00:24 [C43$4R has entered the chatroom]

00:24 Bye [mod]: O-oh, what an übersexy nickname.

00:24 Avenue76: nevermind him

00:24 Avenue76: hes a complete idiot

00:25 Bye [mod]: Since when do we not use capital letters or punctuation marks?

00:25 Avenue76: #grammarnazi

00:25 H4YL3Y: Oh please, donít scare the newcomer with your grammar crap.

00:25 Avenue76: once a grammar nazi always a grammar nazi

00:25 Bye [mod]: H4YL3Y is right, letís not talk about my obsession with grammar.

00:26 Bye [mod]: Welcome, C43$4R! If you ever feel the need to talk to someone, shoot! I hope you enjoy the chatroom c: We have some pretty nice people here. Except Avenue76, heís an ass. Oh wait, and H4YL3Y is kindaÖ straightforward. And HlX is just notÖ a very talkish person. But hey, thereís stillÖ me!

00:26 Avenue76: just go and self advertise somewhere else plz

00:26 Avenue76: really just go

00:26 H4YL3Y: Theyíre always like that, but donít worry, they actually love each other (:

00:26 Avenue76: We donít.

00:26 [HlX has entered the chatroom]

00:27 Bye [mod]: Oh, Avenue76, I always knew you loved me. Letís go ahead and marry.

00:27 Avenue76: Not. In. A. Million. Years.

00:27 Bye [mod]: Mind the fact that he can use capital letters and punctuation marks if he wants to. Heís not that much of a caveman.

00:27 Avenue76: go and die

00:27 HlX: Good morning!

00:27 HlX: Oh, are we talking about Byes and Avenue76ís love life? When are you two finally gonna kiss?

00:28 H4YL3Y: Itís half past midnightÖ

00:28 Bye [mod]: Obviously weíre already past the point of kissing. Now Iím just waiting to make love <3

00:28 Avenue76: stop spilling my private life on the internet

00:28 Avenue 76: fuck

00:28 Bye [mod]: Well, thatís exactly what I thought, can you read my mind, my love?

00:28 HlX: Youíre scaring away the newbie with your gay stuff.

00:28 Bye [mod]: I donít find gay stuff scary, do you, C43$4R?

00:29 C43$4R: Do you know each other in real life, Bye and Avenue76?

00:29 Bye [mod]: Weíre screwing.

00:29 Avenue76: i will srsly kill you

00:29 Bye [mod]: I know you love me xx

00:29 Bye [mod]: No, but weíre really together.

00:30 H4YL3Y: Since when? Oh Gosh, congrats!

00:30 Avenue76: a month or something

00:30 H4YL3Y: Woah ~~

00:30 HlX: It was about time.

00:30 H4YL3Y: If you ever decide to film some porn, you know where to find me ;D

00:30 Avenue76: just no

00:30 Avenue76: ure going to far

00:30 Avenue76: *youíre bye canít handle ure uíre or your

00:30 Avenue76: *too im sorry not sorry

00:32 H4YL3Y: GuysÖ This is maybe a little stupid, butÖ

00:32 HlX: But what? Is it some kind of spectacular thing? IS IT SOMETHING I CAN WRITE ABOUT?

00:32 H4YL3Y: Iím scared.

00:32 HlX: Ďbout what?

00:32 H4YL3Y: Dunno, parents left the house and itís dark and I hear these things.

00:33 H4YL3Y: I know Iím being silly, but just comfort me for a bit.

00:33 Avenue76: the chances that thereís a serial killer in your house are 46% higher when youíre in an online chatroom so relax

00:33 Bye [mod]: Youíre not helpingÖ

00:33 H4YL3Y: I hate you.

00:33 Avenue76: love you too

00:33 Avenue76: but me loves bye more

00:33 Avenue76: im sorry you have to miss this great piece of ass

00:33 HlX: Youíre terribleÖ @H4YL3Y You OK?

00:33 H4YL3Y: No.

00:34 H4YL3Y: OMFg

00:34 HlX: What?!

00:34 H4YL3Y: I heard something

00:34 H4YL3Y: omg help

00:34 H4YL3Y: im sure i just heard something

00:34 Avenue76: maybe it was just the microwave dinnerís ready!!

