Foto bij Remember me | Chapter twenty-six

Amber met her backstage and Krystal fell into her arms, locking them around Amber's waist so tightly the other woman made a strangled sound. But they were laughing and Krystal let the tears she had been holding all that time fall over her cheeks. Amber kissed her and she kissed back, not even caring that the staff was still around.
"You were fantastic!" Amber praised, as soon as they had found enough will-power to let each other go. Krystal chuckled shyly. "No really, I couldn't even see that you were nervous. You came up and you spoke to them so clearly and with determination that it blew my socks off!"
"You're wearing slippers, Amber," Krystal laughed.
"As a matter of speaking, of course."
Both women just laughed relieved. They were still entangled in a hug, when Krystal heard the stage manager mutter a formal greeting. Before they could let each other go, Krystal's father stepped towards them, clearing his throat. They let each other go immediately, a little clumsily.
"Interesting speech you gave there, Krystal," he said. His voice was low and gruff. The frown on his face told her that he wasn't in a good mood. "Sadly I don't know what you were trying to accomplish there."
Krystal tilted her head slightly to the left.
"I don't feel like explaining it much to you, father," she replied. "If you can't understand how difficult this was for me, then I don't owe you an explanation."
Her father chuckled lowly.
"I do understand, in fact. But I would not dare to guess your intentions. Are you perhaps trying to win over my employees?" he asked her. Krystal snorted.
"I already have. I started with that the moment I became an intern here. I worked all of these jobs. They all know me better than they will ever know you. After today I have a large amount of people scaling behind me."
Her father frowned.
"It won't matter if you have a few secretaries backing you up. They don't have a vote in what's going to happen to this company," he said nonchalantly.
"The strength of the group is more powerful than the strength of the elite," she replied. Her father laughed disdainfully.
"If you're planning to attack me in court with a handful of interns, then I have not raised you well," he said. Krystal simply shrugged. She didn't want to reveal her plan with Evans to him. In fact, she wanted to keep it a secret as long as she could. It wouldn't do her any good if she revealed it to him now, then he'd be able to do something about it.
"We'll see, dad," she simply said. "Please, go home now. You still need to rest."
Her father suddenly turned angry.
"If you think that I can't beat you because I'm sick then you are gravely mistaken!" he hissed at her, pointing her index finger so close to her chest that she had to suppress the urge to slap his hand away.
"No, father," she said respectfully. "That makes you only more dangerous. But if you won't leave, I will, because I have business to take care of."
And with a final nod, she took Amber's hand and walked away from her father, off the backstage and back into the great hall. There were still small groups of people, probably discussing the contents of the speech she had given just a few moments ago. Some looked at her, but most went on softly talking, not even paying attention to her like she just hadn’t given the most important speech of her life. Even though there were quite a few pairs of eyes set upon them, Krystal didn't let go of Amber's hand.

They were about to leave the hall when she heard a squeak behind her.
"Ms. Jung! Wait, please!"
She turned around, with a frown on her face. To her surprise, she saw a woman coming to run towards them, as fast as she could on her high heels. When she came closer, Krystal recognized her as the girl who had gotten up from her seat to clap after the older woman, the newbie whom she hadn't known the name of.
"Yes?" she replied, a bit surprised.
The woman was a bit out of breath and took a few seconds to regain herself.
"I just.. I wanted to say that what you just did back there.. it was incredibly brave," she started. "I wish I'd be as brave as you to confess to something like that to so many people. I just wanted you to know you have my full support."
Krystal couldn't help to smile. She and Amber exchanged a gaze for a second.
"Thank you," she said. "I don't think we have met formally, yet? I'm Krystal Jung. This is my partner.. eh, girlfriend, Amber Liu."
Krystal and Amber both shook the hands of the woman in front of them.
"Nice to meet you!" she chimed. Her voice jingled like bells which was pleasant to hear. "My name is Stephanie Hwang, but you can call me Tiffany. I recently started working here as the Personal Assistant for Mr Mitchell."
"Ah, yes, I remember he told me he got a new PA,"
Krystal said. She noticed they were around the same age, perhaps Tiffany had a few years on her, but that was barely visible. Tiffany smiled brightly to both of them. Her broad smile reminded her a little bit of the smile the Liu family all had, only Amber's eyes didn't smile too when she did. Suddenly, her face turned grave, causing both Amber and Krystal to frown alertly.
"I just remembered I have something important to do for Mr. Mitchell. Excuse me, but I have an appointment to get to. It was nice meeting you, though, keep up the good work," she said. Tiffany showed them a last smile before she ran off.
"She's a nice one," Amber commented, as they watched her disappear back into the crowd. Krystal nodded in agreement. And since there was no one to stop them anymore, they left for her office. Once there, Krystal grabbed her coat and purse.
"This little victory deserves a good lunch. And it's all on me," she said, with a wink. Amber rolled her eyes.
"Probably the first and only time it's on you," she said. Krystal playfully hit her arm.
"It's not my fault you sneak of with the check every time," she commented, eye-rolling. "Come on, let's go!"

