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After leaving the party, I go straight for Harry’s school. I can’t catch a cab, so I just run. I’m not used to wearing heels and end up tripping on a rock. I think I’ve twisted my ankle. The pain reminds me of the first day I met Harry. I was running that day too. Dylan broke up with me, and I was running out of the café. And Harry chased after me. And sat next to me when I couldn’t tell my parents the truth.
But things are different now. We have a bond now that’s real, I know it. I manage to find the strength to get myself off the ground an gingerly stand up. I test my ankle and figure I can still run. Harry might reject me. He might reject me. He might refuse to be with me anymore. But I don’t care… I have to go to him!
“Excuse me, I’m Harry Styles’…”
“Wife. The Principal told me. Please, come this way.” When I arrive at the school, a security guard escorts me to the gymnasium. I peek around the door and take a look inside.
“I have an announcement to make.” The Principal’s on stage. “Mr. Styles, please, come forward.”
Harry finds his way to the stage, following the Principal’s introduction. The students start whispering, wondering what’s going on.
“Please, be quiet, everyone. This is all very sudden, but Mr. Styles is transferring to another school. Today is his last day here.”
Students start yelling things like, “No way!” and “Mr. Styles is leaving?”
“We’re all sad to see him go, but we look forward to his future endeavours. Mr. Styles, if you could say a few words.”
“Thank you.” Harry takes the Principal’s place in front of the microphone. I watch Harry closely from my hiding place near the door.

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