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~ Kate’s personal home in New York, Kate’s pov ~
I transported Jinyoung and me to my apartment in my hometown New York. We were chilling in the swimming pool on the balcony. I always liked to hang out in the pool when we had a day off. If you walked out the door, you had no space left to walk and ended right in the pool. It was so funny, because not many people knew what was behind this door and every time if told people to walk through they ended up with wet clothes.
Jinyoung didn't say much and just looked at the amazing view. My phone buzzed. A message from Ashley.
“My system picked up his presence at your apartment, be careful.” My heart stopped when I realized about who she was talking. Why was he here? Why now? Did he see I came here with Jinyoung?
Someone knocked on the door. Jinyoung looked at me. He noticed my worried face, still fixated on my screen.
“Shouldn't you open the door?” He asked when he saw when I didn’t move an inch.
“No, no stay here.” I quickly transported out the pool and dried myself with the towels I prepared. I quickly changed in my clothes again. Jinyoung’s face clearly showed he didn't understand why I acted likes this. Well it's not weird to be confused. I didn't really explain it to him. Without listening to me he followed me out of the pool to his clothes.
The knocking on the door became fiercer and I just knew it was him. I signed Jinyoung to stay around the corner and not to make a sound, while I grabbed my gun and pointed it at the door. I slowly walked to the door to turn the doorknob open. Thanks to the chain it didn't open further than a small opening, just enough to see the face of the man I hated the most.
“Whoa, whoa, what's up with the gun sweetie?” Nate looked at me while he turned his hands towards the air.
“Go away. Now.” I was glad I could stay calm even though I could feel Jinyoung’s eyes burning on me. He was worried.
Nate kicked on the door. What was he trying to do? I lowered my gun a bit to see what was going to happen. With his last kick he broke the door open and I took a step back. This was the closed he’d ever been and it scared the crap out of me. In a second he stood in front of me and grabbed me by my arms.
“Let her go!” Shit, in all the hectic I forgot Jinyoung was still standing silent behind the corner. He should've stayed quiet. Nate looked surprised behind him and then turned to me again.
“Who’s this?” Nate pointed with his head back at Jinyoung as he didn't wanted to let me go. I looked at Jinyoung who looked very pissed. I wanted to say something, but fear made my voice disappear.
“I can ask you the same thing.” Jinyoung folded his arms in front of his chest. Wasn't he afraid at all?
“I’m her boyfriend!” Nate shouted happily and wrapped his arms around my shoulder, squeezing me hard against him. I tried to push him away from me, but he had me in a strong grip. I shooked my head at Jinyoung. Of course he's not my boyfriend. I wish I had the telepathy talent to tell him Nate is a stalker of whom I couldn't get rid of and in the process I totally forgot my own talent. When I came back to my senses I transported right next to Jinyoung to transport him into my car downstairs. I started the car and jammed the poke into first gear to drive away as fast as I could.
“It didn't really look you two have a relationship.” After a few minutes drive, Jinyoung spoke while looking outside the window. It looked as if Jinyoung was relieved. I saw his reflection in the window, so I couldn't see it clearly.
“God no, Amy would kill me and I never want him to be my boyfriend ever again. He just don't know when to stop.” I regretted immediately when I said the word “again”. Jinyoung’s expression darkened to.
I had to stop in front of a red light. I relaxed a bit when I looked in the back mirror and saw no one suspicious was following us. For the last two years Nate has been stalking me when I broke up with him. Ashley and I managed to keep him on a respectable distance, but today he felled brave enough to break into my house. Only the thought about him holding me close to him gave me goosebumps and I shivered.
The light jumped to green and I pulled up, switched gears and drove to god knows where. As long as I’m away from my apartment everything was fine. I sighed. My heart finally calmed down a bit when Jinyoung laid his hand on my hand. I looked short at him with a small smile. Suddenly bullets flew around and shattered the mirror of my left view mirror. I looked in my back mirror. I raised the speed to try to lose the pursuer. Luckily I could maneuver easily through the cars that were in front of me. The rain of bullets didn't stop and more windows shattered. Glass flew everywhere making small cuts in our skin.
"Stop ruining my car! God dammit!" I shouted at the car behind us. "Here, do you know how to shoot?"
