The Ancient human, also known as the Ancient, is an old human race that already lives a long time on earth.
The Ancient stood for the nature and made sure that she got everything that she demanded. To makes this possible the Ancient had to use the magic they received as a gift. The Ancient had to use the nature and the nature helped the Ancient.
The magic is a powerful source they had to deal with and without proper training and guiding the carrier of the magic would die. Mother nature could not take the loss of her severs, so she gave the Ancient a way to live and to manage their magic. She created animals for the Ancient who also used magic but a different kind of magic that relieved the power in the Ancient their body.
With this solution, the ancient lived for centuries in peace and build a great nation until a leader made a great mistake by turning his back on Mother nature. He and his army destroyed everything the Ancient worked so hard for and began slowly killing the earth.
At that time the normal human was born with the same goal as the traitor, rule and kill anyone who doesn’t believed in their ways.

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