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If you haven’t realised it yet, got7 are a few years older than they’re now. Just letting you know.;)

~ Practice room, Amy’s pov ~
“let’s celebrate this.” Jackson jumped up from the ground.
“Celebrate what? That you'll get killed without us?” This boy was getting on my nerves more and more. He was literally planning his own dead already.
“No, that's not what I meant..” What an incredible thing. Emotions. They could change so quickly it could become deadly. I stood up. Straightened my back to appear taller and to show more authority.
“Listen to me, Jackson. Going to crowded places will only get us all killed. We can't protect you and thousands of other people at the same time alright?! My stepfather will send his men and if you value your life you’re gonna start following our orders from this moment on!” I didn't realize I was shouting at him when Mark stood between me and him. This was the first time I saw my brother looking angry at me. He just put Jackson above me and I felt a pain in my heart when I realized it, but regained myself quickly and stared back at him, trying to give him a sign not to interrupt my rant.
“There's only one problem.” Jb interrupted our little stare contest.
“What?!” Jb took a step back when I snapped at him, rubbing his neck and looked away.
“Uhm.. We have a fanmeeting and a photoshoot tomorrow.” His voice became small and still avoided my stare.
“You’re kidding right? He's kidding right?!” I yelled when I looked back at Mark. I shouldn't take my anger out on him, but I just couldn't control it anymore. I clenched my teeth until it started to hurt and my knuckles turned white from anger.
“No, he’s telling the truth.” Mark looked at his feet as if he could search for another answer there.
“Can't you cancel it? It's to dangerous right now.” I really wanted to punch someone now. I closed my eyes and laid my hands on my hips, trying to breath as normal as possible. I know these guys couldn't do anything about this mess, but they shouldn't take this situation so lightly. What should I do? I need to get this anger out first. I need to go home.
“Do you have anything scheduled for today?” I asked Mark and he shaked his head in response.
“Oke. Do whatever you want today, but listen to your bodyguard when she gets her orders.” Genna stood up from the ground and walked out the door without saying anything, leaving jackson behind.
“Wait, isn't she supposed to protect me?” He looked lost when he realized Genna left without him.
“Then I suggest you follow her.” My voice was covered with sarcasm. I took a glance at everyone once before I turned on my heels. I lifted Shiba up as a handbag and grabbed Jb’s shoulder to transport us out of here.

~ Headquarters, LA Jb pov ~
The well known practice room turned into a black, small, room with golden lights on the sealing. I landed on a soft couch. I looked at the walls and I could see my reflection perfectly. The sudden transportation made my heartbeat race, as if I just ran a marathon.
“Stay here.” Amy didn't waited for my answer and disappeared disappeared as soon as she spoke, leaving me behind. I looked around the room and noticed there wasn't a door. leaving wasn't even an option. I rested my back against the wall, closed my eyes and tried to control my breathing. When I finally calmed down I opened my eyes again and saw Amy's dog in front of me. It scared the crap out of me.
“Wha! W-where did you come from?!” I looked around again to see if a door had magically showed up, but there were still four walls that surrounded us. I can't get used to this.
“Hello, human. Amy transported me here. You see Amy and Kate don't need doors with the transportation talent. I’m here to inform you that Amy didn't wanted to take her anger out on you, so instead she’s punishing some poor punching bags. We always need to buy new ones when she's done training. You’ve seen what's she's capable of right?” I could hear the dog’s voice in my head again. Was it the dog? Who else could it be? We were the only ones in this room. At first she sounded very polite as if this was normal and had to inform the client what was going on. When she got to the info that they had to buy new punching bags every time she sounded more personal and relaxed, but other than that it was nice of of Amy not to hit me.. I think. So I just nodded. I couldn't take my eyes of the dog as I was still a bit in shock that the dog was actually talking to me. Doesn't happen every day, you know.
“Do not worry, she’ll pick you up when she's calmed down.” Her eyes were hypnotizing. It was the only thing I could stare at.
“Can I ask you something?” The dog asked after I didn't give a response to anything she was saying. She blinked. So did I.
“Sure..?” I didn't know if I had to think back or could just speak. This was so weird. Is this magic? Magic is weird.
“Do you wanna be my pet? Or was it friend? Ah doogs, I forgot already.” A smile appeared around my mouth. She's adorable. It looked like she was genuinely sad, because she apparently forgot the difference.
“It’s ok. I would love to be your friend.” I helped her, because I didn't wanted her to be sad. So I leaned forward to scratch behind her ear. I know dog like that. Her head turned to my hand and her back paw started to scratch her belly. I’ve found her weak spot.
“Oho Amy, look, I’ve made a new friend!” I didn’t even noticed her coming back, but Shiba got it right this time.
“That great Shiba.” Amy sat next to me and smiled at Shiba. Just as Shiba’s eyes her smile was very hypnotizing. I had a feeling she didn’t smiled as much as she should be. She was a mysterious woman and I wanted to know more about her, just because she kept things a secret, but I did understand why she wouldn't tell me. We just met and you just don't trust people that fast. It was humans nature.
“I’m not sure if I can let the fanmeeting go on, but I guess we can manage a photoshoot.” She kept staring at Shiba, who was crawling on the floor out of happiness, because she made a new friend.
“You know there will be other security there right? That makes it easier for you.” Maybe I just digged my own grave here, but it was worth the risk if she snapped at me again. She was interesting and mysterious. I wanted to know all about her and I think I knew how to handle her now. I embraced myself for impact, just in case.
“You don’t understand.” Her reaction was surprisingly calm. Damn, I have to punch bags to!
“No matter how many security there will be, It doesn’t matter if they’re hirelings of Bryan. I can only tell if they are, if I actually see them, remember.” It wasn’t a question, but I remembered her “techno” talent. Wait, does that mean she wants to find out? So the fanmeeting is a go? Shiba nodded at me when she saw I got Amy’s point. This was getting irritating. Every time I thought about something they could hear me. Genna told me she would teach me how to avoid it. Guess I needed it.
“Let's go back, I’ve given my team enough freedom already.” She stood up to grab my shoulder again like she did a few minutes ago.
“Wait.” I didn't wanted to feel so exhausted again if it happens every time you transport. She was surprised stopped her in her action. “Can we just walk, or something? That transporting stuff isn’t really comfortable you know.”
“You see any door in here where we can walk out from? Hold your breath, it makes it a bit less uncomfortable.” Great. Thanks for the tip.

