Foto bij Chapter 82


“All right, I’m off!”
“Okay. Be safe out there.” After finishing breakfast, I rush off to work. Harry sees me off at the door. “The weather’s nice today, I should hang up the blankets.”
“Thanks… or should I say, we’ve switched places.”
“Yeah, really. Is this what happens when we don’t have a contract anymore?”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll do it when I don’t have work.”
“Eh, I can experience the housewife life from time to time, I guess.”
“Anyway, here I go!”
“Go on, get out of here.” Harry watches me smugly. As I wave, inside I’m smiling bitterly. Harry is the same as always. Even confessing his love to me hasn’t changed a thing. I wonder if the day will come where I will feel like part of a real couple.

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