Foto bij Remember me | Chapter eightteen

Six days.
It would take six days before the dinner would occur. That'd mean she'd have enough days to prepare herself for the awkward situation that was going to happen. The next day Krystal had gotten a message from Amber that said:

Couldn't wait to see me again?;)

Krystal had growned at the message and had only been able to reply to her a few hours later to explain that it hadn't been her idea. Amber had immediately turned on her phone and replied that she already guessed so, since Krystal wasn't the person to dig her own grave. But she also reassured her that it was going to be fine. Luna had already been informed, so she wouldn't ask any diffecult questions about the party at Jung Internationals. The only obstacle they had to deal with was Kai, and he surely was going to ask some questions. They had made a deal that Krystal would make up the lies and that Amber would roll with it.

Krystal used to think that she was quite a disciplined woman. Whenever she wanted to put herself to work, how dreadful it might be, she was always able to get into her concentration-mode. Often she was so concentrated on her work that it often took her hours to snap out of it. Often forgetting to eat or to drink, her assistant had to bring her food and water to make sure her boss stayed healthy during long office days.
But work never seemed so boring with a horrible dinner to come. And not just that, Amber Liu has never left her mind the moment she had gotten back home.

Krystal didn't like social media much. Too often people found her, sending her annoying friend requests or wanted to chat over Facebook. That's why she at first hadn't made an instagram account. But at a certain moment her mind had wandered, wondering if Amber had an instagram.
The next moment she had taken her phone out of her pocket and had already dowloaded the app. Two hours later, her assistant, Eloisa, found her lying on her leather couch, with her knees pulled up to her chest and her phone in her hand, marvelling about how cute and dorky Amber's instagram was. She was suprised how many friends she actually had, let not alone the pictures with her dog Jack Jack — the little bastard clearly was really old now, since his snout had started to become gray — and a new asset, a kitten called Tuna.
There were tons and tons of pictures of her on her skateboard, her doing charity work, crazy food pictures, pokémon sweaters, cute little edited videos and an surprising big ammount of pictures that were actually kind of sexy, even though they were defenitely not meant to be. The pictures with Luna — which tended to be around more often the more she scrolled up — gave her a weird feeling in her belly. Even though Amber had assured her that they were just friends with benefits, she couldn't help to wonder if Luna felt so too. The sweet, romantic looks she gave Amber on the pictures just looked too real, and Krystal's heart ached at the looks Amber gave her back. But then another jumping picture came along and she couldn't help to chuckle about how dorky they looked.
Eloisa had to call her a couple of times before she snapped out of her daze.
"Miss, you have a meeting.. right now."
Krystal had immediately closed the app, feeling incredibly ashamed of herself. Quickly she had gotten up and walked with Eloisa towards the meeting room. She had been 10 minutes late. Luckily she was allowed to get late, but she noticed the annoyance on the faces of her employees, even though they tried to hide it.
As soon as she got back from the meeting, she had caught herself trying to go back to the app and scroll through the few pictures she hadn't yet looked at. With great diffeculty, she had been able to keep herself from that and get to work.

The next few days were perhaps even worse. She found herself staying in the office long past hours, trying to find any excuse that she wouldn't have to go home. More often than not she asked Eloisa to dine with her, but after three times in a row, her assistant declinded kindly, telling her that she didn't have so much money to spend and she didn't want Krystal to pay for her. Since she didn't eat any fast food nor liked to dine alone, she was obliged to go home. Kai waited for her with a delicious self made dinner and it simply was delicious but after their fight last Sunday she was not able to look at him normally.
His comments about Amber's sexuality had made her very aware of her own. Even though he had tried to hid the fact that he was a little bit wary and disgusted by Amber's life style, Krystal knew there was a part of him who didn't like it at all that she had been with her all night. She had always known that Kai was rather simple minded when it came to these things but she had always been able to ignore it because it never came up in a conversation. Now that it had, she was scared of how he would think of her if she told him she was bisexual.
Bisexuality was a part of her that she couldn't and didn't want to erease, not even for her fiancé. Would it be good to tell him before the wedding happened? Or would it be another secret that settled between them? If she never saw Amber again after the dinner, would it even matter? She didn't needlessly want to cause havoc when nothing was going to happen.
A strange feeling settled in her belly when she thought of that.. She caught herself hoping that something would happen, just so she could break off her boring relationship with Kai and head off with Amber.
But that was something that could never happen, she told herself. She hadn't worked so hard all her life just to throw all of it away. She was almost there — the wedding was only a few months away — if she turned her back towards all of that now, she would be back to square one. Krystal hadn't wasted 26 years of her life for that.

