( normale pov) 

Waking up after a short night Sayula looked around him '  It was just a dream'  he though..

He had a dream about a girl with long (H/C) hair and ( E/C) eyes " shit" he cursed again he saw her but what did she mean to him who was she and where was she, was she just a dream or was she real, maybe he saw her someday at the train or a shop.

Sayula gets up , looking at the time he realised he had to get ready for another live tonight.

Slowly he started to do his stuff, shower, dressing up, getting his bag ready, one last look at his laptop if he got some mail and he leaves his apartment.

((y/n) pov)

In shock I sit up as my alarm goes off , Today is the day I will finally see scapegoat live " AAAAHHHH!!!!" I scream suddenly my  mom started to yell " (y/n) are you alright ?!"  I hear her close to my door "  yes mom nothing wrong!" I yell back all hyper to see my favorite band finally live.

I get to the bathroom and take a quick shower , after I directly put on some make up and do my hair in a ponytail before I leave the badroom to search a great outfit .

( time skip)

When I finally met up with some people by the venue I got in the line, It was still early but with all those people around it was not boring to wait.

We used to talk about the band members and they music, also we traided some cheki's and made photo's which each other, all of random fangirl stuff.

After some hours we were allowed to enter the venue and we got to our places.

(Sayula Pov) 

I sigh as I look at myself into the mirror ' another tiring day behind my mask...will they see my dark circles ?'  he askes himself, he gets his phone and looks at the messages he recieved the past hours before he let out a deep sigh again "  you had again that weird dream Sayu?" Layha asked who came to sit next to me , I look at him and nod"  again yes, I woke up before I could hear her.." I mumble while layha just laugh " damn dude .. that is shit... but how about her boobs ??  big or small??" he asked again, I frown and punish him " Layha stop that !! " I yell before we got the call to come to the stage because our lives about to start.

Slowly the intro started and i walked up at my time I look through the crowd in front of me and see something familair.. or better said SOMEONE , My eyes widen and I take in my place.

( some short times skip because... Idk anymoreeeee )

((Y/N) Pov)

I enjoyed the concert so far but what scared me face that Sayula, they guitarist, kept staring creepy at me..

I looked at him and again he stared at me, I blush and turn my head to the vocalist in hope he would break it off but no.

( short time skip to after the concert) 

I get out of the hall and run to the goods stand to buy goods sadly many people wanted that and I got at the end of the crowd to buy something.

while I wait I got tapped on my shoulder , I turn around and see a crew lid, I almost though I did something what was not allowed but he told me to come with him so I followed him to a room.

He told me to wait there so I took a seat and waited..

( Sayula Pov) 

After the concert I ran off from stange and explained to a crew lid for who he had to look.

 while he went out to search the girl I went to my room to change clothews and fresh up because you never knew.

soon the guy came back and told me to which meeting room I had to go.

As I reached to the room I opened the door and saw her ... the girl from my dreams...I began to stare again and a light blush came to my cheeks " h-hey..." I whispered.

((y/n) pov) 

Whe the door opened I couldn't believe my eyes, Sayula was standing there.. what did he do here ?? 

" h-hey" he said and I saw some pink blush on his cheeks 

I smiled " hello" and bowed .

" I have to tell you something... got sometime ???"  he asked and I nodded as reply before he sat down next to me and started to tell all about his dreams..

That is where a beautiful love story began..

(finallyyy a new story!! I hope everybody likes it  there can be some little typos in it sorryyyy  

bye bye かな) 

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