Foto bij Chapter 1.6

~ Photoshoot, Amy’s pov ~
The next morning we arrived at the shooting location and the men were taken away immediately to chances their clothes. I wanted to follow them, automatically trying to stay close to do my job. Then I realised I didn't had to see them changing. I looked around, saw Leya walking straight to the clothes they were promoting, so I followed her instead.
This girl was heads over heals about the clothes you could see in this room. She was right in her element here. She was a fashion designer as her undercover job and sometimes she would suddenly yell at us that we weren’t wearing the right matching color or whatever. I didn’t care about fashion. As long as I could wear comfortable clothing, were I could fight easily in, I was happy.
Leya talked to a woman who was in charge of picking clothes for the guys. She looked at how Leya grabbed the fabric and started to explain things to her. Sometimes the woman looked around as if she was looking for help. Don’t worry I’ll save you Ma'am.
I walked to Leya, picked her up, threw her over my shoulder, said sorry in korean and walked away. Luckily she was as light as a feather.
“Oh wait, it seems she knows a thing or two about fashion, can she help us?” I turned around to the woman. I totally misunderstood her gesture of looking around for help. Leya moved her body so she could see the woman again.
“Yes I definitely can. Amy put me down. Put me down. Down.” As if I hadn’t heard her the first time, she tried to wiggle her way out. I put her down but I didn’t let her go, because I knew when the moment I did, she was gone and it wouldn’t be easy to get her back on the job again.
“Amy, look Genna needs your help.” I knew it was a trap.
“Genna doesn’t need me.” I said stern without looking at the way she was pointing.
“Oh please, come on. This looks so fun to do.” I let my arm a bit loose and regretted it immediately. She held Shiba in front of her. Trying to convince me with the puppy eyes. Where did she even came from? I didn’t bring her along, because this wasn’t a place for dogs. I took over Shiba and waved at Leya as a sign it was ok. It couldn't really go wrong right? Just an innocent girl trying to help out. She was away before I could change my mind.
I sighed and turned on my heels. I saw Genna standing right behind the photographer, trying to look over his shoulder to see what kind of pictures he had made. She stood close enough that he could feel her breath in his neck. l don’t think he appreciated it.
Deliah stood by the door, wondering why the guys took so long. She wanted to open the door to see if they were ok, but pulled her hand back, because she knew they were changing. She did the same move again and again, not knowing what to do.
Kate sat on a table, cross-legged. She was always calm and quiet, staring in front of her. Probably daydreaming, but sometimes you didn't even knew she was there.
Cloë was on patrol to check if the environment was save. I send her, because She had the best eyes of us all and noticed the most little details way more faster than me.
Ashley was only staring at her cellphone. Her bright red, curly hair fell in her eyesight and brushed it away fiercely, but it didn’t really helped, because it fell back immediately again.
They were just minding their own business. There wasn’t really a thing to do, than waiting for the men to come back, anyway. I sighed again. This was going to be a long day.

~ Photoshoot, Leya’s pov ~
“You're promoting these jeans right? Do you also promote it for woman or only for men?” I held the jeans in front of my legs, to see how they looked on me. They weren't that bad looking at all. With a few more details they would be even better.
“We couldn't find any female models so we’re only promoting the jeans for men at the moment.” I looked up at the stylist and saw her staring at me with an open mouth. I suddenly realised what she wanted and nodded heavily without asking Amy for permission. She rushed to the photographer to share the news. I scratched the back of my ear. I hope Amy won't be to mad about it. The stylist came back.
“He agreed to make individual photo’s of men and woman paired. I’ll show you the dressing room.” I followed her with the pants still in my hands. We're already paired so that wouldn't be a problem. I couldn't hide my smile when I realised I had to pose with Bambam. I’m glad Amy pared me with him. He was so adorable and cute. I had the tendency to pinch his cheeks, every time I saw him.
The guys looked at me when I entered the room, with questionable faces, while the stylists were doing their jobs without stopping. I looked around the room. Their upper bodies all bare. It took me off guard a bit. I haven't seen much naked boys, because Amy forbidden it. Now I understand why. We had to stay focused for our job and all those muscles made my legs wobble.
They thought I had an announcement to make, but I was at a loss for words with all the manliness in this room. I swallowed when I saw Bambam’s torso. He wasn’t really buffed, but you could definitely see the hard lines of his sturdy arms and sixpack. A second ago I was just happy I could pose with him, but if I knew I had to dress like this I wouldn't have accepted it so easily.
Before I could say something, the woman from before pushed me inside the dressing room and ordered me to only put the pants on with nothing else. Was she really expecting us to pose all toplles to? Oh dear, Amy wasn't going to be happy about this one bit. I kind of screwed up here, but I quickly changed into the pants. Did I have to wait here for the woman to pick me up, or did I have to go out myself? I probably shouldn't wait here too long. I bet these people get disturbed pretty easily if they had to wait long. I covered my breasts with my arms and hands, making sure I didn’t lose a single piece of skin exposed and walked out of the dressing room.
“What are you doing?” Bambam rushed out of his chair to me. He grabbed the closest towel to hold it in front of me. Of course he looked away when I gratefully accepted his gesture and wrapped the towel around my body.
“We kind of have to pose with you for this shoot.” Of my voice was only a whisper left. I felled so embarrassed. We just met for a day and he already saw me half naked. I smiled awkwardly to the rest of the guys who were curiously looking why I was dressed the same as them. Jb came our way.
“What's the meaning of this?” He pointed at me and the pants he was wearing to, only made for men. He tried his best not to sound rude.
“Uhm.. I said I could help, because I’m a fashion designer. One stylist asked if we could be their models and pose in pairs with you guys. I didn’t know it was only the pants and nothing else. God, Amy’s going to kill me.” At this moment I was so happy Amy gave me the translation talent. It would’ve been way more awkward if I had to explain it to them with only body language. It didn’t really helped that all of them were showing off their muscles. Especially Jackson, who was pumping his biceps in front of everyone, showing he’s trained his ass of.
“So that means I have to pose with an angry woman, who’s probably going to kill me after this, because she didn't knew she had to pose half naked?” I hoped he meant it as a joke and scratched the back of my ear again.
“None of the them knows it yet.” I looked at Bambam for help. I was getting nervous.
“What should we do?” Bambam looked worried at Jb. It made me worry as well. I didn’t knew this was going to happen. What should I do? Ask the stylist if I can go back on my offer? But I want to help them too. They really were in need of female models it seemed, so I can't really fall back now.
“We can’t do anything about it now.” He said to Bambam. “But don't worry I deal with Amy.” Jb gave me a reassuring glance. I doubted he was going to be ok actually. I kind of felled sorry for him to be paired up with Amy, but Amy’s will is law, so I couldn't really save him.

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