Nevertheless, Amber never left her mind. She thought of her when she was working, she thought of her when she was going to sleep. She thought of her during the kisses she shared with Kai and she thought of her under the shower. She thought of her when she shouldn't, when there was not even an indicator that reminded her of her.
And eventually Saturday came closer and closer. For the whole week, Krystal had not been able to prepare herself. Find the right dress and the right hair style was as easy as picking the right products in the supermarket, but she had no idea how to behave. Would she have to act distant, like she and Amber weren't all that close and pay attention to Kai mostly? Did she need to ignore her completely, or just laugh at her jokes? And what about Luna, would she be able to even have a normal conversation with the dazzling upcoming super star? Especially now that she had spent the whole week looking at photos of her and Amber on Amber's instragram, whilst gritting her teeth together to surpress her jealous emotions.

As the clock ticked by, they started to prepare. Kai wore his white blouse, although he kept the first two buttons open to keep it casual, and dark blue jeans. His hair was up instead of down. Krystal had sought out a short black dress with long sleeves that hugged her figure perfectly. She took out her best pair of heels, because she would be damned to look small next to Kai. She decided to let her hair loose, since the dinner still was supposed be sort of casual. And with a light apply of make up, she was all set for the night.
"Damn, Krys. We aren't going to a fashion show, you know," Kai said, as soon as Krystal stepped out of the bathroom. She couldn't help to roll her eyes.
"Well, this outfit is only more beneficial for you later tonight, isn't it? I don't know why you're complaining," she replied. Kai was a bit taken back by the answer, but chuckled nevertheless.
"I wasn't complaining, I was merely admiring," he said. His words made her cringe and dear god she really hoped that tonight wouldn't lead to sex. Krystal had already been able to push it to the weekend but he hadn't gotten any for two weeks right now and she knew he'd get impatient. The thought of sexual intercourse right after the dinner made her bite down hard on her lip.
"Let's go..." she simply muttered. Kai nodded and grabbed her hand. Krystal wanted to take it back, but felt back, and against her will in intertwined her fingers with his.