"What do you think?!" Junior's eyes stood frightened.
"Well for everything is a first time. Don't try to get shot. I can't heal." I tried to comfort him with a joke, but it wasn't the right time to be joking.
"Are you insane!" It was the first time I heard him shout at me. It didn't make me angry, but more frustrated, because we didn't have much time left or we would die if we didn't do anything soon. This time I can't ask Amy for help. I need to do this on my own. I need to show her I can protect him. That I’m capable. Even if it will cost me my life. I pressed my foot harder on the gas paddle.
"I need to focus on driving or we both will die here! Unless you can take over the wheel, aim and shoot at their tires. We don't have another change." With a push on a button, his door opened up and I shoved my gun into his hands. He was trembling when he laid a finger on the trigger. He took a deep breath, sticked out his hand out of the car, not aiming at all, and fired a bullet, hoping to hit something. I looked into the back mirror to see if he actually hit something, but the car behind us was still coming at us with high speed. That's it, I don't have another choice. Oh god, I hope this works.
At the closest traffic lights I didn’t care if I would ride through a red light. I pulled on the handbrake hard, changed the gear and turning the wheel with forge to the right to make the car slip in front of the cars, which were waiting for the red lights on the other side. I closed my eyes. I've never tried to teleport with an whole car before, so I prayed on everything that we would end up at the destination in one piece.

~ Junior pov ~
The gun shot hurt my hand and I instantly dropped it. I pushed myself back into my seat and looked at Kate. Did I hit something? Oh please let it hit something. She didn't looked satisfied when she was looking in the back mirror. The door closed again and I could still feel my heart beating in my throat.
In the distance I could see a red traffic light coming closer. Automatically I grabbed at anything I could grab a hold to, because I had no idea what Kate was going to do with this speed and a red light. I looked a Kate again, who had her eyes closed as soon as turned the car diagonally. What the hell is she doing? Driving with closed eyes, but as soon as I thought it, I saw a portal open up behind her and the whole car entered. All I do was hold tight and wondering where we were going to end up.
As the car turned on his wheels, I had a very clear sight of the car that was behind us just a second ago and looked at the insane face of Kate’s stalker, but he disappeared as soon as the portal closed. The environment turned from the busy traffic lights to a cliff above the sea. The car came to a halt, but was now upside down.
“We made it!” I couldn't hide my happiness that we survived this whole crazy ride and looked at kate. A string of blood came out of her mouth and nose and she got cuts and bruises all over her face and hands. She hung lifeless in her seat belt. Was she.. Dead? No way.. What? How did this happen?
Without thinking about it any longer I tried to pry open my seat belt and climb out the car, but I was still in shock and couldn't move properly. When I finally stumbled out the car I felled an immense pain through my leg. I looked at it. Oh god it was broken for sure. Leaning against the car I tried to stand up. I managed to get around the car and pull the door at Kate's side open. Looking at the lifeless body of Kate took my breath away. I was about to cry. She can't be dead. She just can't be. I put my hand under her nose and in front of her mouth to feel if she was still breathing, but… nothing. I let my head hang down and covered my eyes with my hands. She died and she didn’t even needed to protect me. She was dead, because of a freaking stalker.
With my last strength I pulled her out of the car, using my hurt leg I cried out in pain, but I needed to get her away from the car. I don't know if it would blow up, like in those action movies, but I just don't want to take that risk. When I couldn't go on anymore and made a reasonable distance between us and the car, I laid Kate's head on my shoulder.
“Kate, please, wake up.” I cried while I let our foreheads touch. I heard the click of the hammer from a gun way too close to my head. I looked up and saw Kate’s stalker pointing his gun at me.
“You’re probably wondering how I found you.” Yes, you took the words right out of my mind. “Well, I’m not an ordinary stalker.”
He walked back to the car, still pointing his gun at us, to grab a little device of the back of the car.
“You know what this is? It's a tracking device, that's how I could find you so quickly.” I could only look at his hand. No words were coming through my mind or out of my mouth.
“And now you have to die too.” He put the gun to my forehead. Before I could have the chance to call anyone through my mind, he pulled the trigger.

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