Y/n pov.

A week later

It had been a week since I saw Chisa after such long time, we had talked allot and as we had to start work we had to continue our conversation later.... or better said today...

"AAAAH!!!" I yell angry " why the heck did I wake up so late " I mumbled to myself , I run out of my room to the bathroom , take a quick shower and dress up into the outfit I choiced the day before ' seems I knew I would overslept today ' I though.
Quicly I do my hair and make up before I look at my phone ' still 10 minutes...' I take my bag , put on my shoes and head outside to the train.

Some minutes later

Finally...I arrived 5 minutes too late sadly.

I look around to see if chisa arrived already ' where is h-' my though got cut off by someone tapping my shoulder, I turn around suprised I see Chisa "H-hey..Chisa" I whisper in embarrassment ' I hope he didnt see how I was looking for him like a idiot' I think to myself Chisa let out a soft laugh" still as chaotic as in high school." He said pulling me in a hug " let's go (Y/n) I bet you didn't eat anything yet." He pulls me with him ' h-how he knows I didn't eat anything....' I think to myself.

After some minutes of walkkng

We finally sat down at a restaurant with a cup of warm chocolate milk and a small piece of strawberry cake " So.. how are you now ( Y/n) recovered from the stress ?" He said with a chuckle , I nod bit embarrassed by the fact I didn't change since school where I always came right on time or too late but always stressed allot.. I remember the day when I overslept quickly changed into my school uniform and on school chisa saw I still was wearing my pajama t-shirt...that was really horrible...

"(Y/n) ?" Chisa ask, I look at him as of I was day dreaming " you should sleep at night not when we meet" he says with a chuckle " ah sorry I..was thinking about that I didn't change since school with being such stressed person. " I  say with a chuckle " that means you are still the ( y/n) I like" he says smilling softly at me, I blush 'did he really say that..?' I though , I keep looking at him staring into his eyes while he stares back still smilling " you know (Y/n) I have always liked you...not as just friends but.. you know...more.." He says while his cheeks turn a light shade of pink " You did ? And you never told me ?" I ask him suprised feeling my cheek still warm , he nods " I though you didn't like me the same way back.." he confesses , I look at him not knowing what to say before he slowly moves closer, before I even realize he kissed me, somehow my body I almost pulled away of shock but instead I lean in and kiss him back, we part away when we needed air I look bit down hiding my blush, He places his hand on my chin and made me look at him "( Y/n).... I love you" He said with a smile " I love you too.. Chisa "

( A/N; and part 2 is finished, hope you guys like it and let me know if you want more of chisaxreader

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