The address Luna had texted them was of Amber's apartment. Krystal had recognized it immediately. Even though she knew the road to Amber's apartment by heart, she let Kai install the navigator, since she didn't want to bring down the mood any more. Kai had already noticed that she was more silent than usual and therefor he had gotten a bit agitated too.
It took them twenty minutes to get there. Luckily the radio was on, otherwise there would've been a painful silence between them. Or maybe only Krystal experienced it as a painful silence.
When they rung the bell to Amber's penthouse, Luna opened with a big smile on her face.
"Come in!" she chirped friendly, whilst taking their coats. Kai greeted her friendly and Krystal nodded to her as she took off her coat. Luna went off to hang up their coats. Krystal awkwardly folded her hands in front of her body, taking a look at the apartment as she bit down on her lip. Kai stayed by her side, but that made it even more uncomfertable.
At the moment Luna returned, she heard a high pitched bark coming from behind of her. A small, dark-haired dog ran through Luna's legs, yapping loudly. He ran as fast as he could towards Krystal and started to jump up on her legs. The snout of the animal had turned grey from the last she had seen him. A smile grew on her face as sat down on her knees to pet the chihuahua.
"Oh Jack Jack," she muttered. The dog turned a circle for a couple of times, barked, then jumped up against her body again to lick her face and her hands. Krystal started to giggle whilst she petted the tiny animal everywhere she could. Jack Jack barked happily.
"Seems like he still knows you."
Krystal jerked her head up, only to look into the deep eyes of Amber. She casually leaned against the wall, right after Luna, her eyes soft at the sight of Krystal petting Jack Jack. For a moment, she lost her concentration and all she could do was stare. Amber had let her hair down, causing the sleek strands to fall beautifully across her forehead. She wore a blue sweater with a white blouse underneath, together with a black pair of skinny jeans. She was bare footed.
Luckily Jack Jack started to lick her hand and whine to sign her that she should keep on patting. Krystal blinked a couple of times, as if she just woke up from a deep slumber and smiled weakly to Amber. She started to pet Jack Jack again.
"I guess so. I missed you, buddy."
Jack Jack barked in response, causing her to laugh softly. She petted the dog another time, before getting up. Amber's gaze shifted, because she hadn't been looking at Jack Jack at all. Only at Krystal.
She looked down, hoping that Kai wouldn't see the blushes on her face.
"Well, what are we waiting here for? I cooked a delicious meal, you're gonna love it!" Luna broke the silence. Kai smiled and grabbed Krystal's hand. She bit down on her lip again, wishing he'd let go.
They all walked towards the dining table, which was in an extension of the living room. Luna immediately hopped towards the kitchen to get the food. Amber directed them to their places. Kai immediately sat down next to Krystal. And even though it wasn't more than logical that the couples would sit next to each other, it still made her incredibly uneasy.
"Wait a moment, I got the perfect drink to start this dinner," Amber said, before she walked of. That left Kai and Krystal together at the already covered table. Krystal couldn't get herself to say anything.
Luckily Amber was back rather quickly, with a bottle of champage in her hands. She grinned widely to them, but Krystal was able to hit her. Champagne? What was there to celebrate? That this evening was going to be crappy as hell?
But she let the woman pour her a glass. Krystal immediately took a big sip, hoping that if she'd just drink enough alcohol tonight that perhaps the dinner wouldn't be so bad.
Amber sat in front of her, waiting for Luna to arrive with the first course. In the mean while a silence settled between them, which especially made Kai turn awkwardly in his chair.
"So.." he said, as he cleared his throat. "Krystal told me you two had some fun after I left at the party, huh?"
Amber's eyes shot from Kai to Krystal and she snickered.
"Oh, did she?" she laughed. Krystal shot her an angry look and Amber winked. Kai frowned his eyebrows at the wink. "Yeah we drank some more. Too much. Sorry for not bringing her home directly, bro, you don't mind, do you? I took good care of her."
Kai had to clear his throat again.
"Hmm, well, yeah. I didn't really mind that much," he said softly. Krystal shot him a look. Liar. Amber chuckled softly.
Right at the moment Kai wanted to open his mouth again to ask something, Luna came into the living room with a steaming bowl of soup in her hands.
"Hot, hot, hot hot..!" she kept on muttering, until she put it safely down on the table. Luna took off her oven mitts and placed one of them neatly on the table. The other one she used to keep her fingers free from burns when she lifted the lid. Damp arose from the pan that brought a delicious smell.
“That smells amazing,” Amber commented. Luna flashed her a smile and winked.
“Of course, because I made it! Unlike you, I can cook pretty well,” Luna laughed.
“Well, she can cook pretty well, can’t she?” Krystal mumbled. Luna and Amber both looked at her in confusion. Kai narrowed his eyes suspiciously.
“Why would you know?” he asked her. Krystal realized her mistake. She laughed nervously.
“We are childhood friends, remember? Of course we have cooked one time together,” she quickly said. Luna and Amber exchanged a glance, then started to smile too.
“Yeah, of course,” Amber added. Krystal quickly turned her gaze away and pressed her lips stiffly upon each other, so that she wouldn’t blurt out anything that might give her away.
“Well, let’s say Amber isn’t such a great cook as I am,” Luna laughed.
“Hmm, what is it? It smells amazing!” Kai said, as he bowed a little closer to the pan and took a sniff.
“It’s seaweed soup, a special recipe from my dearest mother,” Luna said. Kai handed her his bowl and she filled it with the delicious smelling appetizer.
Luna filled all of the bowls, then sat down next to Amber. She took her glass and lifted it in the air, the others followed.
“To a great friendship, I’d love to see you two more,” Luna smiled. Kai grinned and nodded in agreement.
The group of four started at their appetizer. Krystal hoped that it would be over soon. The longer she stayed here, the more the tension in her lower belly started to build up.

