• (y/n) = your name

(Y/n) pov.

I finally sat down on bed after a long day of work " Why do I have to work so much this week. ." I mumbled to myself, I had many early days which would end late at night.

I looked at my schedule and saw tomorrow I would meet a old school friend again.

I got up to get ready to move in bed and finally sleep 'How would he look like now..would he remember me..' was all I could think of the whole night.

-Next day-

I woke up early again 'Again full day of work' went through my head , I got up to make myself ready " Today I will see you finally.." I whispered to myself into the mirror , it had been over 10 years I last saw him , we used to fool around in school and at each others homes , I laughs to the though about it.

I finally putted on my shoes and jacket and started my way to the cd-shop.

"Goodmorning " was all I could say, still sleepy from the lake of sleep.
I made my way to the kitchen when I saw a big group of people sitting there "W-what... am I late ??" I started to panick ' Did I really come late on this day ???' I though to myself " No no (y/n) you are on time" my boss told me with a smile " The band only came bit too early" he patted my shoulder and leaded me to the group " This is (y/n) (l/n) and she is one of our best sellers here in the store." My boss told them proudly , I bowed a bit and showed a cheerful smile .

My face scanned everybody who was there and there he was...his now dyed blonde hair was all putted nice, his face mask showed a bit of his lower lip and his hoody slowly falled back when he looked at me "(y/n) ??" He whispered suprised "C-chisa.." I whispered loking at him suprised 'Why was I suprised ?? I had seen him on posters and such though in real life he looked very studding ' I smiled hoping my cheeks wouldn't get pink.

" How have you been ? " he said happily to see me " A-ah uhm.. I have been doing great" you smiled shyly" How about you Chisa? " I spoke softly.

He stepped closer looking all up and down at me " I have been doing great.." he said , when he stood so close to me I could smell his nice parfum, it was still the same he always had used.

"You look really cute (y/n) " he said, I looked up at him and quickly down as I fellt my cheeks heat up " T-thank you Chisa" you whispered which he replied with a gentle smile.

( So this was my first part of the extra two shot I guess, I hope you guys like it. Bye bye~ かな)

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