Foto bij Chapter 2.2

~ Dance practice room, Cloë’s pov ~
“You seemed impressed when you walked in this afternoon.” Yugyeom and I were sitting in the middle of the dancefloor. The others left and went to do their own stuff. We decided to stay here, because I was curious about their comeback dances.
“Yeah, I’ve never been in a real practice room before. I usually used the garage or garden to dance.” I looked around the room. This place was probably three times bigger than my old garage.
“You can dance?” Yugyeom’s voice sounded very surprised. I nodded heavily and looked like I was offended by his reaction.
“Dancing is a way for me to escape reality and be in my own world. It’s not fun to kill people, you know. I’d rather not kill them, but mostly we have no choice. When we kill, it means they deserve it.” I looked away from Yugyeom’s eyes. They were looking right through me it seemed.
“Then why did you get this job in the first place if you don’t like it.” I don't know why, but I began stretching my muscles all of a sudden.
“Actually, my mom wanted it. Like really bad and I’m not allowed to talk back to her. At all. I always had to say yes and do whatever she wanted me to do. She’s very strict. My father left us when I was just a baby, saying he couldn’t take care of us, because of my mom. So I didn’t expected much support from him either. I haven’t seen my mom in years after Amy took me in her team as the sniper. I think she knew it would make my mom happy.” I felled uncomfortable as the subject became personal.
“Don’t you miss her?” I let my head hang. Of course I miss her. She's still family and I could never give her up, no matter how bad she fucked my chilhood up.
“Would you, If your mother forced you to kill people?” That's the only thing I didn't miss about her.
“Isn’t Amy the same?” I wanted to know how he would react to my question, but he changed the subject, like, really fast.
“Amy gives me the choice. A choice not to kill if I don’t want to. She doesn’t treat me as my mom did. She actually cares about us. A lot more than she shows.” Yugyeom nodded.
“I see. If you wanna dance, I can put up some music.” He already walked toward the installation to pick out a song and turned the volume of the music harder. Sweet melodies filled my body as I closed my eyes. Goosebumps crawled up my arms and ended on my back. A violin and piano filled the room with it chords. My body slowly moved to it’s beat. Memories of my past flashed on the back of my eyelids. Memories of mom, when she was actually still loving and caring, holding my hand. I felt my body move more and more and I couldn’t control myself any more. I danced with my whole heart, which was filled with happiness. Something I wanted to do for a long time now. Now I had the chance to do it. I even forgot Yugyeom was still in this room, watching how I lost myself in every dance step.
After a while I began to think. Too much about the sad memories and it made me sad again. A tear fell down my cheek when I made some pirouettes. Didn’t counted how much I made, but suddenly I stopped. Yugyeom held my right hand in the air and his other hand was wrapped around my hip, but what I could feel the most was his body, pressed against mine. I opened my eyes and stared into his eyes. He looked like a different man than I met a few hours ago. A lot more serious. My heart was beating fast. From dancing of course, but here was no space between us anymore and I could feel his warmth through his clothes, onto my body. It made my muscles relax. We both were breathing very heavily. Did he dance with me? I didn’t even noticed it.
He stroked with his thumb around my cheek to get rid of the tear and immediately took the chance to kiss me. I looked at him with big eyes. I didn’t expect this at all. My head said no, you shouldn’t do this, think about Amy, but my heart secretly enjoyed it and wanted this so bad. I couldn't hold back anymore. I kissed him back with burning passion. And to be honest, It couldn't be more perfect for my very first kiss.

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