Foto bij Chapter 77

Elisabeth ziet eindelijk het licht!


“There you are!” As all my feelings well up inside me, Dylan finds his way over. His expression changes as soon as he sees me. “Are you… crying? Elisabeth?”
“Dylan…” I look right at him, and just let it out. “Dylan, I’m sorry. I… can’t be with you after all. I can’t lie about how I feel… I have to be honest with myself. I know you must think I’m selfish, waiting until we’re already here to tell you, but…”
“No.” He shakes his head. “I knew that was how you felt.”
“I know you forced yourself to come here for my sake. You don’t have feelings for me anymore, do you? I was the one who let you go while you still did.
“I know what you want to tell me. Thank you for letting me take you this far. But now… I only want you to go to the man you want to be with.”
“Thank you.” I smile at him. I turn on my heel and start walking ahead, leaving him behind.
It was horrible when he dumped me… I’m not saying it was the greatest thing to ever happen to me, but if he hadn’t sent me that letter, I would never have had a fake marriage with Harry. I’m not exactly grateful, but I can say that fate acts in mysterious ways. With the image of the man I want to see more than anything in the world in my thoughts, I leave the party.

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