Foto bij Remember me | Chapter sixteen

They had to stop because they were out of breath. Krystal's body shook like she had just ridden out an orgasm and she had to be supported by Amber although the other girl didn't seem to be at the top of her strengths too. They let their foreheads rest against each other, looking down whilst trying to get their breathing under control again.
After a few moments, Amber lifted her head up a few inches, so she could look at her.
"Come with me tonight."
Her voice sounded hoarse and willingly, wanting, full of desire, but there was a hint of smallness in it too, like she was being an 18-year-old again, waiting for Krystal's approval.
"Kai...-" she started, but then the most genius plan erupted in her head. A smile covered her face and she quickly pecked Amber's lips. "Forget what I said, just follow my lead."
Amber frowned her eyebrows weirdly when Krystal grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the restrooms.

Had it been five minutes since they had left? Or ten? Krystal didn’t know, but when she returned, she saw that Kai’s glass was empty – and her’s too – and that he was playing rather bored on his phone. Hay Day, she thought with a sigh. It had kept her up all night a couple of days ago because he kept getting messages that his cows needed to be milked.
When Kai noticed them coming – Krystal quickly let Amber’s hand go and tried to distance herself from the other woman – he looked up and smiled weakly.
“Hello dear,” Krystal greeted. She kissed him on the cheek and sat down next to her fiancé. Amber sat down in front of them on the other couch, a frown on her face and her shoulders tensed. Krystal shot Amber a gaze and smiled, causing Amber to frown even deeper.
Maybe it was a little mean to kiss Kai in front of her, but hadn’t she done the same with Luna all night?

Because of the kiss, Krystal immediately felt a lot happier. This time, she started the conversation, with Amber. She asked about her life, how it was now, what she was up to, if she still lived in the same crappy apartment. Amber started to talk, mostly to her, and described how she now was hired as a manager and song writer at SM Entertainment. Writing songs for Luna, Red Velvet and EXO, she had managed to get a rather good reputation and the label had awarded her with a good penthouse in LA. Since Amber mostly worked from the United States – visiting Korea often – she was mostly here and send in her lyrics.
Krystal listened to her with an open mouth, often sighing at the idea of a job she utterly liked. Amber seemed to have it all, once again, and she couldn’t help to be a little bit jealous that she seemed to be so happy without Krystal in her life, whilst she had to drag herself out of bed every day that she shared with a man she didn’t love to go to a job she didn’t like.

An hour passed and it was now 1.30 AM. Kai had given up to try to nod along to Amber’s stories and was now playing on his phone the whole time. Eventually, when there was a little pause in Amber’s talking, he sat up straight, putting on a bright smile that Krystal knew was faker than the breast implants most women at the inauguration party had here, and turned towards her.
“Sweetie, isn’t it time to get home? I can call a driver-“
“I think I’ll stay. You go ahead!”
Krystal immediately interrupted him. Kai’s eyebrows shot up confusedly. Even though she didn’t love him, he still knew a great deal about her and he knew that Krystal despised parties and loved to get out as soon as possible.
“Then how-how will you get home?” he asked worriedly. Before Krystal could answer, Amber did.
“Well she’s a grown woman, ain’t she?” Amber chuckled. “She can take care of herself.”
“Maybe I can drive along with Amber?” Krystal suggested. She immediately looked in Amber’s direction and caught a glimpse of her gaze. Amber’s eyes had darkened a bit, and her smug smile had grown wider. Krystal smiled sweetly, hoping that Amber knew the hint she was trying to give her.
If only Kai would say yes.
But he frowned his eyebrows and cleared his throat.
“But she has drunk a great deal too,” he said stubbornly, with a voice that was a bit deeper than his own.
“Well, I can call for a taxi, can’t I?” said Amber. Kai looked from left to right, from the troublemaker to his fiancé. He knew he was obliged to say yes, even though it was obvious he didn’t like it a single bit to leave Krystal behind with a woman who he secretly was rather scared of.
“I guess I’ll see you at home then,” Kai muttered. He stood up, wiped the dust from his suit, bowed down to kiss Krystal’s forehead and smiled weakly to Amber.
“Don’t worry to much, I’ll be home before you know it. Don’t wait up for me, though, just go to sleep.”
That made Kai frown even more, but eventually sighed and nodded. He looked at both of them for another few seconds, before he said his greetings and left Amber and Krystal.

