Foto bij Chapter 81


Something smells really good. Soup? Omelets? The stock smells delicious. Driven by my appetite, my eyes open. I am greeted by a view of the now familiar bedroom ceiling. So I finally made it back here after all. A few days after Harry’s confession at the school assembly. I’ve moved back into Harry’s apartment, and we’re living together again. Before, we were just living here as roommates. There was nothing between us, we were just living together, nothing more.
But now… I smile to myself, knowing Harry and I share the same feelings for each other. I quickly get changed and get out into the living room.
“Good morning! That smells good!”
“Oh, so you’re finally up, huh?” When I go out into the living room, there’s Harry in his usual apron. And, there’s already a gorgeous breakfast on the table. “Seriously, following your nose is the only thing that gets you out of bed.”
“Ugh…” Harry’s the same old bully he always was.
“Come on, hurry up and sit down, everything is almost ready.”
“Today’s breakfast is really special, huh? You really went out of your way.”
“You think so?”
“I thought it’d be nice to change things up. I had a lot of time on my hands, anyway.” I glance at the time, and sit up with a start.
“What? You got a bone stuck in your throat?”
“No, look at the time!” Harry’s already way late, he should have started work a long time ago. “Don’t you have to work today? You have morning classes on Saturday, right? This is no time to be having a leisurely breakfast! You better hurry up, or you’ll be late…”
“Are you rubbing it in?”
“You’re really going to say things like that knowing I’m on probation, huh…”
After all that happened, they suspended Harry from work. I guess practically causing a riot at a school assembly is a pretty big issue. He said he’d accept any punishment, and in the end, the Principal suspended him. We’ve heard that they’re going to decide what to do with him at the next faculty meeting. But, anyway, no one has ever taken me in their arms in public like that! Or in private, either.
“Blushing and grinning… you’re just a busy little bee, aren’t you?” As I blush at my memories, Harry says knowingly. “No matter what I do with you, you’re always going to be having those strange daydreams of yours, huh.”
“They’re not strange at all! They’re just the same ones everyone else has…”
“Anyway, are you okay for time?”
“I don’t have work. What about you?”
“Oh yeah!” I have to help prepare the kitchen for lunch today, so I have to go to work pretty early. “I’d better eat fast!”
“Hey, now! Make sure you taste that, don’t just shovel it in! I put a lot of effort into that food!”
“I know! This omelette is delicious!” I scarf down the food, enjoying the time I get to spend with Harry.

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