Foto bij Chapter 79

Veel plezier in Berlijn, VampireMouse! Hopelijk heb je het fijn gehad!


“As the Principal just said, I am transferring to another school. I will always treasure the time I spent here. The students here will always be very special to me…”
“But why do you have to leave now?” A student yells out, interrupting his speech. “Doesn’t something seem off to you guys? Who transfers in the middle of the year?”
“Please settle down, everyone. This transfer has been in the works for quite some time. It just happened to finally go through, that’s all.”
“That’s a lie. I know that for a fact. Mr. Styles is transferring because his wife is having an affair! I have proof!” The student takes her cellphone out of her pocket and holds it up. “I saw her. I saw your wife with another man at a café. You’re getting a divorce because she cheated on you, and you can’t stay at this school if you’re single!”
She saw me in the café with Dylan? And she took a picture of us together? The whole gym erupts. Most of the voices are against me.
“How can she cheat when she’s married to Mr. Styles?”
“If that’s why you’re leaving, I forgive you! Poor Mr. Styles!”
Not just the students, but even the teachers, start whispering to each other. With a slight nod to the worried Principal, Harry takes the mic again.
“Everyone, please listen.” All eyes are on him. “First, I’ll address that picture… She is not having an affair.”
“I’ll just say it. She and I… Elisabeth and I… aren’t married. We aren’t even engaged. We were just pretending to be married. We had a fake marriage.” Whispers rise in the air of the gymnasium all over again. The teachers are stunned into silence, and the students are in disbelief.
“Does this mean… you’re single, Mr. Styles?”
“As you all know, there is a rule in this school for the male teachers. All male teachers must be married. There was a reason that I had to work in this school. That reason has nothing to do with any of this, so I won’t get into it.”
“Mr. Styles.” The Principal starts to say something, but Harry stops him with a look, and continues speaking.
“Knowing this rule, I thought of a lie to get around it. If I could find someone to pretend to be married to, and prove to everyone that I was a married man, then I thought they would let me work at this school. I’m fully aware of how ridiculous that idea was, but it was the only thing I could think of at the time. And… Elisabeth accepted my ridiculous request. I didn’t think I would stay at this school for long. So I entered into a contract with Elisabeth, to pretend to be married and live together for three months. And… love between parties in the contract was strictly forbidden. My fake marriage… came to an end very recently, just the other day.”
“Because you got hired at another school. You didn’t need to pretend to be married anymore.”
“That’s not why. My fake marriage ended… because I broke the rules of the contract. I…” Harry stops himself for a moment, then speaks with resolve.

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