They waited until they knew Kai was out of the building before they left too.
Giggling like school girls who just got away with bashing the principal's car, they ran hand in hand out of the building, leaving the faint music, the alcohol, the people they both dispised and Jung Internationals behind them. They got their coats quickly and walked outside. It didn't take long before they had found a taxi.
"Your place?" asked Krystal. Amber nodded immediately.
"Wouldn't want Kai to join us, would you?" she smirked, before telling the taxi driver the adress. Krystal didn't recognize the address, meaning it wasn't close to her own place. Good, she thought. She didn't want to be reminded when she was there that Kai could be only a few blocks away.

How do lovers pass the time in the backseat of a taxi at 2 AM at night? Kissing, of course.
It took them only five minutes before they asked the driver if the partition between the two front steats and the backseat could be up so that they could have a little privacy. Knowing better than to argue with two half-drunk adults, the driver immediately pulled it up. It only took a moment before Amber was on her and Krystal loved every part of it.
With her back pressed agianst the car window, her legs spread a little and Amber in between they kissed until they were short of breath. They were deep and full of passion, as if they win back the kisses they hadn't been able to share in those eight years. Her fingers were intertwined with Amber's hair to keep her close. Their lips upon each other was the best thing she had felt in a long time and she could not understand how she ever could've been so stupid to break up with her.

It took half an hour to get at Amber's building. Krystal paid the driver with her credit card, even though Amber obliged. The taxi still had to drive away when they almost ran into the building, trying to get upstairs as soon as possible. Krystal couldn't recall that she had ever been so excited, especially if you remembered that she was cheating on her fiancé and didn't even care. Kai simply had never been able to stir so much inside her all at once and it felt so damn good to relive them again.
Krystal didn't have time to admire how good the entrance hall already looked, nor the elevator. It only took the machine a few seconds to bring them upstairs, but that was too long for Amber not to push her lips upon Krystal's. For the change, she had pushed the troublemaker against the wall and kissed her smiling lips when they heard the soft 'ping' before the elevator doors slid open.
Amber grabbed Krystal's hand and dragged her out of the elevator. There was a small corridor that led towards the only frontdoor on this level. Next to the door hung a small sign with the number "39" on it and Amber's name together with a bell. They quickly made their way through the corridor, sometimes not being able to help themselves to slow down a bit to press a kiss upon each other's lips.
Amber took out her key and kicked the door open. The lights in the apartment had been shut off, causing them to be swallowed by the darkness as soon as the front door fell shut behind them. The thing that made sure Krystal didn't immediately trip over her own feet was the light that the moon cast through the wall-sized windows on one side of the penthouse.
Her back hit the wall of the hall, right next to the small table on which she threw her keys. Amber pressed her body immediately to hers and pinned her arms above her head, making sure she was not able to move. As if she would wanted that.
Amber's face was already close, the huge, smug grin decorating her face because she knew she would get her way tonight no matter what. And Krystal smiled back, for the exact same reason. They had both longed for this for a long time and nothing or no one would stop them now.