Not soon after her speech, Krystal called together all of Jung Internationals' associates. Liu Economics, Song Software, Lee Electronics and The Universe Group, a group which had a hotel in every important city in the United States. If every company would take their representatives with them, the meeting room would soon be filled up all the way, that's why she had only invited the CEO's and their direct Vice-Presidents. Victoria Song of Song Software came with a man that had at least ten years on her. Jackie Liu came with Jackson. Amy Lee walked in with a woman of her age – meaning quite young. And the CEO of The Universe Group, Eric Nam, came alone.
Krystal had no one to back her up. It crossed her mind to ask Evans but she decided not to. He would only try to catch attention and try to fulfill her job whilst he wasn't even her Vice-President yet. She wanted to approach the partners of Jung Internationals her way.
The news had probably already gotten out and the other CEO's had agreed that they had already heard of it. When Krystal asked them for their opinion and their plan who they were honestly going to support, there was a silence.
"I support you, Krystal, no matter what. I owe that to you, I owe that to Amber, I owe that to my parents. You should be the CEO," Jackie had told her after a few moments of silence.
To her surprise, most of the other CEO's nodded. Only Victoria stayed silent, but she wouldn't have expected her otherwise. Krystal has a closer bond with Jackie, Amy and Eric than she had with Victoria. In fact, Amy and Eric joined Jung Internationals because Liu Economics did as well, but that didn’t mean they didn’t like Krystal enough to back her up. Victoria, on the other hand, was known for being suspicious about making deals.
"Ms. Jung, I don't believe that what you're doing right now is.. smart," she eventually said, carefully choosing her words. The other people in the meeting room looked at her surprised, only Krystal had expected this.
Victoria smiled weakly.
"Like your father said, you will need the board to stand at your side if you want to become the following CEO. All you have now... is loose promises that you're going to make Jung Internationals' better by staying true to your heart – how sentimental – and a few secretaries to back you up."
The group stayed silent. Uneasiness spread through the people surrounding her. Now that Victoria had spoken the words out loud - the words they had all been thinking – it almost seemed inevitable that her father was going to win. Only Krystal smiled.
"That's why we're going to have a vote, Ms. Song," she replied. "And if we vote, those secretaries will count. After the judge has found me the most suitable for the job, they will need all five board members to overthrow me. That won't be possible, because I have a friend in the board."
Victoria started to laugh.
"I believe you're misunderstanding me. Yes, your situation is bad. That's exactly why Song Software is going to back you up."
Krystal stared at her in disbelief. Victoria simply snickered.
"What, you didn't think Song Software would help you out? Because we have only just started our cooperation does not mean I will stay silent in this battle. I was about to turn down your father's proposal when I heard you were going to follow him up. Understand me well, Krystal. I am 33 years old woman. Unlike you, I have not worked through every job at the company and I simply became CEO – whilst I would've preferred to become an actress – when my father died. In the first few years of my new status, my own advisors used their power against me. I was naïve and easily impressed. Whilst I thought I was the most powerful in the company, I certainly was not, until I opened my eyes. I fired all of them and surrounded myself with people who shared my visions. I wasn't going to be led by old white men anymore. I am a strong woman and I do not need anyone to tell me who I am.
I saw a bit of myself in you that day, when you held your speech and promised to be a good CEO and how you'd stay true to your heart. You were vulnerable and really put yourself out there.
As a female CEO, I'd love to see more around me. Luckily, I am sitting at this table with two other female CEO's and one female CEO-to-be. We will be four loners in a man-centered world. No offense, Eric, but it's true."

Eric nodded and shrugged, agreeing. He had always been open-minded.
"And I will fight for every woman who is planning on breaking through, who has enough ambition to handle a job like this. You need to have guts and a strong love for the company to pull it off. It's exhausting and sometimes you'd rather just quit. But it's worth it. And I see that ambition in you, Krystal.
Song Software will declare openly their support for you, as I am sure all of us at this table will."