After the seaweed soup, Luna served them a main course that existed of steak with a terrific gravy, mushed potatoes and a mix of several vegetables. They had a salad as a side dish. Krystal mainly focused on the dinner. She already was a slow eater, let alone if she really participated in the conversation Luna and Kai were having. And even if she did, she’d probably give herself away again. Amber was also remarkably silent. Perhaps they had the same thoughts.
After the main course, Luna would serve them home-made crème brûlée. When she was off to the kitchen to caramelize the upper layer of the custard, an awkward silence settled between the three of them. Krystal could feel that Kai wasn’t comfortable around Amber, and Amber simply didn’t care about him enough to start a conversation or ask about his life.
“Why aren’t you two talking to each other? You’re friends right..” he eventually commented. Amber and Krystal exchanged a glance. Amber coughed to clear her throat.
“What’s there to talk about? Luna’s the one with the crazy stories,” she replied, with a half of a smile on her face. Her eyes didn’t twinkle along.
“So? That doesn’t mean you’re not interesting. I’ve never seen two friends who’re so silent,” Kai went on. Krystal noticed the already weak smile fade off Amber’s face. Oh, how she hoped Luna would be back soon. She would’ve never predicted that she’d think that.
“Maybe there’s simply nothing to discuss when you’re around.”
“What’s that supposed to-“
“Behold! My crème brûlée!”

Luna came back into the room with four small cups of their dessert on a small silver plate, raised above her head, right at the moment Kai was about to get up. Amber didn’t take her eyes off him. She had her teeth clenched so much that her jawline became even sharper. Kai looked like he was about to punch her in the face.
Luna immediately noticed the grim mood at the table. She lowered the plate. Her eyes went from Amber to Kai and eventually to Krystal.
“What’s up, guys?” she asked softly. Kai cleared her throat and stood up.
“Nothing, I just have to go to the bathroom for a bit,” he said stiffly. Kai showed a weak smile to Luna, trying to save the situation. No one was fooled.
“Oh, of course sweetie, it’s at the end of the hall, right door,” Luna directed him. Kai immediately walked off.
Luna placed the plate on the table and put her hands in her side. She let her gaze go from Amber to Krystal and back before she sighed.
“Really, what’s up with you two? This was supposed to be a nice dinner.”
“It was never going to be fun for us either way.”

Amber dropped her napkin on her plate a bit too aggressively and stood up to walk back towards the kitchen. With a shock, Krystal realized that with ‘us’ she meant Krystal and her. Luna looked baffled and watched Amber walk away. The other woman sighed again and let herself fall back down on her chair.
After a few moments she looked up to Krystal.
“Aren’t you going after her?” she asked. Krystal blinked a couple of times, then bit her lip.
“I’m not supposed to.”
“Yeah you were also not supposed to sleep with her but you did anyway. Just follow your heart for once, that monkey is having a hard time right now.”

That sentence felt like a hit in the face. Krystal stared at Luna with wide eyes.
“You’re her-“
“-Friend, nothing more. I’m her friend, but you’re the person she likes,”
Luna interrupted her. Krystal chuckled softly and looked down.
“You can’t be in love after meeting once,” she said, even though she damn well knew that her own feelings were the proof of the contrary. Luna sighed and shook her head.
“Maybe she has never fallen out of love, did you ever think about that? Otherwise we would’ve been more than friends with benefits, you know, I have my charms. But we are not. Because did you know what she told me when I asked her on a date? She said she couldn’t, because there was still a part of her attached to somebody else. And I have a very strong feeling that that person is you, Krystal. So now, god damn it, go after her and get her back at this table. I will not have my dinner ruined by you two love birds.”
Krystal opened her mouth to object, but there was nothing to say. She closed it again, then as quietly as possible stood up from the table and walked over to the kitchen.

