Alright, fair is fair, I'll explain why I started this blog.

My name is Arina Vink, I am a student at the University of applied Science of The Hague.
I follow the education Communication and Multimedia Design in Dutch language. For an ongoing course during my first year, I have to work on my own personal goals. That is why I wanted to start a blog for writing, but also to enhance my English grammar.

I love to write and I also like the English language better than the Dutch. It might be a bit strange, but when I talk to others they seem to like English better. Just like me, yay!
This is the first time I started an "official blog" so I don't really know what I should do or write. If anyone has any ideas, please feel welcome to write them down and I might do it. For the time being I have a small list of what I am going to "blog" about. I hope you all enjoy and I do my very best to do the best.
I hope to write good blogs in the future and find the best way for me.

Have a good day!

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