~ Got7’s dorm Amy pov ~
“Hold up, do you mean all four of us have to sleep in the same bunk bed?” We all came to Got7’s dorm to see if it was possible for them to stay there, but when I saw it from the outside I just knew it was too small for seven grown up men. Let alone my girls had to move in too. Genna was definitely not having it today and if she had to stay here she wasn’t getting any friendlier.
“You've been living here since your debut and after seven years you still haven't made enough money to buy a bigger place?” I looked around the bedroom Jb was sharing with Jackson. It was just big enough for a bunk bed and a mirror and some clothes. Some clothes? I was amazed by how many clothes were pushed into a corner of the room. An entire wall was taken up by clothes as well. Had they never heard of closets before?
“Junior and I debuted before got7 so for us it's been a few years longer for me, but yeah we still don't make enough money for a fancier room.” Jb stood in front of their underwear section, trying his best to hide it, thinking I didn't noticed. Try again.
“Can’t they move to the base? There's enough space. Everyone can get their own room there.” Genna was inspecting the window. I think she wanted to know how it opened, because the smell in here was definitely not pleasant.
“Everyone can get their own floor there, but I don’t think Scott will be happy with that.” The base, as Genna called it, was our home. To the eye it looked like a spanish villa, build on an small hill, but was actually a secret underground skyscraper. The nearest village was at an hour drive away. Scott used half of it as his headquarters for the missions. Carlos, Ryan’s friend, was the one who lived in the villa. He was also an secret agent and agreed to rebuild it into the headquarters, just so we had a secret base to hide all the secrets we had. Nice guy, but bothersome as hell. He tried to hit on me several times, but I’ve punched him as many as he tried. I think could get along quite well with Jackson. He was as retarded as him.
“Who’s Scott?” Jackson already learnt to speak through his mind. It was also fine for him to speak out loud, but he seemed to want to put in an effort for Genna to try otthrough his mind.
“Amy’s boss.” His facial expression told me he wasn't fully used to hearing Genna’s voice in his head though.
“Huh? Not your boss?” Jackson seemed lost.
“I’m their boss.” I helped him figure out. Explaining things in my usual short ways to explain things. “And I already made Scott pretty upset about not following his orders.”
“I’ll give him the puppy eyes, so he’ll have no choice but to let you guys move in.” Shiba came in the room after playing with Mark’s dog Coco and gave us her puppy eyes, but ended up looking cross-eyed instead as she always did when she tried to give ironically puppy-eyes. Jb and Jackson laughed, but I could only think about how annoying I would get when Scott was scolding me in a few hours.

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