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At a first quick glance nothing much seemed to be wrong in the room. But upon closer inspection she could see that some furniture was moved or had fallen. While Jacqueline was cautiously walking into the room the damage slowly increased. Some papers were thrown of the table and a small glass figurine that had been standing on the mantelpiece for years was lying on the ground, shattered in what seemed a thousand pieces. She walked over to it and collected the pieces from the ground. I should have taken everything breakable and put them somewhere safe. She sighed and put the pieces of the figurine on the table. The rest I’ll put back tomorrow morning, for now I’ll just check the kitchen too.

As she was walking past the table a shadow quickly moved past her. Shocked she turned around and tried to hold up the candlestick to get a better view. “Wh..Who’s there?” She asked with a soft scared voice. Nothing responded to her question, but in the darkness she swore she could see something moving. It was moving around in the darkness swiftly and fast. Suddenly it charged at her from the shadow, knocking a pot over in its way. Frightened, Jaqueline jumped backwards and held the burning candle stick in front of her as to ward the creature away.

However, nothing had happened as the shadow was just brushing against her legs while making purring sounds. Her gaze was redirected downwards to whatever kept circling around her. Only to find out it was just a small spotted cat. The cat was wearing a bright blue leather collar and attached to hat collar was a small copper bell. The bell however seemed to have been broken as no tinkling noise was emitted from the bell as the small creature was circling her legs. The cat didn't mind and kept walking around her in circles, meowing softly and wagging its tail happily. It appeared happy after finding a source of attention after all this time. The cat stared at her with his ember coloured eyed and slightly slit pupils, begging for more attention. A small smile formed around the lips of Jacqueline and she knelt down to pet it. “You are a little rascal aren't you, knocking over the furniture like that. Were you trapped and scared?” She asked while running her hands through its fur. Its fur was short but soft. She placed the candlestick next to her on the ground and kept petting the small cat for a while. During that moment, the frightened thoughts that were running through her head went silent. For the first time in a while, she felt at peace. “I should really get some sleep now, but you could join me if you’d like” She said to the cat while she hoisted herself on her feet and walked back to the hallway.

But, as she was looking at the door her legs started to shake. Not a moment later her knees felt weak and she collapsed to the floor. She covered her mouth with her hands whilst trying to hold back her fear. There written on the door with a weird reddish brown paint were the words I can see you. As soon as she regained the strength in her legs she grabbed the candlestick from the ground, got up from the floor and without a thought she walked right to the bedroom. She didn't look back once at the room or the still meowing cat she left behind. When she was back into her own comfortable and warm bed Jacqueline pulled the blankets over her head. She tried to force herself to go to sleep, but sleep would only embrace her after a few hours of mulling over what had happened to her that night. But no matter how hard she tried, she could not erase the weight of those words on the door. Those words were not something that a mere cat could have done.

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