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Chapter 1.7

~ Photoshoot, Genna’s pov ~
That little brat had really done it now, god dammit. Putting us in this situation and out of all the people I had to pose right next to was of course Jackson. I saw him trying to flirt with me the first time we met. God, I hated those guys, but I kinda liked it when he did it. Fuck. I had a good control of my feelings, unlike Deliah, but when I looked this man in the eyes, I was lost. I’ve never been that lost before in my life since I met Amy at that junkyard in LA.
The only reason I agreed with this shot was because I knew how great of a picture this was gonna be. My hobby was taking beautiful pictures of people, nature or animals and I could take great shots, if I say so myself, but I was going crazy by the thought of Jackson’s hands on my boobs. My body really felled stiff, feeling Jackson’s eyes burn in my skin. Freaking stop it already.
I glanced quickly at Amy. She stood next to Jb, her face looking like a thunder storm. She was the only one who was still wearing her bra. She refused to take it off, because I knew she wasn't confident about her body. Although she really had nice curves, I understood. I wouldn't take it off either with what happened to her, but what surprised me the most was that she accepted to model next to Jb. She knew he had to possibly touch her and she wasn't going to like it one way or another.
I felled Jackson’s warmth behind me. Setting my senses on sharp. The photographer told him to wrap his left arm around me and hold my right breast, so my other breast would be covered by only his arm, for a nice shot. Nice shot my ass. This was literally a porn shoot.
“Touch me and I’ll kill you.” Please do as the photographer says.
“Are you freaking serious, he told me to do this.” I was amazed by how quickly he had the telepathy thing under control. He really did an effort, but did he do it for me or just because he wanted no one to hear him.
“I know what he said.” And I wanted Jackson to do it, but I just couldn't tell him to do it. I liked to play hard to get, but this guy didn't understood how my brain worked. I had a little luck Jackson was as stubborn as me, so without listening to me and putting his life on the line, he put his arms above my arms, making sure he had the right place as I had, so the photographer couldn't run his pervy thoughts wild. Disgusting man. That was the only negative point about this talent. I could see and hear exactly what he was thinking about and it wasn't about flowers and bees.
With thoroughly checking if he had covered my boobs, I let go of them and put my hands in the pockets of the most ugly jeans I’d ever worn. Without seeing his face, because my back was against his athletic body, I just knew Jackson was smiling like crazy. His touch was soft and I liked it. This prick was going to be my death some day. I just know it.
I looked outside to maintain my grumpy face. The photographer took his shots and I thought I was done, but Jackson kept holding me in place.
“He said to turn your head.” Jackson held my chin to turn my head to his. His eyes locked mine and for a second just by looking at him took my breath away. The flashlight of the camera flashed in the corners of my eyes. If Jackson's face came any closer, our noses would touch. Another flash. He turned his head. Was he trying to kiss me? Flash. I was so done here. I slapped Jackson’s arms of my boobs and covered them quickly. I walked as fast as I could to the changing room to put my t-shirt, jacket and own pants on. I felt safe and confident again. Nothing to worry about anymore.

The photoshoot has finally ended and while Jackson was changing his clothes to his own again, I asked the photographer if I could have some copies of our shoot. He looked weird at me when I wrote it down on a paper for him instead of just say it to him. Why do they always make a problem of it? Let me just write. I don’t wanna talk to you okay. He said he could only give me small pictures and I wrote down which numbers I wanted.
“You coming? We need to go to the fanmeeting.” When Jackson creeped up behind me I didn’t know how fast I could hide the pictures behind my back. He didn’t had to know I wanted our pics and I’ll make sure he’ll never find out either.

~ Fanmeeting, Amy Pov ~
The guys went away for hair, makeup and different clothes again as I walked through a horde of people, who were shouting and doing their jobs.
“Shit, what are we going to do?” I watched how two young woman shared a worried conversation with each other.
“Is everything okay?” It's probably not a good idea to intervene, but maybe I could help. They explained what happened and I followed them. I’m sure I’m gonna regret this.
“Here put this on.” She closed the curtain after she pushed me into the little dressing room. A grey dress with long sleeves hang on a clothes hanger. Underneath stood some knee length high heels. The heels were at least twelve centimeters long and I could easily kill someone with it. I hoped I could walk on them without breaking my ankles.
On the hanger it didn't looked bad at all, but when I put them on I was shocked by how short the dress was. If I bent over you probably could see my underwear. Note to self: don't bent over. God In two days I’ve done things I would never have done in my entire life. Why am I doing this for them?
When I was done changing a random man installed the microphone, shoved some text cards in my hands and pushed me onto the stage. I stumbled forward until I stopped in the middle to look at the crowd. Awkward. I’ve never seen so many fans in one place before. I guess Got7 really is famous.
“Uhm.. hello everyone.” The talking noises of the crowd went silent when my voice echoed through the big hall. God this is kinda scary. What am I supposed to do? In the corner of my eyes I saw Jb waving at me.
“Tell them to wait just a little longer and come here.” Wauw did he just gave me an order. He has guts, I’ll give him that. I told the crowd what Jb said. They screamed in excitement and I walked away to the side of the stage where the rest was standing on standby.
“What's happening?” He asked while he inspected me from heads to toes. I felled uncomfortable, but did the same with him. They’re all wearing different clothing, but it had a theme of the same colors. I bet leya had some influence on the stylists here too.
“The mc run off and apparently I’m the new one.” My eyes wandered over the text cards to see what I had to say. There were quite a few cards, but this can't be that hard without preparations right?
“We’ll make one of us an mc instead.” Jb already wanted to point someone as the mc, but I stopped him by putting my hand on his arm. He looked at my hand and I followed his gaze. It was an automatic action, but I suddenly felled my heart racing for doing it. As fast as I could I ran my hand through my hair as if nothing happened and cleared my throat.
“No, no it’s fine. This way I can keep a closer eye on you guys.” Trying to avoid his eyes I looked at my girls and they nodded, knowing what they had to do behind the scenes.
“Are you sure?” I nodded and walked away before I could change my mind. Which I really wanted to do right now. No way back now.
The crowd screamed again when I showed up and I put on the fakest smile I could ever smile.

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