Foto bij Prologue

Ik heb even een aparte prologue gemaakt omdat die toch echt wel bij de intro van mijn verhaal hoort

Remember the days we used to lay next to each other
Talking all night, laughing about stupid jokes
Remember the days knocking on each others doors
asking our moms if you could play outside
Remember the day we went to highschool
You were so nervous I laughed at you, that made you so angry
Remember our first dance
It was the first time I really saw you
I really saw your beautiful eyes, your smile, your pretty long hair
I have known you all my life, and I had never seen you like that before
Remember the first time I tasted your sweet, soft lips
It was like heaven to me
Remember the nights we spent toghether
Laying next to each other, naked, your head on my chest
Remember we promised nothing would ever come between
I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry I couldn't keep my promise.
I went travelling the world, I followed my dream
I didn't realise you were all I needed
I didn't untill I lost you
Now I have everything
I have everything I want
I have four best friends
I have fame
I have money to buy anything I want
I have girls who adore me
People think I'm a flirt
I do enjoy the attention, It fills an empty spot
But when they're gone it's just the way it was before
People talk and talk. They think I have no heart.
But people don't know my heart got broken a long time ago.
People don't know I broke my own heart by breaking yours <3

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