And so, it happened.
A few days after Krystal's speech, Song Software declared their support for Krystal, as well as Liu Economics, Lee Electronics and The Universe Group. Krystal at first hadn't thought that their statement would matter much – after all, their associates had nothing to do with the politics inside Jung Internationals. But as soon as they had announced their statement, suddenly a lot of other companies started to get involved too. Smaller ones that Jung Internationals' had sometimes had contact with. And some they had never even spoken with, but were associates of one of their associates. It created a whole network of CEO's who supported Krystal in her activities to get to the top.
But because of the upcoming network, the media started to get involved too. At first, they had only been there at the announcements – Krystal's speech, Song Software's statement – but soon journalists were clouding the exits of Jung Internationals' Headquarters, just to get a glimpse of Krystal Jung, the daughter of Charles Jung who was planning to become CEO by deposing her father.
And interviews were inevitable, that's why Krystal eventually invited one of the reporters of NBC to ask her a couple of questions. She figured that she'd have to do an interview sooner or later and she guessed she'd better do it soon, so she could make win a few more supporters.
The video that was made quickly hit a few million on YouTube. There clearly were more people invested or at least interested in who was going to be the new CEO. It flattered her a bit. She had gotten a lot of negative reactions but those didn't out-shadow the good ones and that gave Krystal the power to go on.

That, and Amber.

Her girlfriend was so supportive of her it was almost sickening to the stomach. Whenever she gave another press conference, Amber was there, in the midst of the supporters, always smiling encouragingly towards her. It helped a lot. Amber helped her with preparing her speeches and helped her pose for photos. Weirdly, she had a lot of experience with these things and it really helped.
And during these hard and difficult times, in which Krystal often stayed late at the office, Amber was understanding as ever. Even though Krystal didn't have much time to visit her or go out for lunch with her, she didn't hold a grudge. These few weeks were hard on her too and Krystal understood that only too well. Even though she was working hard physically, it was hard on them both mentally to be without each other. And Krystal had time to drown herself in work so she'd be too busy to miss Amber, but she was just at home, waiting for her to drop by. Of course, she was able to write songs, but that only would make her think of Krystal more.
Most of their contact consisted of chatting online but even that was relieving. It eased her mind whenever she was talking with Amber. It made her realize that she was all doing this because of her. If Amber hadn't come back, where would she be now? She'd never have stood up against her father; forever his lap dog. Now she was running her own campaign, with posters and flyers, and people were actually backing her up.
Surprisingly, her father hadn't even taken action against her. He didn't come up with his own campaign; it was simply Krystal's face hanging around the halls of Jung Internationals. It was a little bit embarrassing, almost to a point where she wanted to take off all the posters. But she knew her father and she knew that he had insiders in this company too. He was just biding his time, waiting for the best time to hit.
Perhaps he even thought it was childish to even participate before the trial started.

Two weeks after her speech, Krystal received a letter that the hearing would occur in two days. They were all allowed to bring people who pleaded for their cases in front of the judge.
Krystal was planning to bring Jackie and Victoria at least. She wasn't going to risk bringing in Evans just yet; she wanted to have him as back up. If her plan worked, she should win the trial and become CEO. But she'd only be able to maintain that position with Evans.