The big advantage of wearing a dress was that your partner has easy access, especially when it was a topless dress. That meant there was no bra involved. How convenient.
They tried to make it to the bed before their hormones took over their bodies and made their minds shut off, but they were too slow. Or their hormones were too fast. Krystal got her first orgasm against the wall of the livingroom, with her dress skirted up over her hips, still on her heels and her panty down on her ankles. Amber didn't even have to use her mouth, her fingers and her lips in her neck were enough. When it ripped through her body, the only thing she could think of was how Kai had never made her feel like this. No one had, except for Amber. And she hadn't even fully started yet; this was just a warm-up.
They tried for the second time make it to the bedroom, but they ended up on Amber's lounge sofa. With Krystal's head between her thighs, her nails digging into her flesh, her head thrown back and her fingers entangled with Krystal's hair, the Amber rid out her first orgasm as well.
With both of them satisfied at least for a little bit, this time they found the bedroom. The two of them fell in a giggling mess onto the kingsize bed. Amber immediately zipped down her dress, taking it slowly off of her and throwing it carelessly somewhere in the room. With no bra and her panties somewhere in the livingroom, she immediately was completely naked, causing Amber to immediately start kissing her breasts. Krystal laid down on her back, with her eyes closed and her fingers intertwined with Amber's whilst she let the other girl twirl her tongue around her already hardened nipples.
When she tried to move down, Krystal stopped her. Confusedly, Amber looked up. Her lips were wettened already.
"It's not fair that I'm here naked and you are not," she whined, causing the other girl to burst out in a laugh. Krystal wrapped her legs around Amber's middle and with a quick movement made sure that Amber was now lying on her back and Krystal was on top.
"Have you learnt some new tricks?" chuckled Amber. Krystal bowed down and placed a long kiss upon her mouth.
"Even if I had, I am not going to tell you," she said. Krystal gave her a wink. Amber grinned and rolled her eyes.
Krystal started on her blouse, buttoning it down until there were only two buttons left. She ripped the last two, making Amber chuckle again. Quickly she took it off, together with her jeans that still hung loosely around her hips. It had been taken too long to take it off in the living room, so they had just pulled it down until there was enough space for Krystal to do her job.
It only took her a moment before she had taken Amber's sports bra and boxer shorts off too. Her eyes dwelled off over her body, taking in every inch, every curve that wat Amber's. Had her breasts grown a bit? Her abs at least hadn't dissapeared, nor her slightly visiable v line.
"Stop staring," chuckled Amber eventually. Krystal snapped out of her daze and shot her a smile.
"What, does it make you nervous?" she asked sweetly.
"Of course not. I'm just eager to start," Amber grinned. Krystal rolled her eyes. She had hoped for a second that she might've discovered another of Amber's weaknesses, but clearly that thought had been in vain. There was very little that was able to affect Amber and she had only seen one weakness thus far yet: the day Krystal had broken up with her, Amber had been devastated.
Amber placed her hand in Krystal's neck, roughly pulling her down for another kiss. Krystal could only chuckle and Amber's need for her. It only took a second before their tongues found each other too, deepening the kiss with desire. They rolled over, causing Amber to be the top again. She brought her face close to her ear. Her breath made goosebumps appear all over body.
"It's your turn, Princess."

It was 3.30 AM when they finally laid next to each other, their chests still rising quickly trying to get their breathing under control. Drips of sweat were covering their bodies. Krystal let the tip of her finger trail circles around the sore spots in her neck and on her breasts.
"Does it hurt?" asked Amber her. Krystal turned her head and smiled.
"No. Does your back hurt?"
Amber laughed.
"No, although I'll be a bit sore tomorrow," she said. Krystal placed her hand in front of her mouth to hide her giggles and her red cheeks.
"I'm sorry," she said, trying to hold in her laughter. Amber chuckled too.
"Don't be sorry, I think you'll be sore tomorrow too," she answered. Krystal laughed and nodded. She moved a bit closer, pulling up the sheets all the way up to her chin even though she still was very hot.
"Let's not apologize for anything when we're with each other. Everything has to be sincere, honest," she muttered. Amber moved closer too, softly placing her hand upon Krystal's cheek, carassing the skin with her thumb.
"Deal," she said. Amber placed a kiss upon her lips.
Krystal turned around on her side and Amber immediately got the hint: she snuggled up to her from behind and placed her arm around her waist. Krystal loved being the smaller spoon, it just made her feel so protected, as if nothing in the world could hurt her. She placed her arm over Amber's, intertwining their fingers and closing her eyes. She could feel Amber's steady breathing in her neck. Whenever Kai did that, she would push him away, or turn around so that he wouldn't anymore, but with Amber it was simply different. It made her feel even more secure, because it was a sign that she was near and that she stayed close. With Amber, she felt safer than she had ever felt.

