Reader pov.

The lights turn off and the music stops, I look at the stage disappearing behind the curtains, I walk to the back looking how everyone leaves the building slowly, I remember a year ago I finally saw his face again at my work, back then he was still in DIV  sadly they came with the news to disband, but seeing him like this on stage makes me happy, I smile softly looking a bit down, the door closes and the staff starts to clean up the instruments, I slowly make my way backstage holding a small box , searching for his dressing room.

After a while I finally find it , why is it so big here I ask myself, I softly knock on the door and when I hear Chisa's voice I open the door " surprise ~!" I pop up my head inside the room and directly Chisa smile , I walk inside holding the box in front of him" Happy valentine" I smile and hear Chisa chuckle softly "Thank you " he says but his eyes filled with worry " what is ? Did something happen ?" I ask placing my hand on his shoulder " you should watch out with coming here now...i don't want something bad to happen to you or ...."he places his hand on my already growing belly " he is fine Chisa... you know I know where to stand so we stay alright don't worry" i smile at him and hold my hand on his looking at how our rings match, I lean against him smiling softly" you guys did a great job today " i look over at shogo who sat on the couch on the other side of the room "we should go home " Shogo says taking over my bag while I continue walking close to Chisa.

What a year could change, meeting my best friend from high school again, moving in by him and his band mate, getting engaged and now...also waiting for  a little boy to meet the world.

I couldn't wish anything else .

「 it had been a while I'm sorryyyyy~! But here is a little valentine special bye bye かな ♡」

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