"So, when will you be going?" Amber asked. She was sprawled over Krystal's bed, the sheets still unmade because neither of them had had found the time or the motivation to get up yet. It has been two hours since they woke up together.
The nights Krystal could spend with her girlfriend were still as amazing as ever. Even simply cuddling was able to make her heart pound and the corners of her mouth pull up with happiness. Let alone the kisses.
Amber laid with her head upon Krystal's arm, using her shoulder as pillow. It was a rare sight; usually it was the other way around, but definitely not uncomfortable. Amber always kept up such a rough, harsh facade in front of other people, but Krystal knew better. Amber was vulnerable whenever she was with her and they both knew it. She was glad to be the person with whom Amber could feel vulnerable without feeling embarrassed.
"The case starts at 16:00, but I'll have to be there at 15:00. It's a one-hour drive and it takes another hour to get dressed and get my stuff. So, that means I have to get going in half an hour," she muttered. Krystal had already thought out her complete schedule — she didn't even need Eloisa for that — like she always did.
"Okay, so do you want to get out and get breakfast or-"
"Nah, I included getting breakfast in my 'get-ready' time. We literally only have to get up in half an hour,"
she chuckled. Amber looked up and rolled her eyes. She was the complete opposite of her girlfriend and literally planned nothing, therefor she didn't understand what an insurance it gave Krystal to have it all planned out. Amber preferred to make it up as she goes, completely spontaneous.
"Sounds nice, I don't want to let you go yet.." she muttered.
Even after two months of dating, those little confessions made her blush.
"You don't have to, I booked you a seat," she replied, trying to keep her voice as steady as possible. But the big grin that started to grow on her face betrayed how excited she was to take Amber with her.
The other woman rose one of her eyebrows.
"And you didn't think it'd be a good idea to tell me? Now I have to go home and get a blouse," she sighed. Krystal laughed, bowed down and kissed her on the lips. Amber kissed her back and eventually she felt the other woman smile against her lips too.
When they broke apart again, Krystal smiled back.
"That's why I got you some new clothes for today," she said. Amber frowned
"Do you know my size?" she asked surprised, which made Krystal huff.
"Puh-lease, you sleep over so much that half of the things in my closet are yours. And since you don't bother to wash them yourself, I do it. So yes, I know your size."
Amber chuckled apologetically.
"I'm curious what you got me, but I don't want to get up just yet," she muttered, as she buried her face in the crook of Krystal's neck. It tickled a bit and she laughed, as she placed her hand around her neck, caressing her head and playing with her hair by twirling it around a finger.

They waited half an hour, then got up to get dressed. Proudly, Krystal took the bag with Amber's new clothes out of its hiding spot and handed it to her. The other woman unpacked the packages and held the clothes against her body.
"Did I now officially abandon my 'bad girl' image?" Amber laughed, as she held up the white blouse and neat pants, that would end just above her calves, Krystal got her. She laughed.
"No, you'll always be one. But now you look a little less like 'I can make girls drool by just smiling at them' and more like 'I can make girls swoon with just my looks'. Nowadays the classy look is very popular. And we'll match when it comes to outfits."
"I thought you liked my leather jacket?"
Amber pouted, as she took a look at the final piece of clothing: a jacket that hugged her body tightly but was a bit looser around the arms. It looked a bit like a bomberjack only one that looked a hundred times more expensive. Amber shuddered at the at the thought how many money Krystal had spent for her. Even though they both had enough money, it still felt weird to take it so easily.
Amber sighed and held up the jacket. It still looked like she could kick some ass, but it was less threatening.
"I do. And I like your image. But you're mine now and you know how much I love it when you wear formal clothes. And they're all black so don't whine."
In fact, she loved Amber's androgynous, alternative style, especially when she wore her leather jacket. And don't get her started on those loose tank tops... they displayed Amber's sleeve, biceps and collar bones so well it was almost too much to handle. But it simply was more convenient if she wore something that screamed 'I take this matter seriously!' instead of 'I'm here to turn all of your daughters gay'. Her father would pay close attention to both of them and she wanted Amber to look like she had more money than all of the CEO's combined.
Amber rolled her eyes and let Krystal run her hand through her hair. The taller girl couldn't help to bite on her lip as she studied Amber's face.
Amber had been attractive eight years ago but she had matured so well that it was almost painful to look at her.
Amber still seemed to doubt a bit, until Krystal bowed down and whispered.
"You can still be a bad girl in the sheets tonight..."
Amber immediately bowed away and started to grin.
"Okay, I'll wear the jacket!" she immediately called out, causing both of them to laugh.

They both started to get dressed after that. Krystal purposely went to take a shower first, whilst Amber was putting on her clothes; she knew one hundred percent sure that if she had stayed in the room when she was changing, that she'd just would keep staring.
She dried her hair afterwards, straightened it as well and put it in a ponytail. Loose hair would be too casual for something like this and she had never been a fan of a bun.
Krystal went back into the bedroom, in just her underwear, to get dressed when she saw Amber on her way towards the kitchen. She couldn't help to chuckle to herself when she noticed how well the new pants shaped her buttocks and legs. At those moments, Krystal sometimes wondered if her puberty hadn't only started now, because she felt like an irresponsible, hormonal sixteen-year-old every time Amber walked by.
But Krystal wouldn't be herself if she wasn't able to control those emotions as well — the skill to control her emotions had been one of the few things Krystal had actually liked when her father taught her; it came in handy in a lot of situations — and she got dressed.
Krystal matched Amber's clothing in color: her pencil skirt was black, so were her heels and her jacket. The darkness was in contrast with her pale skin, making her look even paler which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Amber's tanned skin however looked even darker. Right now, she was the definition of 'Tall, Dark and Handsome'.
Like Amber, the blouse she wore was white, and both of them had tugged it into their pants or skirt. With a few silver accessories here and a little make up there, Krystal was all set.