They fell asleep pretty quickly, not leaving each other's side. A couple of hours later, just before dawn, Krystal woke up, almost in panic. Heavily breathing, her eyes shot open. At first she didn't even know where she was. The room was dark, the bed was unkown and the arm around her wasn't muscled and hairy like Kai's. It was smooth and tender and the hand that was attached to it was small. Krystal slowly turned around, looking over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of the person next to her. When she saw it was Amber, she couldn't calm down. In fact, she started to breathe even faster, until a point in which she was almost hyperventilating. With shaking hands, she lifted Amber's arm that was still draped over her and laid it next to her. She could feel her pulse beating in her ears when she slowly, as quietly as possible, stepped out of bed. Krystal held her breath, not daring to make any sound.
When she had safely gotten out without waking Amber up, she started to seek for her clothes. Her mind was dazed and she had trouble to remember what had happened last night and where Amber had taken off her different garments. With her hands covering her breasts and her lady parts, she hopped through the open door back to the living room. It was lit by the upcoming sun, making the room appear in a red-orange glow. It took her a moment to orientate herself, but eventually she found the spot of wall on which they had started off their evening. Krystal took her panties from the floor and sighed. Quickly she put them on, only to curse after when she remembered that she had to get back into the bedroom for her dress. Really smart, Krystal. And you're supposed to be a CEO?
As silently as possible, she tip-toed back into the bedroom. Krystal immediately saw her dress, somewhere in a corner. She looked at Amber, who was still peacefully asleep. For a moment, she smiled. The sight was too adorable. Krystal knew that Amber usually woke up first, so she had never been able to see her sleep. It was really cute, because there was this constant frown on her face that made her look really concentrated, as if she was solving a diffecult maths equation in her sleep.
She snapped out of her daze and took her dress. Luckily the zipper was already down, so she was able to step into it without much diffeculty. When the dress was in place, she tried to zip it back up, but it was hard to do it alone. During the struggling, she heard the sheets ruffle, but didn't pay attention to it. Perhaps she should have.
"Krystal... you aren't sneaking out on me, are you?"
She yelped in surprise when she heard Amber's sleepy voice through the darkness. With wide eyes, she pointed her gaze at the other woman. Amber had barely opened her eyes, but she now laid on her belly, revealing her back muscles, and watched her put on her dress. The sheets ended half past her back, around her waist. She caught herself staring for a bit.
"H-how long have you been awake?" stuttered Krystal. Amber chuckled weakly.
"Does that even matter? Why are you leaving, it's 5.30 AM."
Krystal looked down and ran with her fingers roughly through her hair. A sigh left her lips.
"Kai expects me home-" she began, but she stopped when Amber started to laugh.
"C'mon, are you leaving because of Kai? You can just make up something that we were too drunk and that you decided to stay over at my place. He won't mind that," said Amber. Krystal pressed her lips together.
"You don't know him."
"No, but I know you."
"And what is that supposed to mean?"
she hissed. Amber looked a little more awake now, perhaps it was because of that cheeky grin had returned to her face.
"That you don't want to go, but that your pride is nagging again. To cheat on your boyfriend is not something someone of your position is supposed to do, especially not with me, so you want to leave to make it stop."
Krystal looked at her for a moment, utterly wondering why what Amber said was always right. Did she really know her or was it just so obvious? Kai had never understood her so well.
"I assume out of your silence that I'm right," said the other woman. Krystal sighed and let her head fall backwards.
"And so what? Is that weird?" she eventually asked. Amber shook her head.
"Of course not. But it'd be unwise to leave now. Stay here, with me. Sleep. And when you still want to go first thing in the morning, I'll drive you home myself. You'll feel better then."
"Can you promise?"
"Can you promise me I'll be fine?"
asked Krystal softly. Her lower lip had already started to shake but she didn't want Amber to see. She had trouble to blink her tears away.
