Foto bij Chapter 80

Waarschijnlijk het schattigste hoofdstuk dat ik ooit geschreven heb!


“I fell in love with Elisabeth.” Both hands fly up to my mouth. The gym is so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Harry… is that true? “This is all my fault. All Elisabeth did was accept my request. But it’s true, I did deceive all of you… I will happily accept any and all punishment. Just please, leave her alone… All I want is for her to be free of all this. She just did what I told her to do…”
That’s not true! Before I know it, I’m forcing the door open as hard as I can. The sound of the door echoes through the gym and everyone looks at me.
“Mrs. Styles!” I see a little smile on the Principal face.
“Hey, that’s Mr. Styles wife! What’s she doing here?” The students all talk over each other, but my eyes are only on Harry, on stage.
“I didn’t! I didn’t do what you told me to do at all! After all, I’m the one who broke the contract first. Because I… I… ended up having feelings for you too, even though I never meant to! Harry… I completely… I fell head over heels in love with you, Harry…”
Our eyes meet across the gym. Everything else fades, and all I see is him. Harry moves away from the mice and hops down from the stage. He turns towards me and slowly starts walking straight to my spot on the floor. His walk becomes a jog and breaks into a run. As he arrives right in front of me, I feel the stares of absolutely everyone on us.
“Elisabeth…” Harry gazes down at me and I gaze right back up at him. “You’re all dressed up…”
“Dylan had his company party today. He said he wanted to get back together, but I turned him down.”
“Isn’t it obvious? When I look in my heart, all I see is you. Only you Harry. No one else. I…”
“What am I going to do with you? Silly…” Harry suddenly grasps my shoulders. Pulling me to him at last, he squeezes me close. “You certainly took your time getting here. And you stole my lines too, you diva. You’re the only one I love.” Harry holds me even tighter. Seeing us together just makes the students talk louder. The Vice Principal is saying something, but nobody’s listening.
“Things are kind of getting out of hand…”
“This has got to be a first. A teacher declaring his love at a school assembly.” Harry seems to be enjoying himself. “I guess I’m fired now.”
“And you don’t mind?”
“I brought it on myself. I’m fine. And… I’m happy as long as I’m with you.” Harry holds his hand out to me. “Come on.”
“Let’s go.” I reach my shaking hand out to hold his. He takes it, and we start walking, when…
“Careful.” I lose my balance, and almost fall over, but Harry catches me just in time. “You okay?”
“I… fell on the way here. I think I twisted my ankle…”
“What did you expect, wearing those heels all over the place, huh?” I giggle “Geez, you really are hopeless.” Harry blocks my path with his body. Then, he scoops me in his arms, carrying me like a bride!
“H-hey, Harry!”
“Hey, don’t fight me.”
“This is so embarrassing… and in front of everyone!” The students start shouting and cheering. The Principal smiles and applauds from the stage. Harry snickers when he sees that I’m blushing.
“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about… we are married. I’ve wanted to tell you this for a so long…” Harry brings his mouth right up to my ear an whispers sweetly. “Elisabeth, I love you. You’re the only wife I’ll ever have.”
He kisses me gently on the forehead, still holding me in his arms. The whole gym shakes with applause and cheers. The smile on his face is the kindest I’ve ever seen, with the little dimples and everything. I love him so much, his face blurs under the weight of my own happy tears.

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