She walked into the kitchen, only finding Amber behind her cooking island, cutting up some vegetables. She had stropped up the sleeves of her blouse, so they wouldn't get dirty. There were already two eggs boiling in a little pan and some toast in the toaster.
"We don't have much time for breakfast," she muttered, as she took a look at the watch she had put on a few seconds ago. "And you still have to do your hair."
Amber didn't look up and just went on.
"I'll do that in the car. I just wanted your belly to be full before the sitting," she said, as she flicked the vegetables into a frying pan. They immediately started to sizzle when they made contact with the already hot oil.
She spun around when the toaster beeped and took out the hot pieces of bread, putting them on a plate as she added two other slices to the toaster.
"Just sit and relax for a moment, it'll be done in five minutes," Amber said, whilst still paying more attention to the veggies than to her. Krystal chuckled and rolled her eyes.
"It better be five minutes, you know I'm a slow eater."
Amber just chuckled and Krystal sat down at the kitchen table.

It took her indeed only five minutes; the eggs only took a few moments to cool down, the second round of toast was done in a second and Amber knew Krystal liked her vegetables to be stir-fried at a high temperature for a short amount of time. She thanked her girlfriend when she put the delicious-looking plate in front of her. They both quickly ate, although Amber's idea of 'quickly' eating was a lot different from Krystal's; Amber had to wait a few minutes until she was done.
There wasn't any time anymore to clean the dishes afterwards, and Krystal wouldn't want to risk that any of them got a stain on their clothes now right before the trial so they just left the plates in the sink. Together they hurried off towards the car. Krystal sat down behind the wheel and Amber next to her, already pulling out her hair products to put her hair in shape; she knew Krystal liked it best when it was pushed back. It sounded like something Regina George from Mean Girls would say but she simply couldn't help herself; it was the truth.
Even before they hit the highway, the car was already smelling like hairspray. The characteristic smell made Krystal pull up her nose, but she had to admit that Amber knew her way around with it. Within a matter of minutes, her hair was parted and pushed back, giving her that classy look Krystal had been aiming for.