Amber chuckled.
"You know, you're probably the person that is least likely to be okay in the morning because you simply overthink everything. But I promise that I'll be there for you, so that you're not alone."
Krystal looked down to the ground whilst she thought, weighing the concequences. Half past, she stopped, realizing that perhaps she did overthink everything. Would it matter if she came home the next morning with a pretty white lie? Was Kai smart enough to figure out Amber and she were more than just old friends? Did he even consider the option that she might've slept with her as well?
If she went home now, she could avoid a nasty conversation if he found out. Krystal wasn't good at laughing things off, like Amber was. As soon as he would guess the right thing, she'd have to admit to it. But on the other hand, Kai wasn't a jealous person. Or smart. He wouldn't mind.
And even if he would, would she mind? It was her life. And she wanted to stay.
"Can I borrow one of your shirts?" she asked shyly. Amber smiled welcoming and nodded.
"Just take one out of the closet," replied Amber. Krystal nodded. She walked up to the big black closet, almost invisible in the darkness of the room. Opening it up, she took the first thing she saw and held it up to Amber.
"Is this one okay?" she asked. Amber nodded. It was a black t-shirt with small lightnings. Krystal turned her back towards the bed, reached for the zipper and pulled it down again. The dress fell from her body back onto the ground and she quickly put on Amber's t-shirt. Even though it was clean, it still smelled like her. It calmed her quickly beating heart a bit.
Amber hadn't taken her eyes off of Krystal, not even when she had turned around to change clothes. Normally, it would make her feel really self-concious, as if she had just eaten spinach and had to do a photoshoot with little pieces of green leaves between her teeth. Amber's gaze only soothed her more, because it was so soft and admiring that she simply couldn't think of it badly.
Krystal got back to the bed. Amber held the sheets up for her so she could climb back in. She immediately installed herself in the same position she had fallen asleep a few hours ago: with her back pressed against Amber's body and her arm under her head. She being the smaller spoon. Amber snuggled up to her, pulling her closer by wrapping her arm around her waist. She felt a light kiss in her neck.
"Just relax, and sleep."
Krystal took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, then nodded. She closed her eyes and tried to relax, like Amber said. But the moment she tried to fall back asleep again, all she could think of was how hurt Kai's face would look when she'd admit into sleeping with Amber. Would he throw a tantrum? Would he accuse her of being a slut? Would he tell her dad? Would he not want to let her touch him anymore, disgusted of his own fiancé? Did such people still exist? As soon as she asked herself that question, she almost had to laugh bitterly. Her parents. Her parents were disgusted of anyone who wasn't like them. People of another race, with another sexuality, they were all too different for them to understand.
"Krystal, relax," sighed Amber.
"I am relaxing," reacted Krystal immediately. She heard a huff.
"No, you're not."
"I am."
"No, I can feel your abs."

Krystal looked over her shoulder.
"I don't even have abs. I haven't worked out in days."
"Then how can I feel them? Just empty your head."
"Sometimes I wonder if you can look inside my mind, you know that? How did you even know I was thinking of.. stuff,"
she asked shamefully. Amber laughed softly.
"Well, maybe I can."
Krystal chuckled.
"Hmm, then what am I thinking of right now?"
answered Amber carelessly. Krystal turned around to slap her. The other woman tried to duck away but was too slow and ended up getting hit.
"No!" she said annoyedly. "Try again. Be more specific."
Amber thought for a moment.
"Your father?"
Krystal shook her head and smiled cheekily.
"Our first kiss," she said.
Amber's face lit up and she started to grin. Krystal grinned too.
"Gosh, so cheeky!" she answered, half in digust. Krystal laughed and bowed down to kiss Amber's lips.
"Well, think of that while you're trying to sleep, okay? Not something else, just that," said Amber, when they broke up. Krystal smiled and nodded. They kissed each other good night and laid back into their previous position. This time, it took Krystal only a few minutes to fall asleep.

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