00:34 H4YL3Y: help me

00:34 H4YL3Y: omg, call the police

00:34 H4YL3Y: im under the bed

00:35 H4YL3Y: i can hear his footsteps

00:35 H4Y3Y: i canít keep my breathing under control

00:34 H4YL3Y: help

00:35 H4YL3Y: he noticed me

00:35 H4YL3Y: help

00:35 H4YL3Y: help

00:36 C43$4R: Dinnerís ready!

00:36 [H4YL3Y has left the chatroom]

00:38 HlX: As a horror writer, I donít say this very oftenÖ but Iím sort of scared now.

00:38 Avenue76: this some kinda sick joke???

00:38 Bye [mod]: I just reported C43$4R as a troll.

00:38 Bye [mod]: H4YL3Y wonít reply on Skype either.

00:38 Bye [mod]: Are you guys home alone?

00:39 HlX: My sis is here as well.

00:39 HlX: I thought she was here. She isnít answering.

00:40 HlX: You know how creep this is when youíre writing a horror scène?

00:40 Bye [mod]: Are you sure she was there?

00:40 HlX: Quite.

00:41 HlX: Iím checking it out.

00:41 Bye [mod]: plz donít.

00:41 Avenue76: byes so scared his spelling isnt even correct anymore

00:41 HlX: Maybe youíre right.

00:41 HlX: Should I call the police? You know, just to be sure?

00:41 Avenue76: its not like they ever do anything useful there

00:42 Bye [mod]: I would.

00:42 HlX: Okay, Iím calling.

00:43 HlX: holy shit

00:43 HlX: I heard a scream.

00:43 [HlX is typingÖ]

00:48 Bye [mod]: He was typing just now.

00:49 Bye [mod]: Why arenít we getting any messages?

00:50 Bye [mod]: HlX, you there?

00:50 [HlX has left the chatroom]

00:50 C43$4R: Iím almost full, but not really.

00:50 Bye [mod]: Just go away, you stupid troll!

00:50 Avenue76: cant u just ban him?

00:51 Bye [mod]: No, need to talk about this case with my colleagues.

00:55 Bye [mod]: Andy, you still there?

00:55 Avenue76: yes

00:56 Bye [mod]: Wanna come over?

00:56 Avenue76: you scared? want me to hug u?

00:56 Bye [mod]: Honestly, yes.

00:57 Avenue76: iíll be there in a minute

01:00 Bye [mod]: Minute is over.

01:11 Bye [mod]: Are you still there?

01:15 Bye [mod]: Andy, Iím really scared now so please just answer me.

01:16 Bye [mod]: I canít lose you.

01:17 Bye [mod]: Omg, Iím crying.

01:17 Bye [mod]: You made me cry, you asshole.

01:26 Bye [mod]: Just answer me.

01:50 Bye [mod]: It has already been an hour! Jesus, Andy, we live in the same street, where are you?

01:52 Bye [mod]: You havenít left the chatroom either.

02:01 Bye [mod]: Just say something.

03:05 Bye [mod]: Let me know youíre alive.

03:13 Avenue76: i love you

03:13 Avenue76: a lot

03:13 Bye [mod]: Andy, you sound as if youíre about to die. DonítÖ Donít do this to me.

03:14 Avenue76: i think i might die

03:14 Avenue76: heís here

03:14 Avenue76: i think he killed my parents

03:14 Avenue76: there was a lot of blood

03:14 Avenue76: im in the kitchen right now

03:14 Avenue76: i know he ll find me

03:15 Avenue76: i really love you

03:15 Avenue76: im sorry ive lied to you i was just trying to save my own ass

03:15 Avenue76: cause its a pretty ass

03:17 Bye [mod]: Andy? You still there?

03:17 Bye [mod]: Iíve called the police.

03:19 Bye [mod]: Please say something.

03:20 Bye [mod]: Anything.

03:22 Avenue76: Iím still here.

03:24 Bye [mod]: Are you hurt?

03:24 Avenue76: No, I think heís left the house.

03:26 Bye [mod]: Iím leaving this chatroom.

03:26 Avenue76: Why? Why would you do that? Please stay for a little while longer.

03:30 Bye [mod]: Iím definitely leaving.

03:30 Avenue76: But why?

03:30 Bye [mod]: Because you are not my boyfriend.

03:30 [Bye has left the chatroom]

03:31 C43$4R: Still hungry.

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