Amber stood with her back to the kitchen dresser, her arms folded in front of her chest and her eyes closed. When Krystal came in, she didn’t look up, nor showed any sign to show that she had heard her heals click on the stone floor. Only when Krystal placed her hands on the dresser on each sides of Amber and came closer, the other woman opened her eyes. There still was a sense of hardness in them. Krystal saw so much of that old rebel in her.
“Your fiancé is a prick, did you know that?” Amber said. Krystal laughed softly and nodded.
“Yeah I know. But I think he’s especially being a prick towards you,” she said. Amber lifted one of her eyebrows.
“You know, he’s kind of.. intimidated,” she said, whispering the last word. This made Amber chuckle softly.
“Of course, have you seen my biceps? I’d be intimidated by me too,” she replied. Krystal laughed. Her laugh slowly faded and she looked back up to Amber again. Amber smiled back to her. Slowly, she moved her arms. Krystal laid them across Amber’s hips, curling them softly around her waist. Amber looked a bit surprised, but she wasn’t the kind of woman who was taken by surprise quickly or let it control her. She also wrapped her arms around Krystal’s shoulders, pulling her into a hug. With a sigh, she nuzzled her face in the crook of Amber’s neck.
“I want to go…” she muttered sadly. Amber’s hand moved and she now stroke Krystal’s hair softly.
“I know.. I know.. Half an hour, tops. I’ll make an excuse that I have to go after that, so you can go home.”
“But I don’t want to go home…”

Amber stayed silent. Softly she let out a sigh. They stayed like that for a couple of moments, with Krystal’s arms around Amber’s waist and Amber softly stroking her hair to reassure her. Amber’s smell hadn’t changed at all these past few years, Krystal noticed, she still smelled like summer was just around the corner.

Minutes passed and Krystal eventually looked up to her. Amber looked back. She could feel herself drown in those deep dark brown orbs. And without thinking, she brought her face closer to Amber’s. The other woman bowed down to meet her. Their lips were just about to touch when they heard Luna’s voice coming from the living room:
“AMBER! KRYSTAL! Kai is back!”
They jumped apart, as if Kai was about to walk in on them. A bit startled, they exchanged a glance. Then, Krystal started to chuckle.
”Oh, she has such a loud voice..” she giggled. Amber laughed too.
”Tell me something. You gotta see how she records her songs, we have to tone her down every time.”
Krystal snickered. Amber took her hand in hers and pinched it for a moment. Krystal pinched back. After that, they left for the living room.
”Had a nice pis?” Amber asked, as soon as she sat down. Kai stared at her in disbelief.
”Well, you said that we’re rather quiet, didn’t you? So, I decided to be a good host and ask you about your life. Pee or poop?”
Luna slapped Amber hard across the shoulder. The other woman didn’t even whine.
“Stop it! That’s gross. I don’t wanna know. I don’t think anyone here at this table wants to know,” she snapped. Amber just laughed. Krystal had to place her hand in front of her mouth to not burst out in giggles too. Kai shot her a foul look.
“Anyway-“ Luna started again,”-let’s end this dinner with my amazing dessert. I’m sure you’ll love it!”
Luna started to hand out the small cups with custard. The upper layer was perfectly caramelized. It sure looked like Luna had a lot of experience. They all digged into the crème brûlée and it was honestly delicious. Even Krystal couldn’t help to make a few sounds of pleasure. She had to admit that this dessert was definitely worthy 5 stars at least. Luna looked with a big grin at the other three people at the table, who were literally devouring the dessert as soon as they could.

