A man in his twenties came to my table and asked it while I was checking the menu. He looked handsome and too handsome to be single. But hey, why would I say no to him? "Sure." He took the chair opposite of me and smiled. "I have never seen you here in Oakland, is that possible?" It was possible, "It's possible, I live in Alamo and I'm more often in Oakland. I just barely come to restaurants like this here. Oh right, my name is Alice." He shook my hand, "My name is Matt. What are you doing here in Oakland?" It was nice to be able to talk to someone, but I hoped that he didn't back away when he heard about my blog, because something in me said that the subject would come up. "I'm here to photograph for my blog and I want to discover if some places are haunted like they say." Saying that I was here for my work was pointless since tomorrow was a Sunday. "What kind of blog do you have and is there a link with the haunted places that you were talking about?" I expected the question, I looked around me to see if there were a lot of people here. Okay, Matt and I were the only people here and of course people who worked here. "I'm an urban explorer, I'm specialized in abandoned amusement parks and the haunted place that I was talking about is Magic Valley." To my surprised he stayed calm and looked intrigued when he heard about Magic Valley. "Cool, I went to Magic Valley when I was a kid. I remember the place as always packed and gorgeous until the accidents happened." I had never met a person who went to the park as a kid, maybe he could tell me more about the atmosphere, the people and the accidents. Our conversation was interrupted because a waiter came to us and asked what we wanted to eat and drink. We said what we wanted, the waiter wrote it down and left us alone again.

"I can imagine how it was before it they closed it, the park must have looked nice when it was in perfect condition. Now it still has something, but the atmosphere is probably completely different." "It was amazing, it made you dream as a kid. When you were in the park you imagined that you could become anything, you had no worries. I have no idea how it is now, my parents didn't want to go anymore after the second accident. They totally didn't had trust in the park anymore." Talking to Matt was great, I was wondering if I could use his information on my blog, since you barely found information of the park online. "I went to the park for the first time last year, things were broken and it made me sad, but it gives great photos." Matt looked at me with his big, blue eyes, he was intrigued. I didn't saw that a lot. "Seeing such a beautiful park being taken by nature is very nice, it gives great shots. It makes me wonder how it was before it closed." "Trust me, it was amazing with all the bold colors. I would love to go with you to the park, do you think that is possible?" I had never gotten that question, it was really amazing. "I hope that you are not afraid of taking risks." I said smiling, going to abandoned amusement parks wasn't without a risk, it was illegal and you could get caught. "I'm too excited to be afraid", I really loved how enthusiastic Matt was and I hoped that it stayed like that. "Nice, you're not afraid of heights?" He shook his head, I climbed more often on roller coasters and I could miss someone with a fear of height. They brought our food and we ate, this food was too good to let it become cold.

"When are you planning to go to the park? I guess that you don't go when everyone can see you." He had a point and used his brains. If you went inside the park when everyone could see you, the chance of getting busted was big. That was the reason why I always went early in the morning and left back at nightfall. "Tomorrow morning", I said simply, “to be exact, I want to get in at 5 am. I'll text you the place where to meet if you give me your cellphone number." He immediately took my cellphone and put his number in it, "Text me the details later this evening, I'll be there." Well, that wasn't beating around the bush. "Thanks." The waiter took our empty plates and asked if we wanted the bill. I said "yes", the waiter quickly came with it and I stood up to go and pay it. Matt clearly had other plans since he stopped me and stood up, "I'll pay, it's a little thank you already for tomorrow, I can't wait to have the wonderful experience with you." I sighted and let him go, I could easily pay it myself.

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