Cion pov.

We were making a new music clip today but already half of it I had been bothered... the new makeup staff member got here and it's the little sister of our guitarist Kuu that makes it hard to flirt with her.
I look up as someone calls my name it's time to get ready for the makeup and hair , I get up and take my phone and cigarettes with me before I leave to the place.

"Hello everybody" I say laughing when I enter the room everybody looked weird at me and I see (y/n) laughing softly , by seeing that i smile and take my seat " I think you guys should check your instruments now then we can have a sound check soon." I say as look at the others luckily they agree at my idea but Kuu already looked at me suspecting something already.
As they all left I took my seat  in front of the mirror and (y/n) started to get the makeup stuff ready " the same again ? " she asked, her voice sounded so soft it made me dream away " Cion ?"she asked again and I look up at her and gave a quick nod "yes please"
And there she started doing my makeup, her parfum, her voice and her chuckles , it made me feel warm I just can't hold back anymore...
" (y/n), go on a date with me..." I asked out of nowhere she looked up shocked but soon she smiled and nodded "I would love too" she said shyly while her cheeks turned red , I smiled at her ' yes I finally did it'

[It had been a while !! But finally I got a new story, it's short but there will be a part 2 , this also took me some time as work takes away so much time lately.
I hope you guys like it again, Enjoy~!

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