After everyone was done, Krystal and Kai helped to clear the table. They all sat down again around the coffee table this time. The brunette couldn’t help to let her eyes dart to the place of the couch she had given Amber her first orgasm, that night. They had not been able to make it to the bedroom before Krystal’s desire took over and she had promptly pulled the other woman to the couch.
Her cheeks reddened at the memory.
“Shall I bring you some coffee? A cappuccino, espresso? Or some tea-“ Luna started, but she was rudely interrupted by Amber’s obvious coughing.
“Luna, I think you forgot I still have to go somewhere. I have an appointment tonight,” she said. Krystal shot her a thankful look, but Luna tilted her head in confusion.
“Oh, I didn’t know. Well, you can just go and I can take care of Krystal and Kai, can’t I?”
“Eh, isn’t it kind of weird if you three stay in
my apartment without me?” Amber laughed.
“I have a key and I can take Jack Jack out before I go so-“
Amber shot her a look and Luna’s eyes suddenly grew big.
“Hmm, now that you say so, it indeed is a bit weird,” she laughed awkwardly. With an apologetic look, she turned her gaze to Krystal and Kai.
“That doesn’t matter, we were just about to go,” Kai said. Thank god, thought Krystal.
“I’m sorry it couldn’t last longer. But we just have to make another date soon!” Luna chirped. Kai nodded in agreement. Krystal looked to the ground. “I’ll just get your coats, wait for a moment.”
Luna darted off, which left them alone with Amber.
“Thank you for your hospitality,” Kai said, in an attempt to break the silence. Amber showed a weak smile. She’s not very good in pretending to be nice, Krystal thought amusedly. Of course, when she was young she never had to be nice when she didn’t want to. But nowadays, that came with her job and responsibility. It doesn’t suit her much.
”No problem.”
Luna came back with their coats and handed them to them. They said their goodbyes, hugged everyone and Krystal and Kai left the apartment.
As soon as they sat in the car again, Kai let all of his frustrations go.
“What an incredible, rude, scruffy-looking asshole is that friend of yours,” he hissed. Krystal decided not to look at him and keep her eyes on the road, even though it wasn’t she who was driving.
“She’s nice to me…” she said softly. Kai huffed.
Of course she is nice to you, she’s your friends. But really, Krys, I don’t know what you see in her but she’s terrible. Stubborn and impolite and insulting and she has no respect for anyone else! I don’t know how a woman like Luna can end up with her.”
Krystal bit down on her lip.
“Don’t you think you might be the problem? If everyone at that table likes her instead of you, perhaps it’s not her fault.”
Krystal barely didn’t dare to say it. Kai stayed silent for a moment.
“No. Defenitely not,” he eventually grumbled. “I know refinement when I see it and believe me, Krystal, she is not it. You might do better to stay away from her.”
She sighed and let her head rest against the car window.
“Yeah, I might.”

The rest of the car ride they stayed silent. As soon as they got home, Kai opened the last few buttons of his blouse, exposing his toned belly muscles. Krystal couldn’t help to take a look at them, but she found herself not as much attracted to them anymore as she once had been. Amber’s abs looked better…
She kicked off her shoes as was about to walk to the bathroom when she suddenly felt two strong arms curl around her waist. Her breathing stopped for a moment. She immediately placed her hands upon Kai’s hoping to wriggle out of this position, but he kept her firmly locked in his arms.
“Didn’t you say that dress would be beneficial for me tonight?” he whispered in her ear. The colour drained from Krystal’s face and her mouth grew dry. A feeling of panic rushed through her body.
“I-I, ye-yes I might have said that,” she stuttered. Kai chuckled lowly and spun her around. Within a second her back was pressed against the wall. Kai’s lips were immediately in her neck. Krystal placed her hands flat on his chest to push him away, but he was so much stronger than she was.
“Kai, st-stop!” she eventually managed to get out in a broken voice. Kai looked up in confusion, both of his eyebrows pulled up. Then he started to smile.
“Come on, Krystal, just for once.”
She stared at him with wide eyes.
“No,” she said firmly. Kai’s smile faded off his lips immediately.
“You do know that it has been more than two weeks since we’ve been intimate?” he sissed. Krystal swallowed audibly.
"I-I can't... Not today," she said quickly, before ducking under his arms and distancing herself from him. She immediately wrapped her arms around her body. She was shaking a little bit. Kai folded his arms in front of his chest, he looked livid.
"If you're trying to make me more attracted with you by turning me down then-"
"I'm not. I just.. can't."

Kai opened his mouth to say something but closed it again. They stared at each other for a few moments.
"You know, Krystal, there's always an excuse. 'You're too tired'. 'You just showered'. 'You are not in the mood'. 'You're on your period'. 'You didn't take your birth control pill'. I'm starting to get the feeling that you just don't want to be intimate with me," he said slowly.
"No, no, it's not that-" Krytal immediately started, but her voice got caught in her throat as soon as she wanted to give an explanation. Because Kai was right. She didn't want to.
"Then come on."
And Krystal could see the fury in his eyes, the passion, the desire, the hurt of not feeling wanted. And she couldn't get herself to say no.

Later that night she sat in the bathroom, long after Kai had fallen asleep. With her knees pulled up, a sharp aching between her thighs and tears running down over her face, she couldn't help but to wish that she was with Amber right now. She would've never made her feel this way.

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