It was an hour-long drive with neither of them saying much. Krystal was rehearsing her lines in her head and paying attention to the road, which meant she didn't even think of starting a conversation. She was often so concentrated that she wouldn't even hear Amber asking her questions.
But this time the short-haired woman was quiet too, which was unusual. So unusual, even, that Krystal broke out of her concentration because it was so noticeable.
"What are you thinking of?" she muttered, as she turned down the volume of the radio. Amber seemed to snap out of her own little concentration bubble when she heard Krystal's voice. She cleared her throat and awkwardly rubbed the back of her neck.
"I don't know, just.. something," she mumbled.
"It's not just something if it keeps you from singing along to Uptown Funk, even I noticed that it has already been played twice," Krystal replied. Amber made a sound that could best be qualified between a huff and a snort; she knew Krystal was right.
"I was just wondering what was going to happen after today, you know," Amber eventually admitted. "This case isn't something small. It's going to decide the future of a whole international and I know that one of you will be devastated once the judge has made their decision. I'm just.. worried, I suppose. For you, mostly. You're acting so confident already but honestly I think it'll be a rough battle and it will hurt you, and your father, especially because you two are family.."
Krystal listened and stayed silent, not sure what to say to make Amber calm her mind. She wasn't even sure if she should say something.
"Just promise me that if you'll loose, that you won't shut me out.."
This surprised her. Suddenly it was hard to stay concentrated at the road. Krystal regretted not buying a car with automatic control right now because she would've pulled Amber closer to her and kissed her passionately if she had, just to make her realize that she would never shut her out. But instead her fingers gripped the wheel so hard that her knuckles turned white.
"I will not take out my anger on you," she replied.
"That's not what I meant," Amber elaborated," I want you to come to me when you're happy but most of all I want you to come to me when you feel like crying or when you're so angry you could kill a man, because like it or not, Krystal, but you're an emotional person who lets herself be led by emotions whether you like it or not and if you keep bottling up your sadness then you're going to explode someday. You still have trouble opening up to me when you feel bad. I want to be the person who can help you get through it rather than the person who helps you stuffing your feelings away by not speaking up."
Krystal fell silent again. She had no idea what to say. Amazement was the first feeling that she noticed had gathered in her body.
"I didn't know-" she started, but she was stopped by a snort from Amber.
"You didn't know I knew this much? I'm your girlfriend, I know you better than anyone. I had noticed this eight years ago already and partly why I was so attracted to you was because of that layer mysteriousness that held back your emotions. It was a challenge back then, nowadays I know it's only a burden."
Krystal swallowed and sighed. She let the tip of her tongue run over her lips to wet them, and to postpone the moment she would need to speak up.
"I didn't know you were so bothered by it..." she finished her sentence. "I thought it'd be just.. you know.. easier. If there's nothing wrong, then it's easier for us to be happy."
Amber shook her head.
"It would be easier but a person can't always be happy, and relationships can’t always be perfect. And that's why you have me: you can scream at me, cry on my shoulder or laugh with me, because in the end it will not matter because I love you. It's making me worry to see you put on a facade whenever you're hurt. I know I'm asking much but in the long run it's better if you let out your feelings immediately too."
Krystal felt herself gripping the wheel tighter as she tried to hold back the tears that were forming.
"I just really want to kiss you right now," Krystal blurted out in a shaky voice, with teary eyes. She didn't know how it got that far, but it suddenly felt like there was an enormous pressure falling off her shoulders. It was an uncommon feeling, because she had been taught to hide her feelings from a young age, but it felt really good to have someone whom she didn't have to pretend with. Someone who indeed knew all of her dark sides as well as her bright ones.
She heard Amber chuckle. A moment later, she had taken her hand off the wheel and intertwined her fingers with Amber's. The feeling of her lips on the back of her hand lingered longer than her lips themselves. Krystal's hand shook, but Amber kept rubbing her thumb over it until she calmed down again.
At that point, it took another ten minutes before they arrived at their destiny.

As soon as Krystal had shut off the car engine, she basically jumped on Amber. She placed her hands in her neck, cupping her cheeks and placing a deep kiss on her lips. Amber immediately got the hint and didn't hesitate to kiss her back. It was uncomfortable to kiss in such a position; both of them were still sitting in their own seats and they had to bend awkwardly to each other to kiss well. Nevertheless, it was one of the most relieving kisses of her life. Perhaps now she realized why Amber smelled like a summer breeze: the kiss liberated her. It felt like she could fly.
Right at the moment Amber's arms curled around her waist, she heard something tick on the glass. They quickly broke apart and saw Jackie Liu bending down, looking with a big grin through the window of the car. Krystal's cheeks immediately flared deeply red as she opened the window.
"Krystal," Jackie started, obviously trying to contain her laughter," I hope you have a speech prepared, or will you kiss my little sister so sexually in front of the judge as well?"
Amber started to laugh.
"Just let the Princess be, Jackie," she laughed. The CEO of Liu Economics chuckled and shrugged.
"I was just dropping by to say that the case will start in ten minutes, so if you could just quit your foreplay and make some time to win over Jung Internationals then that'd be great."
"Yeah, yeah, just go already, we'll come in a minute."
"If I catch you two having a quicky then-"
"GO, Jackie!"
Amber half bellowed, half laughed, as she scrolled up the window again. They could hear Jackie chuckle outside as she walked towards the building.
Krystal started to moan out of embarrassment immediately, throwing herself backwards in her seat. Amber was still chuckling.
"How come that every time we kiss Jackie is just popping up out of nowhere?" she muttered.
"That's what big sisters do, they protect little sisters from having sex in their girlfriends car," Amber laughed.
"Well I don't see Jessica anywhere around now, do I?" she sighed. "And I wasn't going to have sex with you.. here."
"Wanna bet I can make you come in five? We could still be in time if we start-"
"Shut up, you,"
Krystal chuckled, as she rolled her eyes. "Let's get just get going."
As Krystal wanted to get out of the car, Amber grabbed her wrist.
"You might want to correct your lipstick a bit, it has smudged."
Krystal thankfully pecked her cheek, took out her tiny hand mirror and quickly wiped off the make-up that was not supposed to be there and got out. They immediately interlocked their fingers again. And as they walked hand in hand towards the court, Krystal couldn't help to notice how happy she was.

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