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On this otherwise quiet night the noises of something rummaging through Jacqueline’s could again be heard. The sound of furniture being dragged across the room, the sound of items falling of tables and cupboards, the sound of something breaking. All these sounds were echoing through the corridors of the cottage and made its way to the bedroom. There in the bedroom Jacqueline was standing before the door. She was just standing there, staring right at the door in front of her with sunken eyes and the dark circles around them. I…I... don’t want to go out there. Was the thought that was racing through her head. I...I… Her breathing was heavy, which caused the flame of the candle in her right hand to flicker erratically. I just want this all to go away and go back to bed. But she knew that by staying here behind a closed door she would never find out what’s causing all this ruckus. With just staying here and trying to keep ignoring it her problems wouldn’t go away. After all, if it would then this should all have stopped after the first few nights.

Jacqueline held her breath, tried to scrape together what was left of her courage, and opened the door to the hallway. The sound of slow muffled footsteps walking on a dark hardwood floor, the sound of the rustling fabric of her nightgown when she moved, the sound of her own fast beating heart. They all seemed incredibly loud to her, overwhelming the sounds of the ruckus that was occurring downstairs. I must be going insane, I shouldn't be out here. That thing that has been troubling every villager is probably dangerous no? So, I should just stay upstairs… But, maybe if we know what is causing all this then we could finally make it stop. Let’s just hope it’s only a small animal and nothing more…

She ripped herself apart from her own thoughts and found herself in front of the door to the living room. Whilst she was sunk in thought her feet had unconsciously kept walking toward the source of the noise. Or at least what the source of the noise used to be. The only thing she could hear besides the deafening silence was the sound of her own heart beating even louder than before. It stopped… This is my chance. I should go back upstairs and go back to bed, maybe I imagined everything and tomorrow morning everything will be alright… Then suddenly through the silence Jacqueline thought she heard something, a soft whisper in dark. -Come, come, come in- Said the whisper quietly with an almost melodic sound to it.

She shook her head to try and snap herself out of it. Now I’m sure of it, I've become insane…There is no way that was real. It didn't even sound like it was coming from the living room… It's probably due to a lack of sleep... Yeah after a few hours of sleep I’ll probably feel a bit better. She turned back around and started to softly walk back to her bed. Then at that moment a feeling of utter curiosity came over her and stood again before the door to the living room. But I must see what has happened inside that room this time. I’ll probably stay awake while thinking about it if I don’t... She grabbed the door handle and opened the door very slowly accompanied by the screeching sound of rusty hinges.

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