon zoals je nu doet zelfde lengte en in t engels! Love it <3

    3 jaar geleden

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